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Enemy At The Gates (5.1/DTS)

Featuring: Joseph Fiennes, Ed Harris & Bob Hoskins

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Hit and miss.

| | See all JPMurtagh's reviews (33)

A relatively good film which is let down by bad casting, Jude Law and Rachel Weisz being the main culprits on show. Ed Harris is very good in his role as the German sniper and the film does have tense moments. Could have been much better.

  Best War Film Ever In My Opinion

| | See all chancy's reviews (38)

This film deserves to be up there with the Top 50 Films of all time. I was very surprised at how in depth this film was when i first watched it. And in my opinion it is better than Saving Private Ryan. It starts with an emotional beginning of Russians fighting the Nazi's in WW2. And moves on to some great Sniper vs Sniper action. The only small drawback is alot of British actors playing Russians who have english accents. But it works better than having americans playing them. All in all definately worth 5 pounds as i bought it many years ago at 15 pounds. Hope the Blue-Ray version comes out soon.


| | See all Quiggan's reviews (166)

During 1942 the battle for the Russian city of Stalingrad is at its height. As the German 6th Army tightens its grip, the beleaguered defenders lose hope despite the best efforts of Russian Political Officer Danilov (JOSEPH FIENNES). After a chance encounter with the newly arrived young soldier Vassili Zaitsev (JUDE LAW), in which Zaitsev kills five German soldiers with a rifle, Danilov realizes that here is a man who could become a national hero and help bring Russia back from the brink of defeat.

With the aid of Political Commissar Nikita Khrushchev (BOB HOSKINS) who is personally overseeing the city defences, Danilov recruits Zaitsev into a sniper unit.

Eager to break the new found resistance within Stalingrad, the Germans draft in a professional sniper of their own, the celebrated but cold Major Konig (an excellent ED HARRIS) with the mission to kill Zaitsev at all costs. What begins as a battle of nations soon becomes a deadly struggle of wits between two extraordinary men.

ENEMY AT THE GATES is based rather loosely on a true story. The main full-scale battle scenes - the Volga river crossing under aerial attack and failed Russian advance which ultimately sees Red Army soldiers shoot their own retreating countrymen - are over within the first fifteen minutes of the film. All the action which follows may be on a much smaller scale with few characters but is no less exciting for it. We are now drawn into the secret world of the sniper, one of constant danger and movement, of waiting for opportunities to venture into the rifle sights.

ANNAUD cranks up the tension during the sniper missions by giving first-person and crosshair views whenever possible and enjoys regular close-ups of LAW and HARRIS taking aim. Sadly the reliable RON PERLMAN has an all too brief role as veteran Russian sniper Koulikov, an interesting character with false teeth and a matter of fact outlook on the hostilities of life. I felt it a pity that PERLMAN is not given more screen time as he certainly deserves it.

The action is also offset and somewhat slowed by a love triangle storyline in the form of beautiful Russian patriot Tania Chernova (RACHEL WEISZ), who both Danilov and Zaitsev fall for. Here the educated Danilov uses his influence to not only make his rival look foolish in her presence, but his power sees Tania easily promoted to the political staff and, therefore, out of the clutches of the young sniper. Zaitsev takes his anger out on the enemy, adding many more victims to his tally of kills and greatly increasing his fame. Danilov realises that he can no longer control the propaganda machine he has set in motion and begins to feel jealously and then hatred towards his prodigy which can only lead to disaster for everyone concerned. Meanwhile the prowling Konig is drawing forever nearer to his quarry.

The campaign featured is one of the great turning points of the Second World War but has been badly neglected by film makers (an notable exception is the splendid German film STALINGRAD which is well worth viewing) and ANNAUD must be applauded for helping to bring the battle to a wider cinematic audience.

Special Features on the disc include Filmographies, the Original Theatrical Trailer, Storyboards for the river crossing, a Poster gallery and a highly informative ANNAUD audio commentary. There are two Making Of programmes (at 15 minutes and 20 minutes respectively) plus an excellent black and white French language documentary using archive footage of the battle of Stalingrad running at 26 minutes. Also included are eight cut scenes and a feature to include them into the original film so it may be viewed in its entirety.

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  in the top 5 war films of all time

| | See all br4adley's reviews (3)

as you no we all like differnt films if you enjoy war films and a good story this is for you, it has action, romance and a real insite to the war in starlingrad. if you like war films this is for you!!!

  One for the collection!

| | See all paddyman89's reviews (6)

You could probably find floors in this film if you know your world war II history! But i think that this film is a brilliant watch, really good storyline and the acting isn't as poor as other reviews have stated! To be disapointed i believe you would have to be the most harsh critic ever! worth buying!

  Its alrite

| | See all Emptyy's reviews (33)

It was a good film and it does deserve them 3 stars but no more not a war classic at all a very good story to about the famous russian sniper.
It is a good film to watch and have in your collection but it is one of those movies you watch once and then about a year later you might get it back out.

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| | See all DEANO0's reviews (6)

One of my favourite movies .. just great in every way .. ye maybe if your really into ww2 history you might find some flaws .. but if you just want a good sniping movie this is for you :D

  A Mixed Bag....???

| | See all Dealer's reviews (22)

I agree with the reviewer 'Farnzy' that this has been over-hyped.
Many of the actors are unconvincing. Jude Law and Rachel Weisz basically play themselves i.e. Highgate Capaccino suckers!! They didn't convince me that they were gritty Russians locked in a 'fight-to-the-death' conflict. Bob Hoskins seemed to base his character Krushchev on Alan Sugar!! Only Ed Harris comes out of this with much credit on the acting front...although can you really believe the way he walks out into the open railway yard after spending about two months lying under a corrugated iron sheet? I don't know how they filmed the air-attack scenes but they looked like computer games to me. Overall a really strong story (read Anthony Beevors book on Stalingrad), let down by too much box-office inspired glamour.

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  Enemy at the gates

| | See all bigboybrian2001's reviews (3)

Wow what a really good film with really great actors! Best war film i have seen in along time. I have just bought this film on play.com because at this price how can anyone not buy it! I saw it on BBC1 last night so decided to get it today without any hesitation. Well done yet again play.com for another really good film at a great bargain price. Happy New Year.

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  Brilliant, awesome, fantastic!!!

| | See all Teejay710's reviews (1)

I have to agree with Allstar180, how on earth can anyone rate this film lower than 5 stars. It was fantastic and having just watched it on BBC1 I have jumped on here to buy it and it's now an unbeleiveable £3.99. Absolutely a brilliant film now offered at a bargain price. Another fantastic performance from Jude Law.