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HDMI uses a new audio and video technology called `high-bandwidth Transition Minimised Differential Signalling' (TMDS), which helps enable the viewing of uncompressed digital video with integrated audio signals. This means that you get improved pictures and sound from your equipment, if you are able to use HDMI connections.

In addition, HDMI eliminates the cost, complexity and confusion of the multiple cables used to connect current home-cinema systems.
The HDMI interconnect system is a discreet, easy to use format that delivers high resolution video and multi-channel audio signals down a single cable at speeds up to 5 Gigabits/second.

QED's QUNEX HDMI-P cables are fully compliant with the version 1.0 of the HDMI specification.
  • *Received a 5 star rating in What Hi-Fi Sound And Vision magazine

customer Reviews

 Average rating (9 reviews)

 Expensive HDMI cables make little difference

| | See all Necromancer's reviews (11)

Been a HiFi nut for 25 years so I know a thing or two about the subject, do not be conned by extra price HDMI cables, in my opinion they make virtually no difference. I have tried running expensive HDMI cables i.e. from QED, Ixos, Chord etc costing between £20-£60 and these make virtually no difference over an HDMI costing £5. Currently all you need to ensure is they are 1.3a compatiable, certified 1080P.


| | See all alexatkin's reviews (4)

Do not be fooled, you do not need a high-quality expensive hdmi cable for short cable runs such as this. The only way this will improve the picture is if your existing cable is faulty!

 Good, Bad and Ugly

| | See all raheelqureshi's reviews (31)

Well about this cable there is too much hype! I was using different companies and sky HD HDMI leads before than as per some online reviews and recommendations I was forced to think that what is the point Driving Marc if you use cheap quality petrol....

Last week I bought 3 QED HDMI-P cables for my Sky HD (1m), Samsung HD870 DVD player (1m) and for my Sony DG910B AMP (2m).


There was huge difference in picture and sound is like I am in movie.... NOT!

It gives same picture quality and same sound quality as I was getting before. I ask my wife to check it as well may be I was that time unable to see any difference or my glasses were frost due to cold weather... but that was not the case.

I still do believe to have good cables (expensive ones) when you have good system, but in this particular case/experience I see no difference.

So, I will suggest anyone, do buy good cables but DO NOT spend EXTRA too much on it. About QED if any one already installed good quality 1.3 HDMI cables than there is no point to buy it.

PS: Don't ask about its colour....

 Dont waste your money

| | See all ziggystarduck's reviews (1)

hdmi isnt like analogue signals they dont degrade its a signal of 0's and 1's so there isnt gonna be much difference between an expensive one and cheap one. the signal either gets through or it dont. only advantage to expensive ones is a better build quality but as far as image quality you wont find a difference

 Simply superb

| | See all FastLane's reviews (12)

Use this cable with my Samsung HD-860 upscaler to Samsung 37" LCD TV. Excellent results. The colours are much more vibrant and pin sharp quality. I can't imagine that true hi-def could look much better than this. Definately worth the money. Just one thing....why on Earth did they colour it purple??? Doesn't really matter, I mean it's behind the set anyway, but still it does make me wonder...