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American Gothic (6 Discs)

Featuring: Brenda Bakke, Gary Cole & Jake Weber

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Not to be missed

| | See all Leyla11's reviews (6)

This is one of the little lost gems of the '90s. When it was first aired it was butchered by CBS, which showed a lot of episodes in the wrong order (make sure you get the correct viewing order from Wikipedia, as the DVDs are wrong too).

It was also a show way way ahead of its time. I'm pretty sure that it would have been a sheer success if it had been created in 2010.
It's creepy and incredibly sexy...think about True Blood (but with a much better script & acting) crossed with Supernatural.

Lucas Buck, the enigmatic sheriff of a small town called Trinity is introduced as the villain, but quickly becomes the main force and drive of the show, the very heart of Trinity. I'm not sure the '90s were a ripe time to have such a antihero as the protagonist of a show. He seduces the other characters and the viewers alike and I challenge anyone not to fall prey of his charm and not to cheer for him and hope he gets away with it.

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  Great viewing.

| | See all ally72's reviews (6)

However you definitely need to get the playlist fom somewhere like wickepedia to enjoy it at it's best.If you don't the entire series doesn't make much sense as the episodes are all jumbled up.If you watch them the correct way round though a really good series.

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  Mesmerising, dark and sexy

| | See all lollyp's reviews (1)

It is almost a sin the CBS didn't follow up with this series, as i think it's one of the few decent dark TV entertainment to come out of the US. It is shame that the box set wasn't put together with more care, as it can be confusing when you are half way through the story as some of the episodes do not follow a sequential order. Gary Cole is a name i will never forget, his character Lucas Buck (the Sheriff) is proberbly the most charismatic anti-hero with such a presence that you can almost feel him breathing down you neck. Lucas Black (Caleb) blew me away with his acting skills, it is rare to see such understanding, emotion and animation in a kid that age, it is ashame that he is not better known today.

If you enjoy a dark, sexy and great sory about humanity at it's weakest biut also at it's purest then you will love this boxset, but just remember the ending has no conlusion and if you are to cherish it like i do this will drive you crazy!

  Underseen, undervalued

| | See all honourablewren's reviews (1)

American Gothic is a tremendous tv show, much in the same vein as Twin Peaks and Carnivale. Set in South Carolina, Lucas Buch is the local Sheriff whose otherworldy powers are put to use throughout the series. The show centres upon Buck (the brilliant Gary Cole) trying to coax his son Caleb (the budding Lucas Black) to his cause with varying degrees of success.

This series was brilliantly written, acted and directed by all members of the crew. However, you wouldn't think it was that good from the shambolic treatment the dvd collection has been given.

Aired in the US order, many of the episodes are out of synch, meaning some characters who leave the show inexplicaply reappear. To add insult to injury, as the shows are not in any paticular order key plot points are revealed too early leaving the viewer vexed.

This show is definitely worth owning and not just for the cultists. However, after episode 12 the treatment of the dvd's leaves the viewer at a loss.

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  Great Show, Terrible Box Set

| | See all Wanderer73's reviews (1)

The show is fantastic, unfortunately the episodes are on the discs in the order they were shown on US TV orginally, and the network messed around with the show a lot. If you try to watch the DVDs from start to finish you'll end up confused by continuity problems.

Viewing in order is much better but requires a bit of disc swapping. The chronological order is available on wikipedia.

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| | See all Ipseity's reviews (6)

this is clearly one of the best series ever, though set in the 90's its sexy, creepy and touching.

watch it over and over again and you will never be bored!

  Glad it's out

| | See all poodle74uk's reviews (2)

This was amazing the first time I watched when it was on terestrial TV, I kept it on Video never thinking it would ever see the light of day.

Lucas Black is fantastic as Caleb and plays the part well, trying to figure out who he can and can't trust, the sheriff or his sister (now a ghost) who went mad.
Can't wait to see it again!!!!

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  mysterious supernatural and loads of fun

| | See all deluca's reviews (6)

i saw this series years ago on cable tv and at the time i never knew what to make of it untill i baught it on dvd and fell in love with it its a realy mysterious oddly compeling show like a kind of x files meets twin peeks that takes a few episodes to get into but when you do your glued it is about a small town and a young boy caleb and his sister merlyn who is sort of disabled who is killed by the local sheiff the rather twisted strangly creepy sheriff buck then things just get better from there theres something strange about sheriff buck is he a devil or into black magic and why dose he want the boy also merlyn is a ghost wanting revenge on the sheriff and trying to keep her little brother away from him and his evil plans but sheriff buck seems nice untill you get on his bad side he always comforts and supports caleb doing strang magic plotting against the spirit of merlyn there are so many twists in the story its bretty hard to keep up but its just a compeling series its defenetly one to watch and when your done watching it you will want to watch it again to see if you missed anything there is some connecting between the sheriff and merlyn its just a shame that there was only the one series there still some unsolved answers and the series leave the viewer with a good little cliff hanger that makes the viewer want more , a realy enjoyable little series.

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