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Belkin MP3, iPod, Mobile FM Transmitter Tunecast II (Grey)

Manufacturer: Belkin

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Customer Reviews

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  Not worth it

| | See all brodizzle82's reviews (1)

I bought this after I upgraded to iphone 5 and my previous technet one for iphone 4 was awesome. This one is awful. Gutted I bought it and now need to find a better one.

  Belkin FM Transmitter Tunecast II

| | See all Jay123a's reviews (1)

Bought this as my new work van does not have an input for my mp3 player.
Ive not used it with the AAA batteries, just in the van with the 12v cord and with that it works fine.

There is a little background noise, but nothing too noticeable when on the move. I drive around 150 miles a day, both motorway and rural roads and have not had to re-tune it once - I leave it on 107.9 and its great.

As already noted by 'zarneewoop', local radio stations can cause interference, but then my local one will block out Radio 1 as I drive by, so I dont see that as a problem.

The only criticism I have, is that the lead between the transmitter and mp3 player isnt long enough, but other than that its fine.

All in all, for the price its a great little gadget.

  One of the best of this device type.

| | See all zarneewoop's reviews (2)

Having played with quite a few of these little transmitters i can say these are probably the best of its type, if you are after a micro transmitter get one, for a fiver you cant go wrong, I paid £30 for mine a year or two ago, other cheaper units have all sorts of other problems, the itrip is ok if you have deep pockets and a s**tpod but their performance as a transmitter is worse (it has a shorter aerial and uses the same chip - it still has to conform to the same rules )

These little boxes are great but you have to work within there capabilities, The law restricts these devices to a very low power output and short antenna so you will get interference from other devices in the car, fit a suppressor and try positioning the transmitter in different locations for best results, getting an audio extension cable will help with this.

The sound quality wont be as good as radio1, They use very expensive spectral enhancement technology to get a louder, puncher sounding sound from the limited quality of fm, you can forget about competing with that. Set your bass and treble settings to flat (mid way) and switch off any boost or sound profile on your mp3/cd player to avoid distortion, use the tone controls on your car stereo.

The biggest improvement is gained by fitting a larger antenna I can now get a reasonable stereo signal at 50m and mono at a couple of hundred, search the web for "tunecast mod" its a simple case of replacing the 3inch antenna with one of a meter or so (search for "antenna calculator" for the exact length for the frequency you want to use)

The other important thing to note is that it will be interfered with by other stations so choose your frequency carefully as far from other stations as you can, be prepared to re-tune if you travel any distance as the radio spectrum is jam packed and stations are staggered from area to area to stop them interfering with each other.

A better solution for the car if you have a tape deck in the car is a cassette adapter but again these are limited by the tape deck quality, if your looking for a perfect solution the only option is to replace the deck in the car with one that will play mp3's or has a line input for your player....

Have fun

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  Belkin MP3, iPod, Mobile FM Transmitter Tunecast II

| | See all T0MCAT's reviews (1)

Fantastic for a fiver no probs with it as yet. It does work better with external power supply but still pretty good with batteries. Only problem I can find is could do with being a little smaller. but dont get me wrong it aint massive.


| | See all spikey648's reviews (1)

I bought this as a replacement for my broken one of another brand to use with my ipod. I am very disapointed with this one as it does not give much scope on fm to work on my stereo, the ideal range is 87-88mhz however this one only goes as low as 88.1 and from there to 107mhz is taken up by radio stations and you then get a lot of interference. Not worth buying to be honest. My old one was cheaper than this and served me well until its demise.


| | See all capnmorganalan's reviews (7)

Cheap but not the best sound! you need to keep tuning and retuning but never seem to get a good signal! mines in the bin!
get a griffin itrip instead!

  Mixed results

| | See all ThePops's reviews (3)

Worked well indorrs with my hi fi but was absolutely useless when used in the car (which is why I wanted it). Price reflected in the quality although I'm not sure how gopd the expensive ones are. Not a recommended buy at all

  Great product!!

| | See all NeoMatrix's reviews (14)

Got this for the misses to listen to her audiobooks through her car stereo as it doesn't have a CD Player! It works really well and for the price is a bargin. The trick that we have found is just make sure you stay away from the main frequencies used by the major stations. 88.1 works well for us.

  Good Value For Money

| | See all gadgetandy's reviews (1)

Running off the batteries is only good for indoor close up use as the power output is low. Using the power lead in your car is a must as it ups the power output.