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X-mini Max 2 Portable iPod / MP3 Speakers Docking Station in Black

Manufacturer: X-mini

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all alex6789's reviews (1)

These are amazing for sound and good for bass all around top quality would gladly buy some more and recommend these to anyone.

  Great Set OF Speakers But....

| | See all uberneo's reviews (1)

These speakers are great. Sound is amazing (if you use High Bitrate files)
Rather strange Mini USB to Headphone Jack cable is used to charge, and connect speakers to the audio source. Looks a bit strange imho.

Slightly disappointed with the Bass. I have 2 original X-Mini speakers and playing "Propane Nightmares" used to have them leaping off the table.

The X-Mini Max 2 don't seem to be as bassy even though they have bigger drivers. Luckily they still have the ability to daisy chain, so I just plug my original X-Mini's in for some added boost.

So to Recap. As portable speakers these are great. Sound is amazing as long as you have high bitrate files, but they are lacking a little in the bass department.

5 Stars for build quality
5 Stars for ease of use
5 Stars for sound quality
4 Stars for base reflex.


| | See all PhilRA's reviews (1)

I bought these speakers specifically for the advertised "Enhanced bass" feature. Unfortunately the publicity material did not say what the starting point before "enhancement" was!! The performance in that context is not as good as the Logitech PD639 speakers I already have, and the bass is not particularly good.

Having said that, these are self powered while the batteries last and the performance is fair for their size, and the design is certainly eye-catching.

The other plus point is their portability which, with the bag supplied means they can be tidily packed in hand luggage when you are on the move.

I would not recommend for their bass performance, but for portability they are really good.

  Ideal for travelling light

| | See all Ardentred's reviews (1)

Brought these speakers to play tracks from my IPOD touch, primarily to use on holiday and in hotel rooms. The internal lithium batteries offer enough power to fill a room with sound. Audio quality is impressive given the size of drivers used, particularly for mid range frequencies but bass reproduction is pretty average to be honest. This didn't come as a big surprise due to the laws of physics. The speakers are officially rated down to 200Hz which is quite modest so not best suited to heavy R&B, house or dance tracks but more suited to accoustic / pop songs which are reproduced very well. For the money these speakers are a good buy for their compact size, portability, chic looks and volume, possibly less so for their dynamic range if I was being picky.

  Good Quality, Sound and bass for a portable and Looks Nice.

| | See all foster91's reviews (1)

If you want some decent portable speakers then these are definitely the ones you want to buy.
They are essentially two speakers and when travelling are attached to each other by magnets on their base. You then simply pull them apart twist each speaker and they expand out. attach the wires, switch them on and plug them into your MP3. It even has a volume control on the speaker wires supplied.
Other people have said they weren't impressed by the sound quality but they must have unrealistic high expectations for portable speakers because I found the results very good.
Haven't tested out the full battery life so can't really comment on that aspect but if its anything near the advertised 12 hours, I'll be happy.
Only bad point is the carry bag they come in. Its perfect for the speakers but leaves you wondering where to put the cable, as it wont really fit in.
Finally I'd recommend these to anyone looking for a decent set of portable speakers. 5 Stars!

  well built, look great, wanted more from sound

| | See all clintsman's reviews (2)

it may just be me but i am not blown away by the sound, i was eager and excited to hear them and given they are small (so i shouldn't really expect too much) the hype made me believe they would be proper loud, the box even says "warning unbelievably loud" don't get me wrong they are far from quiet., they look cool and are built very well. i would recommend them as they are decent, just not as loud as they are made out to be! overall i am happy i bought them. plus 12 hours of playback from one charge is fantastic. maybe i will buy another set in the future and buddy them up which is another great feature of the mini max 2. you can connect as many as you like together. two sets is still cheaper than a cd player and these can go anywhere with you.

  Clever design and decent sound for size

| | See all snakula's reviews (2)

This tiny pair of stereo speakers offers a very portable solution for expanding and improving on integrated laptop speakers and also makes a fair job of freeing you up from headphones when using an mp3 player.
Although they certainly go loud for their size, bass does not live up to the hype I have read on some sites - their size should tell you that! But they still do a pretty good job - well above the tinny fizz you can get. Treble and vocals are very good actually and you need to push them hard to get them to distort; or use low bitrate recordings!
Build is good; they don't feel flimsy and are heavy enough to give you some reassurance: they are still very portable.
Design is excellent. When attached to resemble an egg, their flat bases magnetically attract each other easily enough to keep them stuck. The magnets add a bit of mass in their bases for stability.
Holding the base and unscrewing causes the upper part of the speaker to spring up expanding via a concertina tube which forms a bass port. It looks great as well as serving to improve bass.
I particularly like the simple charging - usb from a computer to each speaker and a red LED light eventually (2hrs) turns blue when charged. The same light is on when in use and dims to show when juice is needed.
Battery life is excellent and I have not been too shy with volume.
Finally I have ordered another pair to make 4 speakers in all as each speaker can be connected to another (1 lead comes with each pair you buy) via a 'buddy jack' (3.5mm jack) to the usb input of the next speaker in the chain. This should improve bass a little as well as stereo spread. Clever marketing! 5 stars for design and vibe, 4 stars for sound.

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  Fantastic piece of quality kit!

| | See all JayInamdar's reviews (2)

I've waited a couple months of testing before putting up the review and can honestly say it's a tremendous piece of kit. I've compared these to Altec Lansing and the build quality, design and sound output is superiour.

The battery life is fantastic, it looks brilliant and had a lovely solid build. I haven't heard the other X Mini Max so can't say if the price difference is worth it - I went for this as it's the latest on offer and claims to have better output etc.

Cons: Only gripes are that the little cover that is provided is way to tight to use daily - I use an old camera case to fit the cables, plug and speakers in. The speaker also don't have the same protective guard as earlier models so I guess you'd have to be careful while traveling not to pierce the speaker, but I suppose it let's the sound through without obstruction.

Another problem is that you can only charge all the x-mini ranges via usb which is a real pain on holiday - there aren't always laptops to hand. I had to buy a usb plug adapator to solve the problem - but a decent one will set you back another 5 quid.

It also doesn't have the little audio cable to connect to other x-mini's but does have a port where other x-mini's can buddy jack.