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Silent Running

Featuring: Bruce Dern, Cliff Potts & Ron Rifkin

Format: DVD | Rating: Universal Suitable for All

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Customer Reviews

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  one of my favorite scifi movies

| | See all baenger's reviews (1)

Loved it since i saw it first in the 70s. Sadly they hardlyy do scifi with a truely thorough story anymore nowadays. It was the first time I felt sorry for a robot...

As of letterboxed version, there is one available in Germany with English sound and subtitles... but I like it in 4:3 nonetheless.


| | See all gordic's reviews (1)

I have no qualms that this is a fantastic film. However compare this
latest version (released November 2008) with the older version. It is exactly the same (4:3 fullscreen & mono sound). Compare it with the American Region 1 version (Widescreen & stereo plus loads of extras) & you can see that poor old region 2 loses out big time again. When will we get the same consideration as our cousins over the pond & not be seen as the poor relations,

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| | See all GuyPhenix's reviews (2)

I remember watching this as a kid and thinking it was just the most incredible emotional journey ever...so i reckoned when i watched it again now id think it was crap...but alas its still amazing!! The soundtrack will be in your head for days and the ending oh my...a tear every frickin time!!!

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| | See all paulxl's reviews (13)

the only film that ever made me cry, the final scene in this movie is one of the saddest I've ever seen, it's been 25 years since I cried my eyes out over the credits and I think it may be 25 more before I go through that again...

Forget Ghost, Titanic, Casablanca etc - this film is a genuine weepy...

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  Beautiful, thought provoking and heartbreaking.

| | See all SavalasRocks's reviews (21)

Arguably one of the finest Science Fiction films ever made, and though 37 years old, it has lost none of its power.
"Let's blow up these domes and go home."
Occupying the Sci-fi sub genre of ecological Science Fiction that was popular in the 70's-see Soylent Green, The Andromeda Strain, Silent Running is a terrifying parable of what could occur to our planet, if mankinds selfish ways continue to reap havoc on our treasured forests and wildlife( a theme that is sadly even more plausible today) and features an electrifying main performance from Bruce Dern, with able support from the three other actors and the amputees who were inlisted to bring the droids Huey, Dewy and Lewey to life.
Silent Running features a superb script that while passionate and sincere, it is never preaching.
The final scene must surely rank as one of the most emotionally charged and moving in Science Fiction cinema history and Director Douglas Trumbull should be eternally proud of his achievement on what was a relatively low budget production. Special mention must also go to the unusual, but fittingly appropriate musical "Folk" style score that adds an extra layer of resonance.

The DVD is a steal at the price, but anyone who is equally interesting in the making of the production should seek ot the Region 1 version of the movie, as this features a Director commentary and an in depth making of documentary.

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  A Tear To The Eye

| | See all iWatch's reviews (64)

I watched this film many years ago, and when I saw it on DVD I just had to buy it.

The basic premise is that in the near future the Earth has been polluted to the extent that it can no longer support natural life. In an attempt to preserve the remaining wildlife and plants they are bundled into spaceships and are looked after by teams of astronauts who maintain these habitats in giant domes. The theory being that given time the Earth will be able to support life again and they can be re-introduced.
The astronauts are then given orders to abandon their missions and destroy the ships holding these precious cargoes. But one astronaut defies the order and embarks on a mission to save the last of these forests.

The film portrays the disregard that many have for the wonders of nature and highlights how politics and un-caring attitudes may eventually destroy it all.

A worthy film that will bring a tear to your eye at least once.

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  Green politics long before it became fashionable

| | See all Motorhead's reviews (25)

I first saw this film as a kid on tv and it has forever etched into my mind. The story, set some time in the 21st century, is about a group of astronaut biologists onboard a fleet of spaceships that have the last remnants of earths forests after mankinds recklessness has managed to pollute the earth and destroy the trees. The astronauts care and look after these forests that have been transplanted to the ships to be cultivated and hopefully reintroduced. However when the ships are given orders to immediately abandon their missions and return to earth (they are in an orbit near saturn) then one of the botanists (Bruce Dern) takes exception and does everything he can to save the plant life, even to the extent of whats more important, human life or saving the planet?

Although the story is a bit 1960's hippyish, it is also very applicable to our current interest in global warming, climate change and rainforest preservation. The film uses excellent (for the time) special effects (the film was directed by the man who was responsible for the sfx for 2001 - a space odyssey). Although this film has nowhere near the budget of Kubrick's film, the visuals are stunning and kids everywhere will love the silent robot drones, Huey, Dewey & Louie.

Dern delivers a solid performance to a complicated role. The film has a strong moral viewpoint regarding crime & punishment, murder, morality and accountability for these. The film has a U certificate but works as both a film that kids will enjoy and adults too. As i said previously the sfx are extremely good and reminiscent of the work in Star Wars 6 years later. The score (by Joan Baez) reflects the films age but as a thought provoking moral tale this is definately worth a watch and one of the best made films to come out of that era.

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