The Bourne Ultimatum (HD DVD)

Released on 10 December 2007

Featuring: Matt Damon, Paddy Considine & Edgar Ramirez

Format: HD DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

4.0 out of 5 (8 customer reviews) | Write a review

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Customer rating on : 4 out of 5 stars  Average rating (8 reviews)

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Customer rating: 5 out of 5 stars  Best blockbuster of this year!!

Zippee  |  21/09/2007  |  See all Zippee's reviews (6) »

I ventured to the cinema to see all this summers blockbusters, from Tranformers to Mr.Potter, and none of them came even close to how good Bourne Ultimatum is. Just a brilliant film and the benchmark for all future spy films (take note bond!!). Also Universal are really going to push the boat on this HD DVD release, as Sony have been harping on about Spiderman and Pirates 3 which even the die hard Blu- Ray brigade will have have to admit were very poor movies. I can play both formats, but I think the HD DVD line up leading up to christmas is much better than Blu-Ray...... Bourne Ultimatum being the biggest player!!

Customer rating: 3 out of 5 stars  Not fot the film just Quality

cliftob01  |  11/12/2007  |  See all cliftob01's reviews (4) »

Dont get me wrong this is a 5star film, but I was not impressed by the quality considering at some points it just looks like a standerd dvd, then you go look at that bit, looks good! I have been painfuly deliberating about blu-ray or HD........So I have both ps3 and hd dvd player......But I am still waiting to be blown away from my seat in in either format ..Lets just hope Transformers and AvP does'nt let me down.....

Customer rating: 5 out of 5 stars  MASTERPIECE!

rcad18  |  05/05/2008  |  See all rcad18's reviews (12) »

The Bourne Ultimatum is the final jigsaw the Bourne trilogy masterpiece. I was told that the Bourne trilogy was amazing so I brought it on PLAY. I was on my edge of my seat while watching the Bourne identity. I thought not much was going to top that until I watched the Bourne Supermacy. After watching that I was so eager to watch this disc. I was so surprised that they fit perfectly into place in terms of the story line. The trilogy felt a long story told on 3 excellent discs. absolutely brilliant. One of the best films I have seen. If any of you guys are debating whether to get this film. Don't, IT REALLY IS THAT GOOD!!!

Customer rating: 5 out of 5 stars  this movie has it all (Really)

monkeybees  |  31/12/2007  |  See all monkeybees' reviews (9) »

Yes this movie has it all... Phew got my new copy from play today & it was just great.This film is like Bond on fast forward.Action!Action Action! non stop great stuff.If you buy an HD player buy this it looks fantastic.Thats is great film loved it.

Customer rating: 5 out of 5 stars  TOP FILM! OR MOVIE IF YOUR AMERICAN...

Fergster  |  30/12/2007  |  See all Fergster's reviews (14) »

The best blockbuster of 2007 exclusive to HD DVD. This is a great action film and though not the best hd dvd an essential addition to your collection.

Customer rating: 5 out of 5 stars  a stonking good action movie!

AlexMadison  |  29/12/2007  |  See all AlexMadison's reviews (31) »

what a thriller this turned out to be, the HD is brlliant and the sound is fantastic (but you need surrond sound of course) there is no reason why this film should not be in HD becasue the quality is phenomenol!

Customer rating: 4 out of 5 stars  GOOD BUT.......

spenna  |  30/12/2007  |  See all spenna's reviews (22) »

This is a very enjoyable film the video transfer is good but not the best HD DVD transfer i have seen though,there is no mistaking the surround sound track though very dynamic when needed and ambient at the quiter scenes.One thing i discovered when 1st loaded disc opening menu stuttered and watching film,chapter 11 went blank screen for a 5 secs or so would be on a key action scene with the bike chase (SWINE!!),Has anybody else experienced this problem with the disc or any other problems,be great to know thanks.

Customer rating: 4 out of 5 stars  Quality.....

Bigal1870  |  23/12/2007  |  See all Bigal1870's reviews (36) »

Top 100 DVD Reviewer

A nearly faultless transfer to HD. Blacks are very deep and images vibrant. Extras aplenty. Two minor points however are worth noting, some of the scenes are shot in dark environments and some of the action is lost in the very deep blacks. Secondly why oh why can't I stop this movie without it going back to the beginning everytime.

1–8 (of 8)