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Ong Bak: The Beginning

Featuring: Tony Jaa, Sorapong Chatree & Sarunyu Wongkrachang

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Good but in a different way!!

| | See all Theray's reviews (1)

i loved the first film and was impressed by the follow up!
great fight sceens and use of many weapons will leave your jaw on the floor.


| | See all TREED87's reviews (3)

After seeing the first two films i was very exited to hear about this third installment, being a martial arts fan and all. But after watching it i must say it was a total letdown, it does have some good fight scenes as youd expect from Tony Jaa movies but you cant help get the feeling that they could have been alot better. For me there was just no "god i wish i could do that " moments where as the first two had plenty of them. It seems that this movie was more about the story, less about the epic fight scenes people want to see, which is a shame because we all know that Tony is more than capable at pulling them off.

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  good but not great

| | See all sideshowal12's reviews (3)

There are some good fight scenes in this movie but compared to ong bak and warrior king it is a slight let down in comparrison. i loved the first two movies and was very excited that this was coming out so bought it straight away, everyone who likes the first two movies should watch this as it is good just don't expect it to be better as i did!


| | See all LittleGman's reviews (3)

After watching this film I felt a bit disappointed, Im a massive Martial arts movie fan and the first time I saw Ong Bak I was blown away by Jaa, this film does have a couple of good fight scenes but they do not do Tony J justice, he is an amazing fighter and I expacted more. My jaw dropped when I saw the first Ong bak but not here Im afraid. The storyline is also abit scattered so you find yourself relying on the fight scenes, and as someone mentioned before the ending leaves you thinking "What the?"
I hope any future films from Tony Jaa will be alot better and ne doesnt go down the same road as Jet Li who was also amazing but has seemed to have swapped his amazing fighting skills for the more "Epic" high budget type of films which to me are a bore.

  "..JAA RULE.."

| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

If you loved the original movie then you will love this! The story takes place back in the past where we see Jaa's character as a child growing up and training to become a master in weapons and martial arts so he can avenge the death of his parents and the villainy that surrounds his home, Jaa has come along way since the original and really worked on his skills and kicks some major butt in plenty of quality fight scenes! He is fantastic to watch and brings so many different styles to his fighting. The movie ends on a fantastic battle between Jaa and a ton of enemies its pretty awesome to watch, he even uses elephants! It all ends a bit suddenly but only to be continued in Ong bak 3! Well worth checking out if you love a bone crunching fight movie!

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  Jaa Jaa Kicks

| | See all ratty1984's reviews (175)

What can I say about this movie? Choreography? Martial Arts Styles? Realism? Skills and acrobatics? Camera angles that allow you to actually observe the moves? Good story line? It has it all!

I cannot describe it! It certainly is not a family movie, but one of the best action movies ever produced and certainly, and this is just my humble opinion, one of the greatest martial arts movie ever.

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  Ong Bak 2: The Beginning Part 1?!

| | See all PREDATOR3's reviews (16)

I imported this film 2-3 months before it was out in UK cinemas. Tony Jaa had alot of problems on this film as the other reviewer mentions at one point i think they didnt even have enough funding for the film or they went over budget i think.. I actually really enjoyed this film im a huge fan of Tony Jaa & the other chinese fighters Bruce Lee,Jackie Chan,Donnie Yen,Jet Li,Sammo Hung,Yuen Baio. I only mostly watch martial art films. You might have to watch this film a second time to get the story. Its really confusing at times & random characters pop on screen then they just vanish :S I follow Tony Jaa & his other films on TonyJaa.org on the forums people say that Ong-Bak 3 will explain the loop holes & stuff that didnt make sense in Ong-Bak 2 even the ending of Ong-Bak 2 was a strange one... The story is not what these films are all about the fighting is soo well choreographed i enjoyed rewinding & watching how the pulled some of these moves off truly epic. the final fight in the village was just off the hook... all those weapons guy getting owned 1 by 1. So to sum it all up if you really liked Ong-Bak 1 you will like this film cause of the fights,if you want to understand the story wait till Ong-Bak 3 that is why i added PART 1 in the title box ;)

Story-0/5 - (Cant rate the story until Ong-Bak 3 is out)
Fights-10/10! - Epic,bone crunching,what Tong Jaa does best.
Music-5/5 - I liked it it has some really nice music.
Over all film rating-9/10

WHERE'S MY ELEPHANT?!! - For those who remeber Warrior King & Body Guard 2 XD

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  Hong Kong Jaa

| | See all Truebluepizzaboy's reviews (11)

Agree with several other reviewers. Watch this if u want excellent fight sequences, stunning stunts and bone breaking kung fu. Avoid this if you are looking for a dedicated sequel to Ong Bak, this was hit with all sorts of problems, with Jaa rumoured to have left the project even apparently taking several years to bring to fruitition, the story makes little sense and is mismanaged and mangled at the post production stage....jinxed to say the least, but having said that it is enjoyable for most of the reasons of the first ong bak....just don't expect the streamless production of the first one...........

  very good

| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

not as good as the original but packed with explosive martial arts and awesome stunts. very good.

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