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Emperor's New Groove

Featuring: David Spade, John Goodman & Eartha Kitt

Format: DVD | Rating: Universal Suitable for All

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Customer Reviews

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  Must have for any Disney fan!!

| | See all mattymark's reviews (531)

This is a great movie. It's great for people of all ages Yzma and Kronk are the best characters because they are both hilarious. I have watched the DVD so many times it's definitely a film you will not get tired of watching. GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Absolutely Incredible!

| | See all elise456's reviews (1)

I saw this film about four years ago and I have loved it ever since. Without a doubt this is the best disney film. It cracks me up every time! Everyone must watch this film at some point in their lives just so they can love it as much as I do!

  The best Disney film

| | See all bertiebubble's reviews (23)

Disney are obviously known for many films, The Lion King, Bambi, Snow White etc... But this is more of an unheard of film. This is unfortunate as it is probably the best out of them all, it's funny, witty, charming, clever, different and brilliant. It's great for all ages too so not just one to stick on when the kids are off school. It is a film all can watch and thoroughly enjoy. BOOM BABY!

  More Looney Tunes than Disney....

| | See all skeletor's reviews (49)

Originally conceived as a film entitled " Kingdom of the Sun " and featuring songs by Sting, it was to be loosely based on the story of the Prince and the Pauper in which a selfish Emperor swops places with a peasant " just for fun " and the complications that occur when an evil witch, Yzma, learning of the Emperor's plan, changes him into a Llama and threatens to reveal the Pauper's identity unless he obeys her.
Cursed in his Llama form the Emperor was to learn his lessons and a happy ending would ensue..yawn..however, during production and test " in progress " screenings much disappointment was expressed and so despite some of the characters being kept, the songs ( bar one - much to Sting's alledged annoyance ) were scrapped and the film was revamped into a frenetic comedy full of one liners and visual gags more likely to be seen in a classic Chuck Jones cartoon for Looney Tunes!
The young Emperor Kuzco, wanting his own holiday summer house, decides to build it on land already occupied by a mild mannered peasant called Pacha.
After Pacha expresses his anger and concern regarding Kuzco's plans he is dismissed and Kuzco takes dinner with his power mad ( and recently fired ) advisor Yzma who is plotting to get rid of Kuzco and claim the throne for herself.
She is aided in her plan by her burly, sensitive and dim-witted side-kick Kronk ( who is also a dab hand in the kitchen! ) , and even before the starter is served Kuzco is accidentally transformed into a Llama ( potion mix-up! ) and promptly dumped into the hands of Pacha who is heading back to his village.
Kuzco demands he be returned to his palace with the aid of Pacha whilst Yzma and Kronk, realising that Kuzco is still alive, set out to thwart his return!
What happens in all of this forms one of the funniest Disney films in years!
It remains one of my favourite Disney films, and after recently watching the incredible Tangled at my local cinema i decided to revist this seriously under-rated Disney gem!
The voice casting from all is simply sublime, the late great Eartha Kitt purrs her lines and David Spade almost feels like he is ad-libbing at times with his delicious dead-pan delivery.
John Goodman sounds lovable and Patrick Warburton as Kronk is simply superb.
Highly Recommended for ages everywhere!

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  Emperor's New Groove

| | See all lizzdoc's reviews (2)

One of the best animated films I have seen in a long time. Very well made, humour very funny and original, strong storyline, thrills and spills. My kids and I have been watching it and Kronk's New Groove every night for a week and we're still not fed up with it! Lead characters very funny and engaging. Winner!

  Yzma's New Groove

| | See all withydanno's reviews (124)

This film's villain, Yzma, is the best part of this film by a mile. Kuzco and Kronk are funny too, but Yzma's one-liners are amazing:

'Pull the lever, Kronk! Wrrrrroooooooong leveeeeeeeer!!!!! (Upon returning), Why do we even have that lever?'

(Upon being turned into a cat), 'Is that my voice? Is that MY VOICE??'

This is a far cry away from classics like The Lion King and 101 Dalmations (animated), but it's a hell of a lot of fun. I assume kids would like it to, though I don't know any to ask, thankfully.

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  Not Very Impressed

| | See all KeanoComedy's reviews (61)

I've tried watching this film several times now and have never been able to get into it. Slow start with a non humourous storyline. I had expected better of Disney and after seeing the trailer I couldn't wait to watch the film. Disappointed, Very Disappointed.

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  I laughed and laughed

| | See all jollymongoose's reviews (2)

I think I have the sense of humour that really gets films like this - show me a villain who is so obviously the villain that she is described by the very characters as looking "evil beyond all reason," coupled with a man who talks to squirrels, and I'm happy! I particularly loved the line: "Pull the lever!" followed by "wrong lever!" as she falls into the crocodile pit below. Given 4 out of 5 purely because the evil characters were so much more likeable than the good ones.

  Get Your GROOOVE On!!!

| | See all MatthewW21's reviews (81)

This is one of my all time favourite disney films. it's packed with humour and a has a great story line.

& as always there's a lesson to be learnt in the film. in this case it's (selfish) emperor kuzco who learns not to be so selfish and be nice to others.

getting back to the story though, it revolves around emperor kuzco who is a mean & selfish emperor! he plans to destroy a village to make way for a swimming pool! the baddie of the film yzma is the royal adviser who gets fired, she ends up turning kuzco in to llama who then gets taken to kind hearted pacha's house by mistake.

Once there kuzco decides to walk back to his empire but needs help to get back which he refuses to take from pacha. then chaos ensues.

I won't spoil the ending but this a great kids film with that lil bit of adult humour too!