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Jurassic Park

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all DavedaveeKnows's reviews (25)

This is a special film that had everybody who watched it amazed, the buzz was crazy when this film came out. I rber seeing it at the cinema as a boy, not only is it the beat dinosaur film ever and probably ever will be, but it's gotta be in the running for one of the all time greatest blockbusters, one of my fav films, and also quite scary! If u haven't seen it your missing out!!!!!

  "Welcome... to Jurassic Park"

| | See all BikerScout's reviews (89)

I was 16 when Jurassic Park hit cinemas and became a worldwide phenomenon and I think it was the perfect age. The action was hugely entertaining, the science was educating in a sense, though preposterous in some ways. I'll never forget the few months of dinosaur hysteria that the film created. And this was a few years before the internet too, so for many it was an introduction to the giants that once roamed the Earth.

Viewing it now, as an 'adult' (and I use the term loosely!) it's as entertaining as it was back then, if not more so. The ethical discussion around the dinner table, Goldblum's talk of chaos theory, "auto erotica"... was all lost on me as a teen, but now it adds even more to the movie.

For a film that is 17 years old with some of the first new generation CGI effects, it still holds up incredibly well. I give complete credit to Spielberg for creating a timeless family adventure movie that I think I will probably love forever.

  ...og ALL time...

| | See all nEoPOL's reviews (21)

This is a template for how make a great action/adventure movie. Clocking in at for what these days, a film of its' type would seem to be a modest 121 mins, it devides itseft into two solid halves. The first hour debates the science, the sociology and evolutionary issues of both cloneing and of course, dinosaurs, whilst skillfully setting up and yet sidetracking the audience into not realising who the real villans of the movie are going to be. From the opening scene, the Velosaraptors are clearly formidable, but the film feeds on the overwelming desire from the audiance to see the T-Rex to point of destraction.

And it works, allowing a still awe inspiring and musicless might I add, T-Rex sequence, and then giving the fourth act over the Rapors. This film uses every minute brilliantly, maintaining a sense of pace throughout whist not bombarding us with pointless action. I do think that this film has lost some of it's standing these days, but it's well worth redescovering.

  A Masterpiece of film making.

| | See all DanDaMan's reviews (14)

Quite simly one of the best films ever made.The state of the art graphics used in 1993 still stand up to todays standards (if not better). I was facinated by it when i was a kid and i stil love it just as much to this day. An adventure 65 million years in the making was well worth waiting for.

  "Don't... move... an... inch."

| | See all FrostyGlass's reviews (85)

Jurassic Park is one of those old favourites where you still love watching it years down the line.

When reknowned John Hammond visits Dr. Alan Grant and his partner Ellie Sattler asking them to come to his 'park' in order to give it some credibility in the lawing world, after the initial shock they are only to pleased to accept. However, although experts on dinosaurs, seeing them first hand in Hammond's breeding park is still an experience of a lifetime. Even more so when complications regarding a rogue worker cause security measures to go down. With an island full of dinosaurs, what could possibly go wrong?

Action packed, the dinosaurs and special effects are actually quite amazing, especially for the time at which this film was made. Definitely a family film, and one thats worth a watch.


| | See all jh230377's reviews (139)

What a fantastic film. Spielberg showed he could deliver yet another popular film after classics such as E.T.,Jaws & Raiders of the Lost Ark. The CGI dinosaurs look very real & still look outstanding even by today's standards. (Rememer this was 1993 when this came out) Great acting by the likes of Sam Neil & Sir Richard Attenborough. Take a bow Jeff Goldblum who steals the show with his own unique style. One of the greatest films ever made. Shame the sequels weren't as good.

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| | See all NameizNaz's reviews (112)

One of the most pivotal films of the 90's, and arguably of modern cinema, this monster movie gave a terrifying and exciting insight into how Dinosaurs lived, and how they would 'adapt' 65 million years after their extinction. A full on action film that will leave you on the edge of your seat. You won't forget the raptors....

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