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24: Season 7 Box Set (6 Discs)

Featuring: Kiefer Sutherland

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (50 reviews)"

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  Great first half, silly second.

| | See all robatron's reviews (63)

After the dissapointing season 6, season 7 starts off very well, unfortunately the second half of the series isn't as good with silly plot twists and a terrible last epiosde.

  Not really.

| | See all Lemon369's reviews (1)

Not the best at all. Could have missed this one and went straight to the 8th, seemed like a series filler. Should have been better, but it's 24 so it still has 3 stars. :) Love the series though. Magnificent.

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  The best yet!

| | See all bobsco64's reviews (10)

If you've ever watched a series of 24 you might know what to expect. However this series twists and turns far greater than any that have gone before and part of the fun now is trying to guess the next turn and how the plots will last throughout the full day. Yes it is far fetched to the extreme and a massive amount of artistic licence is applied in every episode. However every single character in the series always gives a totally believable and likeable performance. Thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

  Not bad

| | See all solanumus's reviews (9)

i know most people say that season 6 and redemption were a dissapointment, i beleive it was marginal, personally i would say that season 3 and season 5 were the best. 6 was a bit repetitive however season 7 brings in drastic changes. the departure of CTU and a massive cast clearout.
Season 7 would not be half as interesting without Tonys involvement but it was very entertaining and introduces popular new "bauer girl" Renee. either way a couple episodes on a saturday night in will entertain greatly

  Great day.

| | See all Naughtyblade's reviews (1)

I am a great fan of 24, it's the best series ever to be on tv, i never hate a day not even day 6, all i can say if you are dissapointed with a day of 24 then you are not a true fan off the series. Can't wait for day 8.....

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  A return to form.

| | See all bleedingpepper's reviews (93)

After the disappointing Season 6 and 'Redemption' I wondered if I would ever enjoy 24 ever again. the rumours which began immediately after Season 6 regarding the return of a 'dead' character was also cause for concern and Season 7 was something I looked toward with a mixture of fear and excited anticipation.

Thankfully it's a real return to form. It's not the best Season of 24, but it's certainly not amongst the poorest Season's either. The storyline is admittedly silly, but it's 24! If you look beyond the gapping holes in the storyline, there is alot of fun to be hard. Despite a slow start, there are numerous key scenes and memorable moments. From Tony's initial return, to the many twists, turns and dark alleys he leads us down (he's a changed man! Or is he...?) to the White House attack (reminiscent of The Rock, coincidently co-starring Tony todd who plays General Juma here) leading us to the sacrifice and death of 'you-know-who', to the wonderfully psychotic Jonas Hodges (Jon Voight) and the welcome additions to the main cast Renee Walker and Larry Moss (Annie Wershing and Jeffrey Nordling respectively), Season 7 is full of treats and shocks.

The cast isn't quite perfect though. Janis Gold is a poor Chloe O'Brian imitator, with Chloe being a much more marginal figure this season which is a real shame while the final villain is dull. Maybe that was the point though - as one of the leaders of a mysterious cabal of shadowly conspirators who have gone un-noticed until now. Either way, 24 villains are usually much more memorable and this one is something of a disappointment.

Jack himself, displays some of the humanity that was missing from Season 6 - he isnt a superhuman emotionaless killing machine afterall, and there are several scenes regarding his past and his use of torture that stand out and really develop his character.

As I said before, not the greatest season of 24, but it's still a really good one, if you can ignore the holes in the storyline, which at times is quite touch-and-go, but this is 24 back on exciting and riverting form.

  Very disappointed!

| | See all chickenchoker's reviews (1)

I am a huge 24 fan but this series 7 is the worst yet! It is very very far-fetched even for 24!
Also very poor continuity...E.G. in the hospit when the hit man is getting to Burnett's room through the false ceiling, he pulls out his leatherman/multi tool and the screwdriver bit is already extended! rhen he just turns one of the screws (not the other) and down pops the ceiling panel.
As i said, i am very disappointed.

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  Jack's back..with a little more torture

| | See all billy34's reviews (4)

At times this series felt as though it were a party political broadcast for the Bush administration so vigorous was it's justification of torture techniques as a necessary means of gathering intelligence. And at times some of the story lines - in particular a Mugabe type character pitching up in DC - were simply too implausible even for 24's standards. In fact the big problem facing the last few series is that after every 5 or so episodes the writers seem to run out of ideas and so have to intruduce new charachters to keep the plot moving forward. All that said, though, i still found the series highly entertaining and, apart from the final episodes, was kept glued to the screen.

  Great season!

| | See all miamifan's reviews (55)

After the in all fairness, poor Season 6, the 24 producers really needed to turn the series around and they have done very successfully in this season of 24. Season 7 introduces many new characters and they mix well with old one's, the stories are much better and the action top notch aswell. Jon Voight as Jonas Hodges is a particular highlight and the Starkwood story arc is fantastic. Unfortunatly however, the final 6 episodes of the season are not in tune with the rest of the season and are in all honesty fairly average. Yes there's still good action but the story goes right off track and a very bland villain is introduced. Nevertheless, the first 18 episodes of this season make it a very worthy buy and overall it's a great season of 24. Back on form.

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  Jack is losing his panache.. time to finish?

| | See all pineapple78's reviews (19)

Sorry to say this, but I feel Jack isn't the Jack we love and have come to rely on to provide the exciting episodes that make up 24. I have to say that I waited a long time for this DVD set to arrive (didn't watch it on TV), and I really feel a little flat and disappointed.

The new crew that make up the FBI are just simpering and predictable (Jancie Gold!!!- what is she all about), and I find it hard to connect with any of them. I felt it was a chore to finish this season, and I think that the show needs to call it a day fairly sharpish. The characters look old and tired, and the plot has lost credibility in many respects.

It is nice to see Chloe back but in my opinion, Bill Buchanan saves the day, a solid, dependable and sensible character who adds a touch of reality to what seems like a far-fetched beat 'em up show. I love you Jack, but sorry, time to exit.

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