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Featuring: Tom Hardy, Matt King & Kelly Adams

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (63 reviews)"

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  DOLLY LEVI excelent!

| | See all dollylevi's reviews (13)

wow what a film, loved it! didn't quite know what to expect when i first put it on but it was just brilliant i thought!
tom hardy was briliant playing the part as well.....
couldn't stop watching actually,really gripping!


| | See all yido4life's reviews (75)

Agreed with the status below really poor film was waiting for this to come out on dvd for a long while and was so dissapointed first time i think iv ever turned a dvd off half way through and iv seen some bad films!

  Let down

| | See all Cdunn1's reviews (5)

let me start by telling you that I buy lots of DVDs from this site and have often ignored bad reviews and just went ahead and got the DVD, but I wish i hadn't ignored these ones! the film dragged in to the point my girlfriend fell asleep and I was left wondering when was it going to get to the good parts? maybe I had wrong expectations but i expected some violence and action of some part and a great story, but it turned out just weird and boring the whole way throughout. I can honestly say this is about the only film I've got that I'll never watch again.

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  Brilliant in parts, Terrible in others

| | See all stuartfear's reviews (768)

Bronson is one of those British movies which has been bigged up since day one, even its short lifespan at the cinemas received attention and it was advertised like any Hollywood blockbuster would be when it was released on DVD.
The beginning is brilliant, it has comedy, action and is just generally great to watch. It's a little bit weird with some slightly surreal moments but all of this helps take you into the mind of the mad man.
Around 20minutes it goes down, and we're not talking of a small slump... the movie seems to become stable with some very slow scenes. It begins to pick itself up a little bit and gets good again, and then all of a sudden it hits another pothole.
The middle section drags on, the scenes aren't the most action packed or entertaining, they're like a slowly paced drama but without the drama.
The end picks up again but its not as good as the beginning, although it's a lot better than the entire middle part.
Performance wise, Tom Hardy is mindblowing as Bronson, he comes across as a psychotic mad man who you just wouldn't want to know. A brilliant performance but it feels wasted when the writing of the script, and the majority of the films content is just poor.

Overall: Bronson is a decent watch, it has some brilliant moments but far too many downs. The beginning is immense, one of the greatest starts ever. When watching the beginning I had a feeling the movie was going to turn bad after such a brilliant start, and I was right.
Great performance from the lead along with average directing and a poor script makes for a So-So movie.
Take It or Leave It

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| | See all girdy1989's reviews (11)

I thought this film was the worst film i have ever seen, i have read the book and was very interested in watching the film to see how the book and the character in my mind would be portrayed on screen. it was utter rubbish, the film seems like it has just been rushed through and the scenes that change between him on stage and him in prison were totally awful. would not buy this film.

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| | See all SK2007's reviews (126)

Thought this film was going to be quite special, but in all honesty was a great let down, just a pretty rushed story in general and somewhat confusing.

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  Terrible film- a good performance wasted

| | See all lyler50's reviews (2)

Like others i think the lead is a decent actor and heard some decent reviews for this film. The sad truth is this film is all style and absolutley no content whatsover. It is over stylised and at no point gives you an insiight into bronson as a person. Its a strong performance but this film could be a guide on how one good performance cannot make a terrible script work. This should of been an examination of why the violence and more about the man himself. This is like an 80 min trailer. It suddenly ends and by that point i was bored and regretting buying it. The clorkwork orange comment just could not be more wrong.


| | See all kram123's reviews (3)

Much better than I thought it was going to be, not your standard prison loving film. This film does not show "Bronson" as a victim, but as a person who enjoys prison and who enjoys his war against authority. in fact the Prison system as his victims.
Good acting and great direction. Well worth watching.

  Sadly disappointing

| | See all cherryc's reviews (33)

Tom Hardy gets top marks for his acting but this was not at all what I expected. I appreciate that Bronson was a bit out there and so were his thoughts but I expected a good insight as to his life and how things happened but it quickly skipped over alot and concentrated on the weirdness of it all. Rubbish, don't bother


| | See all Pbob10's reviews (5)

right first of all i love tom hardy .. quality actor and you cant down him for that! when i saw this being advertised i knew i had to get it for the sheer class of tom hardy and the awesome story of charles bronson!
but it was a huge let down . it was boring, weird and just a pointless film. quite surprising after watching this film that tom hardy would credit his name to this abismal film
totally shocking !!