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Being Human: Series 1 (2 Discs)

Featuring: Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow & Aidan Turner

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (43 reviews)"

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  My fav series at the minute

| | See all DavedaveeKnows's reviews (25)

I love all 3 series of being human, it's dark, funny, gritty, scary, sad, heartwarming, annoying, emotional, evil, it's everything, it makes me feel so many things when I watch it, and draws me in to love the characters, I proper love this!!!!


| | See all Suzuki1's reviews (25)

If there ever was a TV show with hummer, great acting, vampires, weirwolves, ghosts and drama up to the last min, this is the show. I realy love this and hope it will continue, series after series. It's placed its self where any characture can enter the show, and leave, knowing he or her can return to haunt, scare,kill, change and leave again. Good british hummer well worth a watch. If you like watching over an over again, buy the DVD you'll love it.

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  Being Human

| | See all mocktheweek's reviews (25)

I've only recently discovered this show as I missed it first time round and WOW what a show! the characters are very interesting, totally wild and dark but relatable. The series just keep getting better and better, can't wait for series three! amazing acting, amazing storylines. perfect show! if you havn't watched it yet then what are you waiting for?!

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  Proof that Mother knows best

| | See all Layla123's reviews (19)

I was bit surprised when my 63 year old mother asked me if I watched this show cos I hadn't heard of it. She went on to tell me that it was about a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost sharing a house and it was so good she was surprised I hadn't watched it. So I bought it and watched it and she was right (as per). What a fantastic show it is truly brilliant on every level and I just couldn't turn it off. Buy it watch it, love it and tell people to buy it and watch it. Totally refreshing, new and unique.

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  Breath of fresh air!

| | See all SamsM8's reviews (1)

I must admit to not watching much tv these days. That is for a reason, not having the time and mostly because there is usually nothing worth watching on! However, I was flicking through the channels and happened to stumble on this show. Normally I would carry on channel hopping but I gave it a few minutes and got hooked. I actually now make a point of either taping it or watching it on catchup, something I havn't done with a tv series in years. The characters are great and are played brilliantly by the actors, who really gel well together. The thing I like about Being Human the most is it's a little bit quirky. The idea of it is clever on it's own but put that with the excellent storyline that is dark, touching and at times very funny make it the best thing to hit the box in ages. Well done the beeb, bring on season 2.

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  Probably the Best British TV Series on Tele.

| | See all MovieMad13's reviews (84)

This is one of the best shows i have seen on TV, i highly recommend 'Being Human' to everyone. The show was on BBC3 after piloting on BBCiPlayer and after watching the pilot i wished they would pick it up as a series and they did.

The show is brilliantly written and directed, and the acting is just the best on all parts. I don't know her name but the woman who plays the ghost was superb, and i loved her in Sugar Rush too. The series is set out really well and builds greatly and leads on to the second series in a very strange way. The first 3 episodes are a little slow but the you can tell that it is building to something big. The end of third episode steps the series up a greater pace then the 4th episode really steps it up yet again and the 5th episode shoots them all down, and ends with the biggest cliff hanger EVER! This follows on to the 6th and last episode which was a bit of a let down, nothing too big happened. The last episode though did stir things up for the second series and really looks like they will will make the show shine.

Altogether i think that Being Human is one of the most overlooked shows on TV and would recommend it to everyone, Great Acting, Directing, and Writing. 5stars.

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| | See all sleightofand's reviews (17)

At first i was on the fence buying this but took the plunge and glad i did! This is a superb series about a ghost, vamire and werewolf living together trying to blend in with the community. Sounds like rubbish but really simply is fab!!!!!

  Brilliantly written series

| | See all Nellephant's reviews (6)

A vampire, a ghost and a werewolf share a house....yes, it does sound the start of a bad joke but the series itself is witty, engaging, dramatic and tense - all in each episode!

A vampire on the wagon, a ghost still in love with her ex-fiancee and a werewolf who suffers from slight OCD creates six amazing episodes created by Toby Whitehouse.

The dvd features are okay, with some deleted scenes and cast interviews, the only thing that really bothered me is that the music that was shown with each episode on the BBC have been removed and replaced with original soundtrack. Fair enough, I supposed but the entire atmosphere of the scene changes.

Also missing is the pilot episode, the 1 hour making-of special broadcasted, prequels and outtakes. It's a shame non of them were included, but now that series 2 has been commissioned, hopefully they'll appear on there.

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  good blend

| | See all mrsampotts's reviews (17)

I watched this series while it was on tv , and i really enjoyed it. Its a good blend of something new, comedy, drama and blood. The story line is original and keeps you wondering what is going to happen right till the very end. Definitely worth a watch.

  If only

| | See all rocketfueledmadman's reviews (21)

Great show worth watching, just goes to show that when they do put their minds to it little gems can be made in the UK.
Lets hope this is the start of real fantasy story telling back in the UK.