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Star Trek 2 - The Wrath Of Khan

Featuring: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy & DeForest Kelley

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  One of the best Science Fiction films of all!

| | See all Dave82517's reviews (73)

Now an Admiral and with his career feeling just like his life - old and worn out, James T Kirk is nearly ready to retire from the service. Not particularly liking the process of training new crew for the ship he knows and loves, the USS Enterprise, he dearly misses the captaincy. And then the grip of vengeance gives back the excitement in his life, with horror and the danger of death across the universe.
An age old enemy from his previous 5 year mission has resurfaced from the planet on which he had exiled him to. Khan.
Played perfectly by Ricardo Montalban, now older and stronger with hate, he captures and exiles in return, the crew of the USS Reliant and plots a course on the one man his destiny lies with only in death - Kirk.
And so ensues a space battle that made up for the first film and set a standard of film and fantasy work for generations to come. At its time it was a huge blockbuster hit, having achieved 2 wins and 8 nominations it used a seductive and suspenseful story line to cleverly take a strategic game of cat and mouse to the stars and beyond. This was also to be, thus far, the most horrifying of Star Trek films, using the Ceti Alpha V creature who's offspring entered through the ear and controlled your mind. It shocked audiences all over at the time, the very fact that the producers had gone so far, but it just made the film even more of a hit.
Just to show how great a story it is, I even lent this film to one of my friends. Not being the science fiction type in the slightest, she loved the story and was entirely creeped out from little whining creatures going in to the ears of Chekov and Captain Tirell and exiting in a trickle of blood.
Even though years old, it does not put itself as looking like an old space adventure film. It is one of those that can be watched over and over again. It is truly one for history, one that has given new meaning to vengeance, hatred and power and a statement to how someone can go when wronged.
This is always going to be in my top 10 and deserves this review.

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  Captain Kirk at his best !!!

| | See all Jetfire's reviews (7)

The greatest Kirk era Trek film of them all. Ricardo Montalban reprises his role as the genetic superman Khan Noonien Singh Intent on revenge on Kirk for marooning him and his crew on a dead moon. Fantastic visuals for the age and great performance from the main cast. Well tied in by the writers to the original series episode "space seed" Kirk at his best !!!

  Star Trekkin' across the Universe!!!!!

| | See all Bartol's reviews (20)

I agree with the previous two posts. This is the best of all the Trek films.

  Awesome film

| | See all Bomb3r's reviews (1)

I completely agree with the other review, this is definitely the best star trek film ever! Amazing story and brilliant acting, this is one awesome movie

  Best trek film ever

| | See all Urgentemente's reviews (8)

I'll keep this short and sweet... this is the best Trek film ever, period..
Most other original era films were too touchy feely , and even First Contact didn't feel as good as a normal borg episode, but Wrath Of Khan just has it all, from Kirk getting back on the Enterprise, to the return of Khan (and him kicking the Enterprises a$$), and not much in the way of soppy romantic/moralising stuff,... class film!

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