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Battlestar Galactica: The Final Season - Part 2 (4 Discs)

Featuring: Jamie Bamber, Mary McDonnell & Edward James Olmos

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  wait for the complete season

| | See all Cupwood's reviews (1)

This is NOT the complete 4th season as suggested by the title, but only the last half of the season.
Wait for the complete season 4 boxset.

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  Absolutely astounding.

| | See all krytee's reviews (5)

When I saw the finale on Sky, I was close to tears, for it was then that I realised that a phenomenon had ended. There will be no other series that comes close to matching the spectacle that was......... Battlestar Galactica. The intricate storyline had me hooked for four years. What a collection of talented actors and actresses. This isn't just science fiction, it's art, crafted by masters of storytelling of the highest calibre. I hope the prequel series "Caprica" will be of the same standard when it arrives. I cannot praise this drama more highly. Get it, you won't be disappointed.

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  Perfect Ending To A Perfect Series

| | See all Moj0Jojo's reviews (26)

Final seasons and final episodes of long running series are difficult to get right, even when they're planned (rather than just axed). Many have been good (e.g. Buffy, Sopranos, Gilmore Girls), some have been disappointing (e.g. X-Files, Alias, Millennium, Angel), but only a few have got it really right (West Wing, M.A.S.H). Galactica gets it spot on.
Considering how many sub-plots and themes, and how much mythology had been built up over the years, finishing this complex and often bewildering series was always gonna be a tough job, but you can tell this ending was planned long ago, and it finishes off the series perfectly.

It took me a while to discover the new Galactica, having dismissed it as yet another second-rate just-for-geeks sci-fi series. But after hearing only good things I finally bought the pilot movie early last year, and was so astounded by the quality of the writing, acting and sheer drama of the story that I bought the rest of the series instantly and have watched it over several months. So, I'm not too bothered that they have released the first and second halves of season four separately, because, although shorter, they felt to me like two separate and distinct seasons, the first half having it's own surprise ending, and the second feeling more like 'season five' because of the break. I'm quite happy for this to be simply called the 'final' season, and to sit separately from the first half.

I hope, and tentatively expect, that Lost will end just as well as this did.

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  Best SCI-FI Series ever!

| | See all AndySUK's reviews (1)

Battlestar Galactica is by far the best SCI-FI series ever made. It had many elements that can be likened to our own lives during the 20th century. OK, we didn't leave Earth, but the struggles during the 2nd world war all the way to the formation of the unions and the bill of human rights; it was all there. The writers should have a big pat on the back for creating some fantastic plots and great story lines whilst managing to maintain the same consistent thread running throughout every show. This is a must buy. For all who have not seen it, buy it immediately, you won't regret the purchase!

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  Amazing way to end a show

| | See all Phantomabr's reviews (5)

Possible the greatest ending I think you could ever have, I will be buying this as soon as it is released. Just to keep my self occupied in the mean time I have started the series from stratch again!

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  This should help

| | See all Mobius's reviews (173)

Final Season. This is misleading as it's actually the 2nd part of season 4, but Playback have no immediate plans to release the complete season 4 anytime soon.
The reason they have no release date for the entire season 4 collection is that licensing has forced them to release it as SKY1 did, in two parts. this is of course thanks to the Writers Strike, so Season 4 is season 4 and the second part is called the Final season, this now means that because of some strange licensing agreement and probably something to do with royalties with the writers .
The complete series can't be put together for some time (I won't pretend that I understand).
So what happens now is that the season 4 and Final season gets released just like how SKYONE broadcasted the original series 4 .
Though I was going to wait for the complete season, I now think that I should bite the bullet and purchase both separately.

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  What a Show

| | See all will2325's reviews (1)

All i can say is that this show is awsome and after watching the final FRACKNG episode EVER!. i have to say the twist at the very end is excellent and for that reason alone it is worth buying. if they every bring the show to blu-ray then i will deffinatly buy that as well. GOOD HUNTING!

  best tv show ever

| | See all ianhamilton1981's reviews (6)

any fan of sci-fi this is a must buy the finale of the best show ever to be shown on our screens. the 2 hour finale was the perfect ending to 4 seasons of twist turns and shocks. the only question is now is what we going to do every week ???? until caprica starts of course.

  brilliant - but the price will not go down

| | See all keifski's reviews (1)

Battlestar galactica is obviously one of the best sci fi shows around and a lot of people know it so i wont go into details about that here . Just to help the people about they will not combine the season 4 boxset with this one as in the uk it is being classed as season 5 by both sky1 and universal who release the dvd's. In america however this is a different story and its beong released as season 4.5 , so there will be proberly a combined boxset in america if u can be bothered to import it . Personally i think i would rather buy this and then wait for the blu ray release , trade all 5 box sets in and get battlestar galactica in high definition , the way it should be shown .

Love and all that xoxox

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  The End Has Arrived

| | See all BenUK20's reviews (1)

20 Billion humans over 12 colonies wiped out by their own creation

50,298 - All that remains and must find a new home away from the cylons

39,665 - The survivor count starts to twindle after 4 years will there be anyone left?

As the final episode draws near and the series comes to a close the last survivors of humanity have only 3 options left - find a new home, surrender to the cylons or give up and die

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