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Battlestar Galactica: The Final Season - Part 2 (4 Discs)

Featuring: Jamie Bamber, Mary McDonnell & Edward James Olmos

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (32 reviews)"

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  Anti Climax

| | See all Midge1985's reviews (3)

BSG was an imense series - quality stories and acting. First 3 seasons are great (apart from a few "filler" episodes that seem to have been added just to make up the numbers)

The last season though, both parts seemed like a complete different show there were some high points and some good viewing but in general it didnt come close to its original glory. You will scratch your head with one of the main threads of this season as things dont really make sense and they go for a cliche reason to explain it. I agree with other reviewers that they seem to have lost their creativity. I suppose it could really end another way but the end was dissapointing to say the least and seemed a bit like a cop out.

This review wont make a difference as if your looking to buy this youve already seen the rest of em so youll need to know how it ends. Its an average end to a great show but prepare for the worst and anything else is a bonus!

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  it dissapoints big time

| | See all Tychoanomaly's reviews (8)

I wrote in my review of Season 3 that the series had lost its way and had become dull, less sci-fi and more soap opera, and having finally watched the final season (both parts) the writers clearly lost their creativity after two seasons and what could have been great is let down by a badly written (well acted) final 2 (or 3) seasons. What an awfully dull and disappointing ending to the series in the final episode. The final seasons reflects the current day (real) green religious movement that advocates that technology is bad for the human soul and how we should return to a simpler time and live like our stone age ancestors etc. One of the main characters is killed off only to reappear later as an angel (that is how ridiculous it gets).

Oh how the series had fallen during season 3 for it to get far worse during season(s) four.


| | See all CRITICALMAC's reviews (3)

The first Season is the best, the 2nd good, the 3rd has slipped on a downward spiral and the 4th well it has dropped to the lowest in my estimation. I feel that they became too involved with the personal lives of the main characters and repeating too much that some characters began to irritate me. The series is /was a magnificent attempt starts wonderfully and gripping your attention so much that you cannot wait untill the next disc. This first 2 seasons of the entire series had me hooked -then it lost its momentum becoming far too involved in each character until I wanted it to finish and see the end. Which was unfortunately in my opinion a let down after a marathon visual experience. I would have like to see more Space action than centralising around the sexual needs of the characters. I purchased the entire series and I enjoyed the time ,I do not regret the purchase and would recommend it hence the 4 stars - I feel the end could have -should have been better. If you haven't seen this BSG then Purchase the entire series the first 2 seasons will grip you and for that alone it is worth the watching.

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  Great series and ending

| | See all sn1702's reviews (4)

I disagree with the reviews below,the ending was great it wouldnt of worked any other way,the series was great nearly all the way through.basically bsg was a great remake shame it ended but all do sometime,now time for caprica

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  Urm... could have been so mch better

| | See all horrorflikfreak73's reviews (18)

Well, series one started off good.As each series ends so doe's my enthusiasm for what could have been a much better re-make.I'm not trying to slate this, i think it was killed off just in time tho.It went on for far too long, the original BSG from the 70's i think is better.Too many story lines here being dragged out.Would have been better with more Cylon invasions.

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  Dumbest ending ever...

| | See all Armabot's reviews (1)

...for what could have been the greatest series ever.

A lot of people like this ending, but it seems that a lot of people are like Mall Flanders.

I feel tricked. I think I'm going to cry, but not for the emotion.

Anyway, I have to admit that the 9 chapters before the end are great episodes. But with that ending...

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| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

There's always a sense of concern when a show you love so much is coming to a deliberate end. Will it live up to the standards that it had set itself over the years? Will it provide a proper end and answer the questions it asked? It doesn't always work out.

The final run and the finale itself of BSG is a generally well done end to things. Characters get an ending (in many different ways, some tragic, some hopeful), the story comes to an end (and then gives us a final parting thought to ponder) and the final Cylon finally shows up and explains just what has been going on for the last few years!

For me, it was all worth it. It's not tied up in a neat little bow - and that was BSG's greatest strength, because what in life does end so neatly? Your left still to think for yourself what some of it means, yet a clear and satisfying ending is mostly given.

And after watching the last moments of the final episode - I just went back to the mini-series and started from the beginning!

After all - 'all this has happened before, all this will happen again'!!!

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  The end..... or is it?

| | See all barnie884's reviews (265)

So here we are, finally at the end of this excellent remake. I for one never thought it would work, but was pleasantly surprised. This final season for me was pretty good, however a couple of things let it down for me. Firstly the religion.... although we knew it was coming to a head, a bit too religious for my liking.... (can't say any more without a spoiler). Secondly was some of the script writing was a little bit cheesy for me in places and over the top in others. Apart from that it was still good TV sci-fi, and a pretty good conclusion to the series (with a bit of a twist and a moral message at the end).....4 stars overall and a must have to complete the series. So what's next... Buck Rogers? :-)

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  A fitting end

| | See all peter34567's reviews (1)

I was a bit late getting into battlestar but am so thankful that i did. This series finishes off one of the greatest scifi stories ever told.

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  Not what it seems

| | See all mickoblues's reviews (1)

this is the second part of season, just bought and when it arrived i went to watch it and realised that this is not season 4 but the final episodes of season 4 and is missing the first 10 episodes, i feel that this has been missold by play bigtime!!!!while i love the show might have to buy it elsewhere

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