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Doctor Who: The Beginning Box Set (3 Discs)

Featuring: William Hartnell, Carole Ann Ford & William Russell

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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Now to have the first 3 stories of Doctor who in this box set is just a must. All three stories are just great. I am now aiming to buy all the doctor who dvds. :)


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Now to have the first 3 stories of Doctor who in this box set is just a must. All three stories are just great. I am now aiming to buy all the doctor who dvds. :)

  The Doctor Calls for the First Time

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3 brilliantly written and acted stories which the second one of course introduces the daleks. William Hartnell is at his best due to his health being stable. If i had to rate the individual stories out of 10:

  A must-have for any Whovian

| | See all 03wgreen's reviews (4)

For the first time ever, all three (well, technically four, but I'll come to that later) stories of Doctor Who are presened on DVD in this box set. This gives you thirteen complete episodes of the show, and there's not a duffer among them.

The first DVD, "An Unearthly Child", gives us the first four episodes of the show beginning with the introduction of Susan Foreman (Carol Ann Ford), the Doctor (William Hartnell) and their new companions Ian Chesterton (William Russell) and Barbara Wright (Jaqueline Hill). Starting off in a less-than exciting first episode set in London, it's still an atmopheric and interesting piece of work. The last 3 episodes of set among cavemen, and is one of the best stories the show has ever offered.

But it is beaten by the second DVD - "The Daleks". This introduces the Doctor's most deadly enemies in a 7-part story which is exciting and terrifying at the same time.

The final two episodes are on the third DVD - "The Edge of Destruction". While not as good as the previous two stories, this is still an atmospheric and tense story, featuring just the main four characters trapped together inside the TARDIS, and despite their angst between one another reaching its peak by episode 2, they finally become friends, laughing together in the end before stepping out of the ship into a dark and snowy mountainside...

The fourth story, "Marco Polo", was originally a 7-part historical adventure but has sadly been lost. Here, however, it is condensed to one 25-minute episode, using the surviving soundtrack and colour telesnaps. The other extras are awesome too, especially the documentary about the birth of the greatest (or in my opinion, the ONLY entertaining) science fiction show ever to have been made...

  Doctor who the beginning Box Set

| | See all 1996jamie's reviews (4)

This set is great with the first adventures of the Doctor brought to Dvd.
This will also be great for any Doctor Who dvd collector as it is the only way to buy the first adventures to complete they're set. This set has many great special features and is an absolutely treasure.
This is brilliant and at 10.99 is an absolute steal!

  "this doesn't roll along on wheels you know!"

| | See all bigal3000's reviews (55)

where it all began...

this boxset contains the first ever Dr Who stories transmitted on television way back in 1963 - including the very first Dalek adventure!

all 3 stories ('An Unearthly Child' 4 episodes, 'The Daleks' 7 episodes and 'Edge Of Destruction' 2 episodes) have been remastered and are a wonderful contrast to todays high budget episodes

an interesting bonus is the original pilot episode plus a mini reconstruction of the missing 4th story 'Marco Polo'

  Original & Best

| | See all celticpunkguy's reviews (28)

I grew up with the Eccleston & Tennant Doctors of the russell T. Davis years, however i saw the very first episodes of Doctor Who at a friend's house & absolutely loved it!

Essential viewing for any new fans & anyone who remembers these episodes the first time around!

The first saga (An Unearthly Child) is magnificent, a great work of television
'The Daleks' is a brilliant debut for one of the most iconic sci-fi monsters of all time (The Daleks of course!) despite the fact that it has obviously dated, early Doctor Who is still as exciting now as it was back then :)

I have yet to watch 'The Edge Of Destruction' in full, but i have seen the first episode on youtube and it was very good!

Each saga feels like a feature length movie divided into 2 or 3 parts, which is something i really like about Doctor Who, past and present.

  Fabulous introduction to The Doctor

| | See all nikinoonoo's reviews (346)

This boxset features the original 3 classic storylines to be shown on tv back in 1963. It is a great introduction in retrospect to Dr Who and it also introduces us to The Daleks!
The bonus features are also superb as is the great William Hartnells' portrayal of the original Time Lord.

  How it all started.

| | See all WelshAdam's reviews (21)

Although these serials may be too dated for the typical modern viewer (they were transmitted over 20 years before I was born), there are a must-have for any Who junkie.

'An Unearthly Child' introduced the Doctor onto TV screens for the first time ever, and did it well. 'The Daleks' was the world's earliest glimpse at the shows most iconic villains and, whilst it does drag on a bit, doesn't fall short of suspense. I've yet to watch 'The Edge of Destruction' but I would recommend this boxset regardless. At this price you can't go wrong.

  Is it too late to watch the oldies?

| | See all crazyigTHEDOCTOR's reviews (2)

If you are sitting at your computer and are a great fan of dr who since 2005 onwards, and you are thinking what to do whilst there is hardly any dr who one telly. You have come to the right place, brilliantly priced and really good to watch.

I was thinking to myself i should watch the old episodes so i bought this, my first thoughts were it will be rubbish, no effects, black and white and so on. But seriously when i got this i couldnt stop watching i was glued to the screen, dr who in the 1960's just proves how the show hasnt changed up to now.

Brilliant and a must buy for all dr who fans and even new fans!!!

The doctor in this isnt so up to date he is like a typical grandfather, stubborn and grumpy but that makes watching funny, interesting and different like all the doctors should be...different!

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