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Creative Zen Aurvana In-Ear Headphones

Manufacturer: Creative

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Customer Reviews

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  These will blow you away (but keep hold of the warranty!)

| | See all parallaxed's reviews (3)

Looking around the net you'll see reviews that praise this product for sound quality. They are not wrong. For the price, this product has very crisp response at all frequencies, and are an absolute dream to have in your ears. The buds are very comfortable and the drivers are tiny. Sit them right in your ears and prepare for new experiences. The bass performance is well-balanced with the other end of the spectrum and doesn't muffle.

There are two minor gripes that, in my mind, given the sound quality, do not marr a 5 star rating overall:

1) The cable is badly designed. It will break after 6-8 months unless you treat it delicately. In short it does not wear well. The good news is that this fault is covered by the 1yr warranty that comes with the product. Creative will happily replace them for free when this happens.

2) Noise from cable contact (rubbing on clothing, collar etc) is slighly above par in comparison with other earbuds. Solution: crank up the volume.

  Excellent buy

| | See all Krupskaya's reviews (23)

These headphones are simply superb. They cope with bass, mid range and highs very well indeed. The noise cancelling is excellent. I bought them to go with my Creative Zen player and the sound was a million times better than with the supplied 'phones. They even come with a cleaner, and jack for use on aeroplanes as well as several sets of replacement buds. I've used quite a few earphones, some more expensive than this, but the Aurvana beats them hands down. They need a day or two to run in properly so bear this in mind. They are very light and don't come with a cable the length of a skipping rope - a real bugbear of mine. It would have been nice to have a volume control on them but you can't have everything. Buy these, you won't be dissappointed!

  You cant go wrong................

| | See all dspears's reviews (1)

I had read many reviews on these phones both positive and negative before ordering . I can tell you now " there brilliant ".
Put these little babies in your ears and get lost in your own little world of music. The mid range and treble are impressive to say the least. Many reviewers complained about the lack of bass and i cant understand why ? Do they not have a graphic equaliser on there audio equipment? Rock , Dance , Electronic even Classical music sound fantastic ! I use these on my Nokia N96 when commuting and when turned up fully their bloody loud ! Superb phones at double the price .........and look at the price !!!! Grab a pair now and trust me you wont be dissapointed.

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  Must Buy!

| | See all ElectroManiac's reviews (1)

Wen i frist got it i was very impressed by the packaging it was in a nice box and looked great. But wen i put it in only one headphone worked. i was very dissapointed as i was very keen to try these babies out. I soon got a refund by Play who were very helpful and i got them todaii, this this time im happy to say they worked fine. the brilliant thing about these unlike others it comes with a durable case to keep ur headphones unlike others where u have to keep in a pouch. it also comes with 2 sets of ear buds YES 2 this is very good as buds are nortourisouly easy to loose it also comes with a airplane headphone adapter which is use full and a cleaning toor aswell this is suberb value and these are the best headphone i have ever had and belive me i am a total music freak and a music producer so i would know!!

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  Awsome Value :)

| | See all OllieDell's reviews (1)

For £30 you can't go wrong to be honest. Had a pair of £60 sony headphones and these trance them easily. The bass is good, not overpowering. Highs and mids are fine, not amazing but clear and sharp. They look good, minamalistic and restrained and not overly complicated....
In all they are good heaphones for £60 but for £30 they are an absolute steal :):)

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| | See all Smaggis's reviews (1)

I have recently broke my set of these, and have finally got around to buying some new headphones. There was no doubt in my mind that i would get another pair.

These are the best headphones i have ever used(which includes some rather more expensive sets). As soon as i put my first pair on, i could simply tell the quality, no outside noise, no distortion, except when on full volume, but that is extremely loud, i normally find half volume loud with these and once they are 'broken in' (been used for a day or two), the quality of sound just gets better.

I have never heard bass anywhere near as good as these in any other in-ear headphone.

So basically, if you are looking for a good set of headphones, get these, i strongly recommend it, and now only £30. Maybe the best deal i have ever found on anything...

  And Zen some

| | See all Sonofmo's reviews (2)

I've had run of bad luck with headphones - Love the Shure, but my god, flimsy cable covering is so irritiating. I read some bad reports about these - and when the first set i ordered didnt arrive I thought it was a sign, but fair dos to PLAY, they sent a second set, and I was very pleased, better bass than the shure! Great value!

  Best in the Business

| | See all Tamoor27's reviews (1)

I bought a previous zen model and was very impressed so i decided to get these when they eventually broke.
I got these for about £40, if your a true music lover then this is a set for you. It reaches levels of pitch that other earphones simply cant compete with. The base is amazing and it looks very stylish too .

One drawback is that you cant rest them on your chest hanging when not in use.Other then that i cant fault them.

Overall a very smart set of earphones and i would definately recommend them if your willing to pay that much that is...

  Pity about forgetting the detail.

| | See all trinity21a's reviews (17)

You spend nearly sixty pounds sterling and get a nice set of earphones yes.

It is advertised as coming with box, spare plugs and airplane jack.

Just one of you try and put those in the storage box for the phones.

No chance.

So, you travel on holiday and what is the first thing you lose or can't find?

The items which are designed never to be able to fit into the box. The plane jack and spare plugs. What black hole do you keep them in when travelling?

What cretin designed that into the equation?

The same bloke that invented the setting on toasters to burn bread to a crisp?

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| | See all jojoe80's reviews (1)

Was a bit sceptical about getting these earphones as others hadn't done the job for me.

Glad I did. Absolutely BRILLIANT!