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Featuring: Dana Vavrova, Martin Benrath & Sylvester Groth

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  Great film, comical dubbing!

| | See all jayples's reviews (1)

From the same production team as Das Boot, this film is about the bloodiest battle in the history of warfare, in which over 2 million Russians and Germans lost their lives. It came to be a turning point in WW2 and the film pulls no punches in revealing the brutal reality of combat.

Sadly, the dubbing makes it almost comical at times, and having had it on vhs I thought they would've gone to the trouble of releasing a dvd version in german with english subtitles. But no.

I've now bought a region 1 version online from the usa that has both english and german language tracks with optional subtitles and can honestly say that this is the only way to watch a film like this. For God's sake don't make the same mistake I made, it will only cost more in the long term, as you will end up buying the true version eventually. A stunning war film!

Can also recommend Downfall and Sophie Scholl, these do have english subtitle versions on region 2 dvd.

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  Good movie

| | See all Emptyy's reviews (33)

This film is a briliant foreign war film the eyes of a german soldier on the russian front. It is good for what it is a shows the horrors of the russian front line and is one to have in your collection.

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  So close to being a masterpiece

| | See all Carradonna's reviews (3)

The film itself is amazing, my gripe is with the decision to release the DVD as dubbed rather than subtitled. I remember this being annoying before but decided to watch it again today to see if time had made it more bearable. Sadly it hasn't and the dubbed version of the film is almost unwatchable as a result.

To put it into perspective, its a bit like someone drawing a moustache on the Mona Lisa, sure the main elements are still there but you just can't help but notice the major imperfection.


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  Differnt than your average WW2 movie

| | See all tomthefly's reviews (21)

The reason I liked this film so much was becuase it did not involve a lot of Americans shooting up millions of nazis, but this was from the Germans point of view and was something differnt to watch, as you see that the nazis are not 'crazy killing for no reason' people. It did get depressing near the end as eveyone seemed to kill themselves, but otherwise from that I enjoyed it, there were moments where you felt like crying...not going to tell you were you will have to watch it, a must see.

  Thoroughly Recommend it!

| | See all RyanGK's reviews (41)

I love foreign war films and have a decent collection of Korean, Chinese, French, German and Russian films.

I recently bought this 1993 German made war film "Stalingrad" (English dubbed). I can't really add much to the review that hasn't already been said by others but I thoroughly enjoyed this film. The action scenes are excellent but the film also shows the personal anguish of the soldiers to the point of their attempted desertion and the challenge to the immorality of the brutal and senseless orders they are being given from SS superiors makes it more than your ordinary gung-ho American made war movie.

An amazing film that I recommend to everyone.

Also see these amazing war films : "Brotherhood", "Saints & Soldiers", "Days of Glory", "Downfall", "Joint Security Area" and "The Star".

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  Dubbed edition's comical and irritating...

| | See all percyverance's reviews (2)

A brilliant film that I purchased having seen it featured on Channel 4's 'Best 100 War Films'. But what I'd watched on T.V was subtitled and in German.
I was disappointed that this version was dubbed, which I found irritating. Plus there's no translation for German text that introduces and concludes the film!
I want to buy the film again but the 'un-cut' version and in German with English subtitles. This version would be 5*

  The Region 1 DVD has extra footgage and is 5stars

| | See all farnzy's reviews (164)

Taken largely from Heinrich Gerlachs book-The Forsaken Army-this is as close as an audience will get to the bitter struggle for Stalingrad in WW2.
The region2 disk is missing about 25mins of footage which makes it uneven and characters seem to come and go without much explanation which detracts from the horrific situations they find themselves confronted with.
In its full running time of 154mins the narrative unfolds with chilling efficiency as the stormtroopers fresh from fighting in Western Europe; tanned, confident, and battle hardened, slowly wither away to nothing more than bones , rags and despair.
Vastly superior to Enemy at the Gates and a worthy companion to Peckinpahs Cross of Iron-seek out the region1 disk from PlayUSA.

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