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The Longest Day (2 Disc Special Edition)

Featuring: Hans Christian Blech, Richard Burton & Red Buttons

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

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This has to be up with the best WWII films of all time. Always a joy to watch even with John Wayne in the film! The film follows the story of a number of characters from both sides of the story during the opening phases of D-Day.


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Made while the Second World War was still fresh in the minds of a whole generation and with several of the actual combatants as technical advisors, THE LONGEST DAY is an epic and realistic retelling of the events leading up to, and eventual outcome, of the D-Day landings on 6th June 1944. Filmed in black and white (in fact, one of the very last war films to be so) and in a style similar to the archive news footage of the conflict, it certainly feels authentic - as highlighted by the German and French characters speaking in their natural tongues in scenes featuring subtitles.

The five Directors have been careful to tell the story from both the Axis and Allied viewpoints and as such the film retains an air of impartiality throughout. There are no heroes and villains, merely men and women struggling to survive in a war situation. We see the boredom of the Allied servicemen awaiting the final signal to go after so many setbacks, the belief of many of the German High Command that Normandy is an unlikely point of invasion, and the bitter squabbles of the officers on both sides over strategy.

The film boasts a magnificent collection of international screen stars, one of the largest ever assembled, which features everyone from RICHARD BURTON and CURT JURGENS to ROBERT MITCHUM and RED BUTTONS. Obviously this means that many have only brief cameo appearances - look out for SEAN CONNERY and GERT FROBE in their pre-GOLDFINGER days! - but with such a wealth of talent available a sure-fire hit was guaranteed.

Although the action scenes are a long time in coming - the first half of the three hours is largely used for character introductions and campaign planning - they are certainly worth the wait. From German fighter planes strafing the crowded beach-heads to the (ultimately futile) American Ranger assault on Pointe Du Hoc and the French Commando raid at Ouistreham (beginning with a brilliant, continuous overhead shot of the action), we are placed in the very thick of the fighting along with the troops.

Of course, those wishing for violence in the SAVING PRIVATE RYAN mould will be largely disappointed. These were the days before celluloid visionaries like SAM PECKINPAH upped the ante for screen deaths, after all, and bullets often merely result in men clutching their chests and falling over. Nevertheless, the battle scenes remain gripping and outstanding set pieces in their own right which viewers will remember long after watching the film.

There are moments of humour too (such as LESLIE PHILLIPS calling his Homing Pigeons "traitors" when they fly towards the German lines) and several emotionally charged incidents interspaced between the battle and bloodshed while surprisingly, all-American hard-man JOHN WAYNE does not even fire his rifle at all!

Extras-wise the DVD is very light despite being a two-disc package. There is an interesting documentary but other than this only a trio of trailers for the film itself, PATTON and TORA! TORA! TORA!. However, the overall high quality of the film more than makes up for the Extras shortfall and is thoroughly recommended.

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  Truly Awesome

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I have to admit this is one of the best war movies ever made. You can almost feel the sheer chaos and the bravery of the men who took part in D-Day. A great reminder of those who were lost on June 6th 1944 and the hardships they faced.

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| | See all pilotdown's reviews (4)

best war film ever made exellent price i have it on video but am going to buy it on dvd its a must buy

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  It will blow you Away!!

| | See all everton4ever's reviews (215)

This has got to be one of the best films ever made about War! The story is true so and gripping and for nearly three hours you don't move as you follow the soldiers landing and fighting to survive. The Longest Day has an all star cast, who are all great actors, who each give brilliant performances making this still an amazing film 46 years later.
This is the 2dvd special edition and it is just that- Special!! At £4.99 it is a steal as it is worth every penny and more, you will watch this time after time as it never gets Dull and has loads of bonus material!
This should be part of every war collection , if not at the top! Nice one play!

  The longer the better.

| | See all farnzy's reviews (164)

The most expensive black and white movie ever made has become slightly overshadowed in recent years by Saving Private Ryan. Side by side they make excellent bedfellows; Day has the grand strategy, Ryan has the small unit tactics.
The cinematography is as rich as Ryans is bleached- gracing the momentous and personal chapters with added pathos and dignity.
An unmatched division of international stars litter the multiple battlefields, occaisionally crossing paths, but always allowing the audience to know exactly where they are in the chaotic events.
There are many stand out moments, but the Free French attack on the hotel, monitored by a crane shot, has the mark of genius.

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