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Knight Rider: Season 1 (2008) (4 Discs)

Featuring: Justin Bruening, Deanna Russo & Paul Campbell

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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| | See all djchris's reviews (2)

the best thing about it is the origional was grate but this is even better it is a hart pounding trill seeking ride of fun in its self its k.i.t.t is an ai whit a life of hes own but i agree in that they shoud have kept it going and not just killed k.i.t.t after one season we all miss k.i.t.t

  why end it on 1 season only

| | See all Tigger125's reviews (190)

another tv show cancelled before it's time the 1st seasons alway take a bit of time i admit when i first saw it i thought what a pile of rubbish but as the episodes progressed it was great the magnum p.i remake is on the horizon great series shame universal nbc shut it down long live k.i.t.t if you liked the original then you will enjoy this great price a must purchase

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  Thoroughly excellent updated remake

| | See all OldEnglandsEyes69's reviews (402)

In brief, this 2008 remake of the old series is just as good as the original only now we get widescreen, 5.1 surround, batter special effects and a better car in what looks like a black Shelby Mustang as KITT, able to transform into a different vehicle for attack mode, a 4WD and a submersible and even to recreate objects like keys etc with the help of on-board technology.

As usual for virtually any US TV series that I like, the plug's been pulled on it after only one season (just like American Gothic, Firefly, The Twilight Zone remake and that video game-based series I can't remember the name of). It seems to me that the US TV networks are simply obsessed with ratings and if these series' don't get them then it doesn't say much for the intelligence of your average US Joe. Presumably they exist on a diet of sub-soap rubbish as is often the case with GB TV viewers.

I loved the original when I was young and I love this just as much now I'm middle-aged. If you liked the original you won't be disappointed. If you've never seen the original, just buy this updated version as the lack of effects, widescreen and surround sound on the original may disappoint.

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  A great Knight Rider remake...

| | See all Joliefan's reviews (18)

After watching the first episode of the new Knight Rider on TV, I knew straight away that I had to get this on DVD. This was because I couldn't wait for the next episode to be shown on TV and just went straight for it. I'm glad I did, as this is such a great remake of the 80's hit show. I used to watch the old Knight Rider on TV when I was a kid and loved every moment of it, especially KITT. And after watching the remake it has brought back great memories of the old Knight Rider. Knight Rider 2008 is highy entertaining, with great humour along with the gadgets and gizmo's in the show. The characters are great to watch, well acted by all the actor's. In particular, I love the banter between the characters. The star of the show has to be KITT and his sense of humour, if only I could have a talking car like KITT !!! The only reason I didn't give this a five star is because there were on occasions when it did seem a bit too unrealistic, but that didn't bother me too much as I really enjoyed watching the entire season. I'm sad that there will be no future episodes made and that this is the only season of Knight Rider 2008.

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  Well it was good while it lasted !!!

| | See all KarEl1669's reviews (4)

I so wanted to hate this remake, I loved the original series William Daniels as the voice of KITT was so cool (I want him on my sat nav). One thing I didn't like about the new series was the mustang. What made the Pontiac better, it was a new design for the car and the TV show had the first cars off the production line. All that being said it is a shame that theres only going to be one series I think it great potential.


| | See all playrule's reviews (18)

i`ve seen this new knight rider and its not bad. but what i liked about this new knight rider is the return of David Hasselhoff you only see him in one sense telling Michael hes his dad at the graveyard.

  Knight Rider 2008 KITT's a Mustang!

| | See all sleegrony's reviews (1)

The 2008 remake of knight rider is great, dont listen to any one who harps back to the 80's original. They would like to still have the 'hoff' in a trans am, may sound ok at first - but a 57 year old man in a 30 year old car fighting crime!!?? I dont think so!. This is a great remake and should have been given longer to establish itself by nbc before they cancelled the show. The cast are a good mix and work very well with lots of humour. Watch, and enjoy!!! Btw... Kitt is a shelby mustang GT 500 kr (king of the road) looks v cool.

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  Knight rider is back

| | See all david16's reviews (35)

I enjoyed knight rider when I was a kid and I am glad to see it back on DVD and it is bigger better and great cast so buy everyone who remembers the old knight rider.

  Fun but curtailed.

| | See all RvdPaul's reviews (3)

Following similar ridiculous plots to the original story (the only main difference being that the female fancy doesn't change every episode).

Given that this series was canned towards the end of the season it seems strange to release it on DVD - the story which runs through every episode isn't answered before an abrupt end 6 episodes early.

  Shame it's only one season

| | See all ncc17o1a's reviews (1)

Despite initial reservations about the new Knight Rider, I'm really enjoying this new take on Knight Rider. Some slightly naff effects sometimes but great characters that work well together, especially since the mid season revamp of the show. I'd like to see more, but guess I'll have to just settle for the DVD set.