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Featuring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Carla Gugino & Malin Akerman

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (126 reviews)"

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  Rent but not buy..

| | See all Gunit36D's reviews (21)

I didn't like it, it was visually perfect very gory in some places but overall it was a film that never really got out of the starting blocks for me. There is lots of flashbacks which I know you need or nothing would make sense but I felt I was being taken back to the past tense more than towards the end of the film. I found myself waiting for it to end. Never a good sign. To sum up, if you saw the trailer you've seen the best of the film. I would rent but not buy.

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  Watch It !!!

| | See all PaulLaz's reviews (3)

Astounding is the only thing I can say. This is a film that I knew nothing about and I wanted to watch it with an open mind but secretly I was expecting to be bitterly disppointed. How wrong I was. It is by far one of the most fantastically shot, dark, disturbing yet immensely realistic movies I have ever seen. Definitely top 3 material. The alternative timeline reflects perfectly the way we humans behave and react to things and just how shallow and insecure we all really are, deep, deep down, underneath the disguises we put on to fool those around us. Without a doubt in contention for film of the year - maybe even decade!

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  nice but.....

| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

Far too long. This movie feels at least an hour too long, it is overly complicated at times and seems to drift. However, the action sequnces and special effects are outstanding and there is a very strange but comfortable feel throughout the film. The violence is well done and gritty and the "hero" element is done well without that polished and cleanliness that other hero films have. I liked it.

  Excellent movie, however .... Listen to the soundtrack!

| | See all Fregory's reviews (4)

As stated above, the music is what makes this film a classic. The actors filled their roles superbly, with Zack Snyder ensuring that Alan Moore's creations are continued well into a film enviroment. A definate one to watch, however perhaps suited for a more mature audience, as the rating suggests.

  4.5 REALLY

| | See all Grizz630200's reviews (1)

Big fan of both the film and graphic novell. The movie is about 85% faithfull to the GN but it's changes were for the most better for the flow of the film. The one change he should've made was to hide Dr Manhattens old fella, I didn't need to know what that would look like in real life. The film is long and the middle does get a litlle slow but I enjoyed it all so much I need it ASAP to watch at home. The actors were great but Rorshach was awesome. An absolute classic.

  I could watch this again and again!

| | See all paulapips's reviews (17)

I was really suprised about this film, When I started watching this I was so confused but it all reveals itself as the film goes on, Its not short to say the least, at nearly 3 hours it is a lonf film but i felt the time went quickly..
I really enjoyed this film it had a bit of everything that i want in a movie, Sex, nudity, action, blood and stuff so im happy.
all in all a suprisingly great movie, that i didnt get bored with...

  Watch Once

| | See all Toonarmy666's reviews (86)

As the previous reviewer said, its a one watch film. As super hero movies go its average. I've never read the comic its adapted from so had no idea who the characters were. The story is all over the place and its confusing in parts. Roughly, the story is about a group of retired superheroes that are being bumped off. The maddest character is rorsach, a violent 'hero' whose mask is constantly changing. He sets out to find the remaining team and uncover who is doing the killing. Its a long film that should be cut down as it just gets abit boring. Theres no real action sequences like Batman and the sight of a naked blue fella walking about is baffling - put some clothes on!
Its just an ok film that doesn't leave many memorable bits.

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  Good Enough! At least a one Watch.

| | See all Mickadoo23's reviews (1)

The film had one of the best starting sequences to a film I have ever seen. This really brings you into the film with a smile. But it I would think it would only make sense to a person who had read the graphic novel.

Speaking of the novel it sticks very close to it until the end. There is one really big twist and one smaller change. In my opinion theses changes worked well for film and made it more believable and makes sense to a viewer whom has not read the graphic novel.

The characters are fantastic, you can really get to know them in the film, as there lives have great depth to them. One thing that may drag slightly is the love story between two characters it can seem to drag slightly, but owel it followed the novel perfect.

Overall it was a good film and i would recocmend atleast one watch because once you know the story it wouldn't really be watched again. But atleast one watch!

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