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Battlestar Galactica: The Final Season - Part 2 (4 Discs)

Featuring: Jamie Bamber, Mary McDonnell & Edward James Olmos

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (32 reviews)"

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  What a Show

| | See all Jacey79's reviews (1)

A fantastic end to a fantastic show.....it definitely goes up the top there with Babylon 5 as my top sci fi shows. yeah some parts were rushed, and the fact that the price tag for these are a little over than you'd expect to pay but if you were so much into the story as i was then you will pay that extra just to see it....... .....sad to see it end but looking forward to Caprica coming out....lets see what happens with that

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  Not so far fetched

| | See all rocheyb's reviews (3)

I pre-ordered this set from Play.com and it arrived on Saturday morning. After the FA Cup Final I started watching the first disc. I stopped only to go get Chinese food and finished the series at about 5:00am Sunday. Though this season did indeed feel rushed and didn't explore as many themes as previous ones have, it meant that the story was always moving forwards and always promised to deliver some kind of definitive end. The Gaeta arc in particular was inspired writing and kudos to Alessandro Juliani for bringing that character to bare in such a believable fashion.

Now this is true - I had a dentist appointment this afternoon (Monday), and while I waited I picked up the BBC Science magazine and read an article called "Rise Of The Machines" and it did indeed use some Terminator imagery. The article was about how remote controlled robots are increasingly being used on the battlefield but that doesn't mean that there are fewer soldiers because each robot requires one person to control it remotely. But the manpower - and therefore both the threat to soldiers and the financial costs that they incur - could be reduced if they can develop robots that react to their environments and effectively make combat decisions for themselves on the battlefield...

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  Epic, philosophical masterpiece.

| | See all SavalasRocks's reviews (21)

Well the mighty BSG is finally at an end and what brilliant journey it has been. Not only arguably the finest Science Fiction television series of all time, but quite possibly one of the finest television series in any genre of all time.
The series has had the occasional weak, or 'padding' episodes for sure, but the final 3 part Daybreak, must rank as a triumph, in a show that has had it's fair share of outstanding dramatic moments, it's also a fitting conclusion to an overall amazing televisual event.
The acting, writing and special effects have been of a consistently high standard and all involved should be justifiably proud in their achievement.
The legacy of BSG should be of daring to bring complex themes of philosophy and humanity to a genre usually poorly served by Cinema and particularly Television, who choose to concentrate on the futuristic spectacle of Science Fiction, at the expense of character and intelligent narrative.
That not to say that BSG doesn't feature some high octane and adrenaline fuelled scenes of battle, it's just not preoccupied with it. It's more concerned with telling a compelling story of mankind struggle with the Cylons-and more profoundly, with itself.
There's allegory for those who seek it and for those who don't, there's the emotional jorney the characters take throughout the series as a whole, with its satisfying pay-off by the final episode.
For those who have never experienced BSG, it's wise to start with the pilot movie on DVD and work your way through the remaining five box sets, as the episodes follow a continuing arc.
I'm sure, like myself, you'll be come entranced and utterly addicted to this startling drama.
"So say we all!"
Roll on Caprica!

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  Just Amazing

| | See all stocksey's reviews (6)

This show has to be one of my favorites of all time and they had the good sense to end it before it started to get rubbish. This season is a bit rushed with all the emphasis on the main story but what a main story and a different ending than I expected.

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  Much better the the original

| | See all UVAVUERANU's reviews (1)

This is what the original Battlestar Galactica should have been like, a real fight for human survival. Unlike the original where there was always time to have fun along with the occasional pot shots at the cylons, this update is more gritty and more true to life. The new Battlestar Galactica shows real human suffering. No time for sleep, always on alert you running from a relentless and formidable enemy who has no interest for personal survival just the total annihilation of the human life.

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  One of my favourite shows of the 2000's

| | See all greasykid1's reviews (3)

I loved this show! So, I will be buying the DVD of the final season.
But the reason for the average review is that the show ended in a very disappointing way. Had the show ended leaving many unanswered questions, I would have been fine with that, but in actuality, the writers rushed the story to a climax, throwing aside many of the main arcs and threads that they had established since the beginning. As a season this was a little chaotic, but not enough to be a huge problem. Even the finale was entertaining as a season finale, but as a SHOW finale, it was certainly not perfect. Who knows what would have been if the writer's strike hadn't happened ... I think we would have seen a very different conclusion to this awesome show.

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| | See all Mappalazarou's reviews (9)

Delivered with masterful direction, the greatest show on TV draws to its natural close. The final season almost serves to promote what we, as the fans, have known all along. Getting to Earth was just the bonus...It's the characters that made this show.

BSG is about real humans lost in unreal, unwinnable situations, and how they might survive it. With echoes of certain world scandals and conflicts, it delivers a final, powerful blow right through to the last heart-pounding scene.

A privelidge to watch. This show will stay with us for the ages. Utterly, utterly compelling.

Recommended to all.

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  Fantastic ending to a great series!

| | See all vincenoir99's reviews (7)

A great conclusion to the series that will not disappoint any fans. All loose ends are brilliantly tied up, a rare thing in along running television shows these days.

You really only need to wait for the giant box set, if you want to spend loads of money on a giant box set. However, if you have buying these seasons each year when they are released (as I have) then you will certainly want this one to complete your set.

Terrific stuff!

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  No Complete Season 4 Planned

| | See all Jonah1974's reviews (1)

As yet, due to licensing, there are no plans for universal-playback to release the two parts of season 4 (sold as season 4 & the final season) as one complete set, however, playback have announced on their website that later this year they will be release a collectors limited edition metal box set which will not only hold every battlestar episode including the mini series but will be rammed full of never before and exclusive extras.

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