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Brokeback Mountain

Featuring: Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal & Randy Quaid

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (45 reviews)"

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| | See all HarleyXD's reviews (4)

I wasnt to sure at first with this film but i watched it and i thought it was amazing. An epic romance between 2 men who fear their love might turn out for the worst but find a way to be together, it all starts on brokeback mountain and escalates throughout 20 years, a stunning performace from both actors and the others, very suprised to see Anne Hathaway in an mature film but she pulled it off quite well, you will be glued to the screen start to finnish and such a dramatic ending, it will have you in tears, havnt stopped watching it for weeks, and heith ledger, abosulute amazing, looks good acts good, bless him R.I.P HL. A deffo buyer =] xx

  probably the best movie since ever

| | See all cource's reviews (1)

10+ thanks to Ang Lee and two extraordinary actors..rest in peace HEath

  Forbidden Love Storey

| | See all Kryptonite1's reviews (24)

Stunning performances. Very Good Acting from the main actors. You totally believe that its all really happening. Heartbreaking end.
Heath ledger is fantastic in this film.


| | See all RJNeb2's reviews (703)

1963 Wyoming and two sheepherders spending a summer up a mountain unexpectedly fall in love. That they dare not reveal to anyone what took place on Brokeback Mountain is a given; how it tears up their empty lives is where this exceptional film's power lies. In a deliberately lean, spare and unsentimental style, Lee cuts right to the heart of his story - and it's a heart that is deprived of the love it needs to flourish. Some extraordinary performances dominate: Williams as the doe-like wife who comes to realise that her husband has little love for her, and Gyllenhaal as the more overt and optimistic of the two men, who slowly has that hope driven from him. But it's Ledger's devastating portrayal of a man terrified to admit even to himself how he feels until it's way too late that you remember. There's something about "Brokeback Mountain" that makes it linger in the mind for days afterwards.

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  fantastic movie

| | See all boo25x's reviews (1)

Pure sheer emotion and beautiful acting,
Heath and jake bring real characters to life in a real and uniquely believable way.
You'll never see another film like this, for a long time.
An ultimate testament to their ability, and yet a realistic display, of yes, 2 men can and do love each other - and in this film , in a heartbreaking, sensitive and true portrayal.
There are thousands of gay people, if not millions, and they feel love and emotion as true as anyone else - this film demonstrates that in the most beautiful, masculine and talented way absolutely possible - buy it! You will enjoy it :)

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  Blown away

| | See all kad123's reviews (41)

I really didn't have high hopes for this move....but I watched it and was blown away...the acting by Heath Ledger is amazing and he desrved as oscar for it, its a story of forbidden love and you can feel every emotion that they are feeling, i cried at this film none stop it's a lot more than a film about gay cowboys as has been said by lots in the past it is infact the most beautuiul love story I have ever seen and defo desrves five stars

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  Film has to be slow to get across what it is all about.

| | See all rohanrider's reviews (33)

Although Ang Lee won the Oscar for best director the film did not win best film because clearly the Academy was not brave enough to award it. I really cannot understand how this happened; likewise Heath Ledger whose performance was stunning did not get Oscar for best actor. The film needs to be slow because there is so much in the narrative to develop. Ennis del Mar is wrestling with himself and his emotions. Had he not met Jack Twist then he would never have realised just who he really was and therefore this story needs to develop, especially through his marriage and his children. I have watched this three times on DVD as well as at theatrical version at the cinema and never tire of it. Heath Ledger was a very gifted actor, very much in the mould of Johnny Depp in that he could play many roles using many accents. What a loss! Small wonder then that his role in Dr Parnassus has been replaced by Depp.

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| | See all Musbird's reviews (89)

This film was really good. Very well acted. The only thing that let it down was how slow it was. I thought the story line was well directed and all the actors were fantastic.
I probably wont watch this again as I think once is enough but I would recommend to anyone who hasnt seen it. Heath RIP

  emotionally draining

| | See all myreviews15's reviews (2)

I think this film is soo good but soo emotionally draining i could never watch it again!

Its slow but beautiful, well made and deserves 4 stars for making me feel so much for everything in it.. But not 5 because of how slow it is and because i dont love the film...

As i said i think its beautiful and lovely but so emotionally draining its impossible to watch it again without getting even more depressed!

  good but needs subtitles due to mumbling

| | See all trippy666's reviews (50)

I liked this film, it is fairly long and by now we all know the story line, so when watching you just want them to hurry up and get together. The second half of the film again goes on abit but its part of the "setting the scene" atmosphere, the end however is very very sad, which i thought made it a good film, 4 stars