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Sony MDR-RF800 Cordless Open Air Headphones

Manufacturer: Sony

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Customer Reviews

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  I wasted my money I'm afraid...

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Unfortunetly, I ended up purchasing these when they first came for about 50 pounds. I was looking for some headphones that were a bit conveniant for music purposes (with there being a lot of wires as it is!). I am at a slight disadvantage at first because I'm a little guy and they didn't quite fit my head so well, but I'm under average! It was when I actually started using them which bugged me. The headphones have some kind of noise limiter which is used to compress/level out the sound so you get any unwated noise, which would be great if it didn't compress it so much that it sounded like I was ripping a file from Youtube. The problem with it is that it just pushes the volume right down especially if you're listening to louder stuff.

That said, there are ways of dealing with it depending on your uses. If you have a mixing desk it's relatively easy to level things out, but I don't have access to that stuff on a regular basis. They're also very conveniant and I've had no problem using them around the house, I could go outside and get the same reception. It's just a pity about the sound quality.

  I cant say more that 60%

| | See all maverickmach2's reviews (1)

Disappointed sony, the volume tops out not as high as i would like, isnt the point of headphones to listen loud?..........the batterys faded away after about 3 hours after a full 16 hour charge.....the external noise would annoy a partner which wasnt a problem with my old headphones, the width of the headphones made a loose fit and the top was too high so they are very loose on your head...i would prefer disposable betteries AA they worked well on my old headphones and would go for days, on the plus side good clear sound around the house

  Good quality and comfortable for extended listening.

| | See all PaulJB's reviews (6)

Considering how little money I paid for my previous set of cordless headphones (just £10 in a sale), I was a little disappointed that the cheapest decent replacement currently available was two and a half times the price.
However that said, these are by far better made and considerably more comfortable. Sitting through a two hour film with the old pair would have crippled my ears, but these are so soft and sit around the ears, not on them, that long late night films are no longer a problem.

Another point worth noting is the rechargeable batteries that come in the box. They are the superior NI-MH variety as opposed to the poor capacity and ageing NiCad's that still seem to be supplied with so many rechargeable devises. This not only means they last longer, are more resilient to being 'topped up' but you can also replace them with larger capacity ones should the need arise.

As for the background hiss a previous reviewer experienced, I suspect they simply didn't take the time to set them up properly out of the box. As a rule with cordless headphones, you need to have high volume from the TV and low volume on the headphones. Follow this simple guideline and you shouldn't get much, if any background noise. I certainly don't.

Highly recommended.

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  Better than I originally thought

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I've tried a few different makes of cordless headphones all without much success and these were the current ones I've tried, my original findings were disappointing as I found the hiss upon moving around unacceptable, but after increasing the volume from the television to a higher level and then adjusting the volume on the headphones accordingly I could not fault them & would recommend them.
I bought mine from a different source only to find them here £10 cheaper, currently using mine for late night PS3 sessions on 'Dead Space' scaring the **** out of myself ;-)

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| | See all ingram's reviews (1)

yes a corded pair works better , but for the money and being cordless these are the best you will find for the money.


| | See all sandy1979's reviews (1)

Very disapointing. I bought a pair of these and the first thing I noticed when using them was the background hissing noise. Something I've since found out seems to be a common problem with cordless headphones.

I couldn't put up with the hissing so I got a refund and bought a set of corded headphones instead. Half the price and much better sound quality.

It seems if you want a decent set of cordless headphones you have to spend £100 plus. If you've got only got £20-£40 to spend then avoid cordless, and just get yourself a decent set of corded headphones.

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