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Apple 160GB iPod Classic / Black

Manufacturer: Apple

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Customer Reviews

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  Meet the juke box

| | See all boyfrom67's reviews (102)

I have had an Ipod since I can remember but when filled up and having to sit a pick what to take off so you can load up new music was a real draw, so saved up and purchased the Classic 160Gb. I have my entire music collection 6000 tracks with every album covers, all my best photos and my best ever films around twelve and still have over 80GB left!!
it is past around my office and people can NOT believe what music is on it, it has a track for every one we call it the juke Box and I never ever leave home with out it!

If I was stranded any where I can keep myself happy for hours, if you love music and films then it is a must the end.

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  Excellent product but not the biggest

| | See all CubbJaggy's reviews (1)

While there is no doubt that for about a year maybe three if you look after them the Ipod is Highly Reliable in that time After about a 3 years they inevitably die which is a bit annoying that and thae fact they are not the biggest music player avialble makes it only a four star because for that price I expect it too last at least 5 years

the good points are it has a large capacity and the battery last and is has an extremely easy to use interface
Cons :
Not the biggest
Breaks after about a year or two
for a bigger machine go for the Archos 48 internet tablet its 500 gigabytes and while the battery is not quite as good it still last a day and has loads more features AND plays flac and ogg vorbis files

so all in all good but not great and getting dated need an update

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  Best Ipod apple have ever made!

| | See all SJBuckley's reviews (2)

Theres so much less to go wrong than with the new touch screen Ipods, it has 10x more storage and 10x more battery life! it is simple to use and great for people with a large music collection like myself, i have all 10,000 of my songs on there along with movies and games from the apple store! such a great product! will always be my first choice Ipod!

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  Absoluetly Excellent

| | See all bestofbritish's reviews (1)

If you (like myself) have an extremely large music collection, and would rather have your iPod hold everything over having newer, cooler technology, then this is absolutely perfect for you. It has an insanely huge hard drive, very clear (albeit comparatively small) screen, and lasts for, seemingly, days on end without charge!

One point as well to make, what Madprof2 has said, about not being able to transfer music except through 3rd party softeware, isn't actually true. All you need to do is make sure you can see hidden files and you can get it all off there :)

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  Quite Simply - Amazing.

| | See all Madprof2's reviews (14)

I purchased my ipod classic last year and I honestly still cant believe how much media this device can hold :-)
It manages to hold my -entire- music collection comfortably (a good 90gb or so - 15,000 songs in my case), 20 full films and 15 complete tv series' - AND THERES STILL SPACE!

It can also deal with many different formats of media, and any it can't, itunes is well equipped to convert -nearly- any media file into a usable one.

The only problem I encountered was, if your store of music on your harddisk/external HDD, somehow erases/gets deleted permanently, you cannot transfer the content FROM your ipod to the pc within itunes (atleast not content you have imported to itunes manually). You have to resort to 3rd party software, which in my opinion, is a major oversight by Apple.

Negatives aside however, this is quite simply - the most amazing piece of technology i've ever owned ( :


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  The best player ever!

| | See all CapnPete's reviews (2)

I bought mine in the US two years ago. I have my entire music library on it and about 50 movies too. Never had a problem and use it all the time.Still have 90 GB left. But do invest in a decent pair of earphones to get the best result.

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  The best music player around

| | See all benkernow's reviews (173)

I've just bought this to replace my old iPod Nano, which I managed to crack the screen and thought that was a good enough excuse as any to buy a new iPod. But instead of buying a new nano I bought the full whack even if the nano is brilliant and I'm not dissapointed with this at all.

As everyone is probably well aware compard to the old walkmans which usually complently ate up your tape and the discmans which scratched your CD's to bit's and/or made your CD jump so you couldn't listen to it unless your player was completly still. The MP3 player was a great thing because it just play's your music with out any problems and you can fit it your pocket. Now the iPods are in my opion the best around, they play well and are made well.

Now compard to the Nano apart from the 152 extra GB which gives you chance to have your COMPLETE music and podcast collection (unless you got the world's biggest music collection), as well being able to have space for your films and pictures as well. The picture quality is better than the Nano as well on this (if you haven't had a nano then it is very good for a small portable device and better than my 1st TV I bought.

You don't get the iTunes CD with this product, it direct's you to download this which for me is not a problem, but as I had a nano that was not a problem for me either. So if you don't have access to the internet, be warned!

Now I believe this is the best music player around and if you get a good docking station then you don't need much else. I would reccomend this to everyone, but If you don't want to store all your music (Maybe just yout top 1100 or so songs and podcasts) or something a bit cheaper then I would go for the Nano. But this is the best one.

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  Best Gadget Purchase I Ever Made

| | See all Biggerpez's reviews (1)

I have had my iPod Classic 160GB for nearly 2 years now (upgraded form a 1st Gen iPod - which I still have).
Ok so its got all of my record collection on it, around 30 days of music. I also rip dvds I own to play on it, and it has paid for itself alone in not paying for headphones on planes to watch the movies. It can easily fit (along with the record collection) around 100 movies or 200 episodes of TV programs (DVD box sets are a particular favourite of mine for long train journeys and holidays alike).
As well as this I subscribe to a couple of podcasts such as best of YouTube, which is always good for a laugh.
After owning it for a 18 months I discovered the quiz that asks you random questions about your music collection.
Now more and more TV's are coming with ipod docks, so I can play video through the tv in my Kitchen, which led me to buy a RGB add on cable (from the pound shop - for 1 pound) which lets me play the thing on my 42" LG TV (OK the picture quality isn't dvd standard, but it is better then VHS). The pound cable (I bought a few) also lets me play the music through every stereo in my house and I have a similar one that jacks into my car.
After 2 years it is still the first thing I make sure I have packed before going on holiday, the screen is unscratched, the battery life is as good as the day I bought it, and with the use of the 'in your ear' bud earphones the volume is perfect. The only thing I disliked about it was how quiet it is with the earphones supplied.
As I said, best 'gadget' I've ever bought.
I have a wife who borrows it to take to the Gym to watch TV series, and listen to her choice of music, and I have all the charlie and lola and Peppa Pig DVDs on it to keep my 5 year old entertained on long car journeys.
It also has every digital photo I have taken for the past 8 years on it (1000 or so), which is great to show the grandparents!
If that hasn't sold it to you - you don't need one!

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  nothing like it

| | See all zedstorm's reviews (23)

to start with the capacity of this is crazy it's probably never gonna want anything taking off which is a massive plus and something i couldnt get from any other brand of mp3 player's. the build quality feel's solid and it should since it's not cheap, the video look's good the sound is good though i ditched the apple headphone's as their a bit tinny and hollow sounding overall it's an impressive player.

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  Ideal for music lovers

| | See all Lovewon's reviews (4)

The Ipod Classic lets you take most, if not all your, CD/Record collection with you wherever you go - I only use mine for Music and I have all 700 of my CD's filling about half the space on my Ipod music reproduction is excellent - I've owned mine for about 18 Months (Dec 2009) and it's easily paid for itself - I'm thinking of buying another - mine has got a bit scratched because I've never protected it but to be honest this doesn't bother or concern me - I bought an accessory from Harmon Kardon which lets me play the music through my VAN Radio system great for long journeys

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