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Sony PRS-600 / 6 inch / Touch eReader / Black

Manufacturer: Sony

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Why So MUCH!!!!

| | See all Johnnyc14's reviews (1)

I Bought the brand new Sony PRS-650 for less than the asking price of the older model....

But having said that.
Its a great peace of kit if you have trouble with your reading skills.

  Nearly twice the price of the new Kindle ?

| | See all PhilipK's reviews (12)

Sony need to get their act together on pricing - nearly double the price of the new Kindle, and with a poorer battery life ?
Its a decent reader, NOT worth the price.

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  PRS-600 - revolutionise your reading.

| | See all matheweaston's reviews (3)

I had to publish a review here - first one I've done. Basically Sony has produced a fantastic piece of kit here - it's amazing. The only downside is the screen glare - it's sometimes difficult to see the text.

Now - the reason for the 4 instead of 5 stars is because of the screen. Sony should suggest - it's easy - that all books are reformatted in 'bold' - or allow an automatic formatting for this. This then makes the reader brilliant in all light levels.

Anyway, so the suggestion is (doesn't take that long) to paste the previous version of the book into Word Pad - RTF format - and select all and then bold.

Sony - are you listening?! (Nothing is lost - nobody really uses bold to emphasise text... it's normally underlined or italic).

Anyway - fantastic piece of kit with that amendment.

PS The built in dictionary is absolutely fantastic too.

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| | See all lukejohnspencer's reviews (3)

This is a great device, and works really well. It does exactly as it does on the tin... does it need to do any more???

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  A good eReader in general, but in some areas lacking

| | See all racoon316's reviews (2)

Overall the device does as it claims. The contrast is a little low, but in good, direct lighting it is acceptable. Shining a torch on it in a darkened room seems to work well, so I might consider getting a custom LED clip-on lamp. The screen refresh speed is OK, but it does take a few seconds between button presses - so you have to be patient.

Note taking is OK with the on screen keyboard and these can also be linked to individual pages of a book.

The reader works best with text documents, it can display comics, but the colour rendering in 8 greyscales makes it rather difficult to read. Converting them to black and white first is better. The page also needs to be the right size as panning is too slow.

The device has a nice screen size, though a little large to fit in a jacket pocket..

The Sony software supplied gives access to the device to manage books, notes etc, but is limited in its functionality and does not do any document conversion. The opensource Calibre provides more functionality to edit tags, convert between document types etc,.

My biggest complaint is with the categorisation of ebooks and the bookmarking / note taking functionality. There is only one "hot-link" back to the last book read, so if you are reading from multiple books, you will have to remember which ones they are, and definitely not useful for those sharing eReaders.

If you want something portable, lightweight and with a reasonable battery life, then this is the device, though you still can't beat a regular book - and it probably works out cheaper to stick with paper and check books out of a library.

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  Battery Life

| | See all Boyfie38's reviews (1)

I'm on my second reader and I'm yet to achieve more than about 500 page turns from a four hour charge. Other than that great especially the wipe of the screen to turn a page and the built in dictionaries. The adobe software can be a trial to download for bought books but free books are dead easy to load straight to the reader

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  Lovin' it

| | See all snapper69's reviews (4)

I read a good many reviews before I bought the PRS-600, many of which raised valid points. Yes, the screen is too reflective, yes, the contrast is not as good as the PRS-300, which my wife owns, but, it's still great to use. I have no real problem reading with it, if there's too much glare, I change the angle slightly and Voila, it's gone. Anyway I'm hoping that the screen protector that I'm about to fit will help.

In the end, the deciding factors were the variety of formats it accepts and the fact that I love touch screens, and the touch screen on this is brilliant. It's responsive and accurate and I'd trade the slightly lower contrast for it any day. Selecting books, turning pages, adding bookmarks, accessing the dictionary, all done quickly and easily with a tap or swipe of the finger, brilliant.

Yes the software is buggy, but I only use it for putting DRM ebooks onto my reader, for everything else there's Calibre, a free download, that loads books onto the reader with no problems and even converts them from one format to another.

It may not be perfect, that' why only 4 stars, but it will do until something perfect comes along.

Now, if I can only find a touch screen MP3 player that's not an ipod Touch and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

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  much better that expected

| | See all katebartle's reviews (8)

after reading mixed reviews on this was unsure whether or not to go for it. Totally agree with other review here. Was unable to put software on computer but the download from the site worked a treat! Can understand why people complain about the reflections on screen but it only takes a slight movement to a new position to solve that. really easy to read, gentle on the eyes and am wondering how I ever managedered without it. Love it!!!

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  E-reader is amazing - software is not

| | See all KitchenGodess's reviews (1)

The actual E-reader is a fantastic product, it comes with me wherever I go. The battery life is incredible, turns 7,000 pages before needing a full charge again. The only thing I was not happy with initially was the software. It can be a bit glitchy. The recent up-date on the Sony website does help with this though. Highly recommend this product.

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