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Apple iPod Touch / 32GB / 3rd Gen

Manufacturer: Apple

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Customer Reviews

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  Battery life is shocking

| | See all Notsotall's reviews (2)

To be fair the device is awesome, but I struggle to get anywhere near Apples claims of 'video playback of up to 6 hours' and 'audio playback of up to 30 hours'. Nowhere near to be honest - when watching a video/movie, I get a low battery warning at circa 90 minutes...

I truly love the iPod Touch, but battery life is poor (sorry).

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  A Bitter Disappointment

| | See all lordirongut's reviews (4)

The iPod Touch was a device which I was very much looking forward to. Oh, god, how it left me wanting.

Let's begin with the bread and butter of the device - the ability to play music. It can't even do that well. The sound quality is severely lacking on this, compared to the four Sony Walkman MP3 players I've owned, through the same headphones. Even the cheap B-series had better sound quality! Everything sounds like it's being played through a 1950s radio.

Then, usability. First, you are tied to iTunes (unless you hack it), which is the worst piece of software ever devised by the human race. I consider myself quite computer literate, but even I find iTunes to be a convoluted mess. And if you have a netbook - then forget this iPod right now. iTunes will slow it to a crawl, even when not in use. The usability of *most* of the player is decent enough - that is until you go into your music library. The iPod is unable to handle albums with multiple artists, so it's likely that you will be searching a long time before you find the song you want unless you use the search option. Each artist appears as his or her own album, so if you have a few compilation albums, then again stay away.

A few things that the player does do right, now. The screen is really very nice and excellent for videos - very sharp and with good contrast. Unfortunately, and videos have to be in strict 640 x 480 resolution and in MP4 format (which takes up a lot of unnecessary space compared to avi or mkv formats), so you're in for a lot of converting before you can actually watch any videos on the thing.

The only real advantage to this device over it's competitors is as a gaming device, but even then compared to the PSP and DS it is sorely lacking. There are a few good games available (I definitely recommend Chaos Rings and the ports of Final Fantasy I & II, plus some obscure stuff like Vay), but much of it is just pointless shovelware like an app that simulates throwing paper into a litter bin. It's insulting to put a price tag on some of that stuff.

To sum up, if you want an MP3/video player, look elsewhere - I suggest in the direction of Sony. If you want a gaming device, get a PSP or DSi (both of which can play music, incidentally).

The iPod Touch is the ultimate example of style over substance, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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| | See all Wonderkid89's reviews (2)

I got this Ipod Touch when it first came out, at first i thought that the battery life would be a big issue especially with using so much power to brighten up the screen and wi fi as well, but in all fairness i actually found the battery to be quiet good, i was listening to music while playing a game with 20% battery life for well over an hour. All in all best purchase ever, has everything i want in one small and sleek device :D

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  wow brilliant!

| | See all rachelly123's reviews (2)

i got one for christmas and have never lloked back!
be WARNED! i had a life before i got an ipod touch, now with me on my ipod and dad on his phone on different games or playing against each other we are probbably the least sociable people ever lol
but i would seriously reccomend one, have the 8gb one with movies and songs and over 100 apps ind its still not full! brilliant, i never leave home without it! i feel lost without it and if you dont already own one you will not know what your missing! FAB!

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  Truly marvelous item to have in your pocket

| | See all KillerSam's reviews (3)

I purchased an 8gb version of this and was so impressed that I decided I would also get a 32gb one to give myself more freedom with what I could put on it.
It's a top quality product, traditionally I have not been a fan of apple products but this has somewhat converted me. It feels very nice to hold in your hand and the touch screen is very responsive. If you like gadgets than I would recommend this great piece of tech.

  My pocket PC

| | See all ElvisPresleys's reviews (4)

What an amazing little gadget. Not only can you listen to your music you can download games, music, movies and more with your wi-fi. It's like a pc in your pocket. Well built, very solid with a large touch screen which is very sensitive. Well worth the money.

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  great buy, great service

| | See all gadgetfriendly's reviews (5)

recieved within 2 days, thanks play.com.
This is the fastest ipod out there and the best for your money, you get th technology of the iphone for 200+ less. If your thinking about getting one dont hestitate there are no real competitors and the screen is amazing. One thing i would say is get a good case that protects it.

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| | See all Richtaz's reviews (1)

It is a great idea put into practice really well. one problem is if you have it in your pocket it is incredibly annoying to have to get it out to skip tracks without having to using the voice control which takes time and makes you seem a bit mad saying shuffle to yourself. Other than that love the video functions - crystal clear; love to wi-fi - really useful at work and also games on an mp3 player - unnecessary but sooo much fun!

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  It is really good

| | See all Sudokufiend's reviews (1)

Got one about a month ago and it is fab. Just pointing out though that the new 32gb and 64gb have improved from the 2nd gen. CPU from 400Mhz to 600Mhz in the new one. Ram 128Mb to 256Mb. The graphics have also improved. So it's a faster and some of the games will look better.

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| | See all lavern1973's reviews (4)

ive got a 2g ipod touch and the only improvements they made to the 3g from the 2g is voice control and bigger memory so you maginewell get a brand new 2g if its going to save you money who honestly wnats to talk to a ipod

but they are fantastic

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