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The Beach

Featuring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tilda Swinton & Virginie Ledoyen

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  The Ultimate Paradise

| | See all stuartfear's reviews (768)

The story of a man looking for the new adventure, he wants to live life, wants to experience it, wants to enjoy every minute. When hearing about paradise on a hidden island he can't help but go, he feels the urge and he goes but what will he find?
The film is shot well, there's a lot of beautiful scenery as well as many moments which can only be described as psychedelic. Danny Boyle brings you deep into the story by using the camera, it becomes your own eyes as you witness this paradise.
The story is quite interesting, it has a lot of morals and deep thought, its unique and moves nicely. Although of development both in the stoy and on the characters.

Overall: At times it gets a little dry, feels like its stopped moving but soon enough picks itself back up. A unique movie which is worth checking out,
See It


| | See all Paddster's reviews (162)

Not sure what some people want sometimes but this has got to be up there,its a tremendous film with beautiful scenery and the most basic of mankinds wishes = people get on......Decent acting and a good original plot/storyline,i loved it and watch it over and over again to be honest,buy it and enjoy....

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  The Beach

| | See all dale2389's reviews (85)

I don't understand how this movie can get any sort of negative feedback? You're here to review the movie, not the book. This movie is amazing. It supplies stunningly beautiful scenery of an amazing Thailand island, it supplies great acting, great storyline, great script. This movie is great for any travelers or anyone interested in traveling, it gets your adrenaline pumping and gets you on the edge of your seat as you're just as anxious as the characters in the film.

Once again Danny Boyle did great, and this has definitely been placed as one of my favourite films. This is a must watch and one not to miss.

  I want 1 hour 55 mins of my life back!

| | See all dutch321's reviews (5)

I have no idea how this film has got such high ratings! Its was dull, poorly acted and I felt nothing for any of the characters at any time. Take it from me, don't waste your time or money. Total rubbish.

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  amazing piece of art

| | See all SirThomas's reviews (1)

Watch this before you read the book, people tend to think that this isn't as good as the book, and this is true. However if you watch the film then read the book, you realize that the film is an amazing piece of art and that leonardo's acting is one of the best i've seen him do. To this point i say that the book only increases the enjoyability of the film, you imagine the main character as leonardo and it makes the book an understatedly deep, meeningful and entertaining read to the last letter. Alex garland's book is filmed to great realisation and there is now doubting that this is a film to see before you die, and only followed by reading the book will you see this film for what it is... Amazing both in it's cinematography and it's cultural values of finding paradise and the ordeals you undergo to keep it yours

  Don't think of it as a book to film.

| | See all junkninja's reviews (37)

Pople do that too much and it just ruins it for themselves. Although the book is amazing, the film doesn't suck. It's not shaddy acting, it's an interesting story. But the scene when Richard thinks he is in a video game, pretty cool. I like it when films have crazy people in it (:

  life is a beach!

| | See all pottypete's reviews (574)

Great acting,great story,great film.The book is my favourite book of all time,so i was a bit worried the film wouldn't live upto expectations.Not quite as good as the book,but still fantastic.

  A must see film!!

| | See all blufox's reviews (12)

My opinion is that this film is very underated, once again Danny Boyle takes us on an adrenaline fualed ride this time in Thailand when the main character "Richard" is searching for the "unknown paradise", away from all the tourist traps. When he finally discovers eutopia he soon realises that this escapism comes with a price. An absolute must buy film!!

  the worst film ever

| | See all CrazyPersonHere's reviews (8)

I bought this film a few months ago wacthed it once thinking it would be good but i found it was boaring in a lot off places i end up selling my copy but dont take my word for it buy it your self and see what you think of it

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  A Dive into Vice & Decadence

| | See all Matt1001's reviews (11)

Honestly I thought this movie was atrocious. The acting was average with a weak storyline and plot.
I'm not one for going on what critics have to say, but this movie was slated for a reason. The main point of the movie is that a viceful and decadent lifestyle is good, which led to many viewers finding this a hard concept to connect with. Live on an island for your life free from governments whilst getting high and getting the woman you want by any means necessary. Wonderful if your 15 with no deeper insight into life, but as this was the only reason for living on "the beach" I found it hard to care about any of the characters or there want for a depraved lifestyle.
The only crowd I can see this movie appealing to is the 4/20 crowd, other than that this movie will leave you bored and uninspired.

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