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Land Of The Dead: The Director's Cut

Featuring: Simon Baker, John Leguizamo & Dennis Hopper

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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| | See all Jonny608's reviews (5)

average, not romeros best but okay. as a huge zombie fan id say there are better films out there but if your a fan of george a romero then buy it.


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

Back in the 60s and 70s George A Romero created the genre of zombie movies which were more funny than scary but this one prospers from the modern age SFX so the gory scenes look proper and not like ketchup. Its just like your average zombie films except it has Dennis Hopper and the zombies can now think for themselves....excellent entertainment. Enjoy

  One of the better Zombie films in the genre.

| | See all LiamBond's reviews (41)

This is one of the better zombie films out there, and one of the best in recent years. With a good amount of gore, and a decent storyline, with characters who were generally well acted, this is a great film for the money.
If you enjoy a good horror film, and like zombies, this is definately worth a go.

  this film is dead good

| | See all dvdreviewking's reviews (7)

george a. romero land of the dead is one of the best zombie films ever good amount of gore and action with good acting as well brillant

  One of my Favourite Horror films.

| | See all TheMeistro's reviews (19)

George A. Romero 4th Installment in his Zombie Series.
About a City that is Protected by 2 rivers and An electric fence across the back so the Zombies can't get in & feed on Survivors in the city.The Survivors think their save but their in for a shock.The Zombies Manage to get smart and communicate each to find away 2 breach the barriers that block their path and get in to the city.This a action packed film with murder and mayhem .I recommend It to George A. Romero film fans.

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  could have been better

| | See all adeel187's reviews (6)

i remember when i seen trailer for this i could not to wait see it hate to say when i did i was disappointed after 30mins into the film its new trend with movies now trailer looks amazing yet watch the movie you end up seeing the best parts where the trailer!this is one of those could hav been better,im big horror and zombie movie fan majorly but this movie had its bits where great sences with zombies and story was ok but they could hav improved it so much,i could go on but one thing realy hated was the smart zombie had to many silly bits with him i mean what the hell the 1980 dawn of the dead was good with the smart zombie bub! but this was to much i fink they jus went over the top with him..if zombie fan i guess has be in the collection but i rarely will watch it like i said it does have parts which are good but over all could been sooo much better.

  This time it€s personal!

| | See all theWub's reviews (135)

The shuffling, lurching, snail-paced zombies are back, and this time they're showing signs of intelligence - more, in fact, than some of their living counterparts. This outing for Romero's living dead is reasonably entertaining and sometimes amusing. What's missing though is the acerbic humour that there has been in some of the previous movies. This is a straightforward zombie gorefest, and as such is pretty successful. It's worth mentioning Simon Baker, who plays against type and makes a surprisingly good intelligent action hero. Fun but forgettable.

  Not very realistic

| | See all Theo01's reviews (96)

George A. Romero can do much better movies, he just needs to get the scripts right. I wasn't very pleased with the result in this movie because it just looked really fake. The zombies didn't act like proper zombies, thee just acted like brainless bloodthirsty cannibals to me. But what I find funny is that it looks like they are trying to figure out how things in the human world works and therefore they are smart which is what ruined the movie. It would have been much better if they were just like any ordinary zombie, slow, stupid and hungry. Making the zombies act like humans beings didn't work at all.

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  Land of the Dead

| | See all PeteyJ's reviews (55)

By no means Romero´s masterpiece, but this film has had pretty unfair reviews. It has the same flaws that Day of the Dead has - no likable characters to root for, but writing likable characters and finding right people to play them is the hardest thing to do when making a movie. And the biggest mistake in this one was trying to create another zombie, called Big Daddy, that has some intelligence lurking inside its head - Bub from Day was great, but Big Daddy becomes annoying at very first sight, mourning and growling sadly everytime a fellow zombie gets it, this was something I couldn´t get over. It wasn´t enough that BD walked infront of the zombie horde and was the only one carrying a big machine gun and seemed to be the only zombie ignored by the soldiers blasting all the others zombies walking behind and next to BD. I´m not really fond of zombies using weapons nor tools either, but my thoughts are that these Romero films are some-what about the evolution of the dead (it may not be the case, just my thoughts), they may replace the living, but at least they´re not attacking eachother and if they could communicate with eachother they´d make a hell-of-a lot better society than we have made. It was a bad choise to cast too well-known actors in this one, but Land of the Dead is not a bad zombie movie, and most surely not the worst (people saying that - probably not seen too many of them), and surpasses Diary of the Dead in every way possible.


| | See all khp247's reviews (25)

Being a MASSIVE fan of the Romero series and Zombie films in general, I was expecting something great to come of this film. Perhaps on a par with the remake of Dawn of the Dead which in my opinion is the best zombie film ever made. Watching this I immediately got a sense that the film was going to be somewhat of a waste of time. The notion that upper classes live in a complex protected from zombies, and the poor are faced with living on the streets and dealing with the ongoing hordes of flesh eaters with only the protection of each other and a somewhat hap hazzard group of mercenaries, is well a bit lame. The feel of the movie is just not on a par with the others. The intelligent zombies just do not work, with the worst cheesiest ending ever, the story and plot doesn't work and even though zombies walking the streets is very far fetched (except of course the tennagers seen walking the streets theses days, displaying just about the same level of grace and intelligence) this film is just too far fetched. Dennis Hopper should just give up acting as he hasn't made a decent film in years and the other actors did by no way have the same level as we see in Dawn of the Dead. For me it was a major let down, I can't see why it's given 5 or 4 stars. I have given a generous 2!! It's worth seeing, but borrow it from a mate as spending even this small amount on it will be a waste of money.