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Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence (2 Discs)

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Decent, but not as good as the original.

| | See all MattDark's reviews (62)

As a fan of the first series of stand alone complex and the first movie, I was quick to pick this up, but found it a little dissapointing.

Innocence follows Batou, who takes the lead role as Motoko has dissapeared, as he investigates a cyborg company after many of the 'sex-dolls' they created started killing people.

The animation is better then the original and the art is far better, but the story felt rather dull at times and had a section in the film that seems to do nothing but try and confuse you.

Definately not one for everyone, more for the fan of mystery then anything else

  just as good if not better...

| | See all Rainxbox's reviews (15)

thought it was going to be a let down to the 1st movie but i was wrong this is another fantastic movie that will simply pull you in and will leave you very satisfied and the price is great a must have for fans

  The matrix has you!

| | See all santefering's reviews (1)

I had watched the first ghost in the shell movie many times before this sequel came out, and I never believed a sequel could match it. 'Boy was i wrong!' The animation is superb, and the plot is so fantastic and indulging you may even question your own understanding of what is reality. Another plus is the pacing of the story, none of it seems rushed to reach a conclusion. It is very well paced, which I think is very rare in a lot of anime these days.


| | See all Inoizhot's reviews (16)

I found this Ghost in the Shell production to be greatly more better than the original. The animation was absolutely amazing, mixed with the other 3D designs and layouts.

The plot itself was very interesting and some of the scenes in it were brilliant and epic. The screenplay and directing was definitelty the best I have ever seen in anime. Mamoru Oshii it truely a genius. The characters were also reflected on well and it was good to see a new partnership between them.

I am not the greatest fan of Ghost in the Shell but this is definitely one of the best animated and most impressive productions that I have ever had the pleasure in watching.

  ...Continue with the 2nd part of the masterpiece

| | See all eros1979's reviews (36)

... and now comes this... The introduction soundtrack is really amazing as in the 1st movie.
I'm inpressed with the anime technology and the story continues to be spectacullar...

  Great as it seems to evolve

| | See all Alexfox's reviews (20)

I am going to say something, which many will disagree with, but I felt this one is better than the first, I loved the first, but liked this one more, not because it is better draw, and great has great computer animation added in as well or even that the music is set to it perfectly, though this is all good. The reason is, I liked the story even more, it is also bit faster than first and it once again has great extra parts to story, but these are even more subtle than in first.

Also once again leaves you with new ideas and questions, which are only partly answered leaving rest to you.

However what i think makes it so great is 2 main things:

1=Batou, his drawing and voice make a more realistic person than most real actors. Also his story is there, but told as understudy to main story, rather part of it, again adding realism to it. Finally though it shows his feelings for major and how he is dealling with her loss, it is done in a brilliantly subtle human way.

2=(know I said this, but feel needs explaining)The story in first is good, but in this one it is even better, with whole detective investigation story about Robot sex toys, being interesting and well told as well once again brilliently adding in moral questions about human science, way use it, treat it and big one, should we really try to make robots??
But to this is an understory of major and Batou which amazingly put in without most even noticing it till end

Finally though a number 2, this movie does not like many seconds try to be the same as its number 1, instead it has evoled into new story about new poeple and ideas making it as original as first. But the old ideas/way of telling still there, just more evoled and different as well

  Oshii does it again

| | See all Hirsty's reviews (21)

Okay its hard to start a review for this without mentioning the animation. I will be damned if I ever see any other country produce such high quality animation in my lifetime. It's simply sublime the backgrounds havea gritty realism to them or a spiritual element that really shine through strongly.

Unlike the first film this one follow Batou as a main character which some people don't seem to like the idea of but personally I feel Batou is a much more sympathetic character and his protrayal is done so well. He misses the Major who he obviously cares about alot (more than friends but not quite lovers is how I see it) but he doesn't force this upon the audience. His feelings are complex and told in a subtle way just as a real human being would deal with the feelings IMHO. I think The performance of Baotu in the English dub is incredible only surpassed by how fantastic the animation for him is.

Now onto the story, GITS 2 opens up with a murder commited by a special kind of droid the Hidaly also known as a Doll, a robot created for sex (don't worry this isn't some Hentai thing) Normally something full robot does not have a ghost (soul) however the Dolls are clearly disturbed by something and are even driven to suicide. Batou is dispatched to try and get to the bottom of it all with his new partner Togusa, in this film Togusa represents a more innocent side of humanity IMO. The film has many twists and turnsand soemtimes has the feel of a film noir which is something I enjoy greatly. The soundtrack is amazing and the aciton scenes are some of the most impressive I've seen in a anime (the detial is astounding)

As with the first film I don't reccomend ti to absolutely everybody because it does take a certian level of intellect to admire this movie and to understand what is going on.

5/5 some people compare it the first alot and rate one higher than the other for me they're 2 very different films made in completely different style so they can't be compared. ie you can't compare Raiders of the lost ark to Sin City they're too damn different

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  Get this, its not Akira but it is not far behind

| | See all TheHandofLoki's reviews (4)

Yet again Mamoru Oshii stuns us with a radical aproct to Manga. This film is on par with the SAC series with more CG. It could not an will never be better than the first movie but is a worthy addition to your collection. The visuals are stunning and the music sublime with a story line that is both brilliant and at some times confusing (thought i had a bad sector on the disk when it repeated).

My only regret on watching this movie was that i was infrount of a TV and not the big screen.


| | See all AnimeLover2008's reviews (4)

amazing one of the best anime i have ever scene the visuals are amazing n the animation techniques used are flawless. many say not as good as the original but i think its right up there with it , buy the whole collection of ghost in the shell as its got to be one of the best produced anime ever

  A good film but not a great

| | See all Madcap's reviews (7)

Ghost in the Shell 2, another excursion into the world created by Shirow Masamune, another good film, though you wonder where they are going with the story at times. The combination of CG animation and traditional animation don't work well together in this film, though there are a lot of nice designs, the music fits in well with the imagery and story. The film is good, the CG is the letdown but it is worth seeing.

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