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Apple iPod Touch / 8GB / 3rd Gen

Manufacturer: Apple

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Customer Reviews

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  Does what it says on the site

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Super fast delivery, excellent price - just as described online, works great. Really pleased with the purchase.


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For almost a year now I have lived with and used my iPod touch quite happily under the false impression that, as advertised, it was a 3rd generation. It is, however, only a 2nd generation ipod touch, as it cannot use features such as iOS 4 multitasking. If you are looking for an ipod touch which can multitask, and do other 3rd generation things, do not get this! Get a 32gb or a 64gb, they are 3rd generations. I am not discouraging you to buy an iPod touch, because they are fantastic, just pointing out that, if you want something that runs the latest operating systems properly, don't get this. Being honest, you will find that if you splash out on a 4th generation, your money wont be wasted, because they come with plenty of exciting new features. This product is false advertised and I am not happy that this is only a 2nd generation iPod.

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  Excellent, but not 3rd Gen at all

| | See all l33bert's reviews (1)

Hi, I agree with the other positive reviews here, this device is absolutely brilliant as a music player, organiser....even a mini-computer with the right apps!
However, don't believe the title...this is still 2nd Gen hardware - a point I've just learned the hard way. The only 3rd gen ipod touches are the 32 and 64GB versions. The 8GB is still 2nd Gen, and the recent iOS4 updates comfirm that, as it's NOT capable of multi-tasking with the update.
So, if you're looking for the latest iPod Touch hardware, that will do most of what the iPhone 3gS and 4 can do, you'll have to go for the larger capacity version.
Still for 140 pounds, this is a great entry level iPod, that will give you the Apple iDevice experience for a fraction of the cost of the iPhone. If multi-tasking doesn't bother you (and let's be fair, it didn't for most people up until a few months ago), then I heartily recommend it.

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  Great iPod, shame about no delivery

| | See all Richierich22's reviews (1)

Beware when ordering that 3-5 days delivery doesn't always mean that.

I ordered this for my son 2 weeks before going on holiday and it didn't arrive - despite my chasing Play.com (who promised to email me with an update on delivery and didn't). This made me wonder whether they are really in stock. I have now asked for a refund - I went down to Argos yesterday and picked one up there (3rd gen) instead. My son is delighted.

Come on Play.com - must do better....!

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  the best portable entertainment ever

| | See all yarnie08's reviews (14)

had this now for a few months and its just so good you can do everything you can do on a pc more or less apart from download files from internet which is not a bad thing with all the virus on the web so its great and safe at the same time,you wont find a better media player for music,videos,pictures and the easiest email ever to send and recieve and so simple to use and do everything on it even if your an oldish person its simple to use and enjoy.i woul have given it 5 stars but apple have been charging me for some of the free apps and now it keeps asking me to pay so beware and dont confirm any purchase for so called free apps or you will be charged for them

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  Excellent but.................

| | See all Rattaz's reviews (1)

this is an excellent product but i have only got 812 songs on the ipod and thats all it allows me put on not 1,750 it sates, i dont have anything on it apps wise for it to use anymore memory, very frustrating.

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  Authorise iTouch

| | See all freefaller2's reviews (2)

Message to Hollyhutch........
On iTunes, goto the Store tab and click on 'Authorise this computer'.
Apple allow you to 'authorise' your iTouch onto a max of 5 computers.
Hope this helps!

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| | See all Hollyhutch's reviews (2)

My iPod touch arrived a few days after I ordered it within the time us suggested. The day I got it I charged it and put over 300 songs on it. Unfortunately my internet wasn't working that day so I couldn't get any apps but when it was fixed i got loads! People say 8gb isn't enough I think it is plenty I have enough room for music apps pictures and loads more. I really like my Itouch and it is especially worth it if you have wireless. So far I haven't brought any apps just downloaded the free ones and love them. I only have one problem with the itouch and that apart from the pc you sync your iPod with you can't plug it in anywhere else, I found this when I was away for the weekend and plugged it into my laptop to charge it as I couldn't plug it into my main computer where I originally synced it. This meant none of my apps worked. After I found this out I reset my iPod and started over. After I brought a plug for the mains that I used to charge it now! But dont let this off put you it is totally worth it. I really recommend it to everyone!!

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  Go on, touch it!

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In a word, that is all you can say about this amazing little device. it is easy to use, has a vibrant screen, 200,000 different applications to customize it to make it your own! And of course, it's an amazing touchscreen iPod! All in this one, sleek, shiny product.

Apple has always been known for quality products that just work. This is no exception, out of the box, plug into PC and ready to use in seconds. Its that easy.

The back of device is a nightmare for scratches, but what gadget isn't these days? I would highly recommend this for anyone who has looked at it because you know that it has caught your eye, and you know you want one!

  What more would you want!

| | See all RustyRus's reviews (28)

After being dedicated to Sony products for many many years decided to buy the iPod Touch. Few months ago got the Satio smart phone thinking that it would be amasing after like a 6 months wait. Well it was a fail, both features and music wise. Then decided to get the new Sony X-series walkman. One again, for its hardware, the software was cr*p. Fed up with Sony making quick crappy products decided to buy something everyone trusts. And i dont regret it. Its brilliant. Could not complain at all. Well maybe the batt life is a little short. But im pretty sure ill be entertained for another few months untill the iPad release.