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KitSound Boom Dock iPhone / iPod / Touch Docking Station Speaker System

Manufacturer: KitSound

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (50 reviews)"

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| | See all f4Foxy's reviews (2)

The sound is superb, as good as any top model Bose, for example. Why pay 3 or 4 times the money.
Brilliant, I'm so pleased with this product.
Quality at a very good price.

  awesome bargain - give away price!

| | See all gasjkh2csf's reviews (1)

Systems sell for x4 as much as this don't sound as good. Absolute bargain! Well done play.com


| | See all wrj595's reviews (1)

I read the reviews on a couple of different sites and they were all good, so i decided to buy it off play and when it arrived i was not disappointed! It took me no time to set it up including the radio, the remote is easy to use and the sound quality is outstanding! The bass and half volume sends vibrations across a couple of rooms in my house! but with the bass the sound quality does not suffer! Buying this dock is the best 90 pounds I have ever spent and i feel this dock will last me for years.

  Amazing sound, great looks, all for £90!

| | See all fredrielinks's reviews (1)

I don't usually leave reviews, unless I am very unhappy. However I had to leave a review for this beauty. It is absolutely amazing, and for only 90 quid. The sound is big, crystal clear and well defined, and feels like it has loads more power if I need it. It fills the room, a large bedroom, beautifully. I have a separates hifi system in my lounge so I have become accustomed to great sound quality as a norm.
Very easy to use and set up, I haven't even opened the instruction book, yet I have been able to set the clock and alarm at the first attempt, it all does what you would expect it to.
Looks are important, I really don't do clutter in my home and this really looks the part too. Looks and feels quality.

  Wont get better for less...or even a lot more!

| | See all Parttimegamer's reviews (1)

After reading the reviews I thought this was the best option for a party I was throwing. I have to say it more than did the job! The bass on this thing is crazy good, but it doesn't lack in quality either. Even if you paid twice as much it would still be great value for money.

You couldn't spend less and still get your neighbours complaining it's too loud. Brilliant!

  Great value and build

| | See all Rogl02's reviews (9)

Ordered this 2 days ago after reading the reviews and am very pleased with what I received. The dock is very sleek and modern and comes with a great selection of cables and the remote is a proper full size remote. I'm usually a badge snob and won't have anything other than Sony, this doesn't have 'kit sound' plastered all over it and looks as good as if not better than anything sony have on the market at the moment. The sound quality is also fantastic, with a good range and doesn't try to overdo it with bass.

The dock was suprisingly bigger than I was suspecting, but that's not issue.

Highly recommended

  6 Star Product

| | See all ScottPaulJones's reviews (1)

I must admit that this was purely an impulse buy, primarily based on the way the system looks. Only after ordering it did i actually read any reviews or look into it as a serious sound system, i was planning on it just being used occasionally.

First things first, this system looks fantastic, the build quality and finish are flawless. Then there is the setup, i had it set up and ready to go within 90 seconds, really simple and user-friendly to get going, with all the wires you need (including the aux cables with a headphone jack as well as L-R to L-R for your tv.)

Sound - i can honestly say i have never heard a better sound system. I'm no music producer or studio tech but the clarity from this beast is unreal, the bass is spot on, no distortion even at 35 (and i'm afraid of going any louder because of the neighbours!)

It would be easy to get carried away with this product, but it truly deserves the 5 stars given, i sometimes wish that play.com had a sixth star, like top-gears 'sub-zero'!

Another thing i personally like about the system is the simple logo, its simple and understated.

Worth at least triple what i paid, i'm considering ordering another for the bedroom, at less than 70 pounds....... i'd kick myself if ever they sold out.

  Boom Dock-Cool with more than enough BASS!!

| | See all sappodj's reviews (1)

Kit Sound Boom Dock Review

At first glance the Boom Dock with its simplistic outline and chic black design gives the impression of innocence,that is until you turn it on. With its dark liquid subs accompanied by weighty beats and crystal clarity a truly wicked sound emerges.

As a professional Drum and Bass DJ and producer I constantly explore ways in which to test low end frequencies in the pursuit of the perfect mix down. The Boom Dock has become a key component in my creative process due to its low end capabilities and DB level.

The Boom allows you to insert your ipod or even your iphone from virtually any generation (except shuffle) into the dock by including handy attachments that come with the system. It has a real solid, high quality, reliable feel and looks the part too.

On a more practical note the Boom Dock is ultra transportable due to its size and weight and can also be connected to your TV or other audio equipment. The dock is multifunctional with features such as an alarm clock and FM radio (ensure to attach the aerial).

I would recommend this for anyone with an interest in Bass music whether it be for a house party, a BBQ or a studio session

  WOW this dock really does boom!

| | See all MrLanky's reviews (4)

This dock delivers the best sound for the price.. No dock at this price can even rival the bass this delivers.
It looks classy, with a black and chrome front panel and gloss black casing.
The remote control is fully functional and controls everything you could need it to.
I have a 250pound Hitachi Stereo system and this dock destroys it in terms of sound quality!
However a few minor issues..
No DAB and the fm radio seems to have poor reception compared with fm on my Hitachi in the same room.. even with the antenna connected.
The LED display is bright, and cannot be dimmed down so is too bright for a bedroom, I have to cover mine up or switch the mains power off (luckily there's a handy switch at the back to do this)
Also the power cord is really short, it's literally a metre long if that!

BUT let me tell you, Having worked in a large department store on the audio section, no dock out there has sound quality like the boom dock for the same money.. The bass is amazing, but it delivers none bassy songs smoothly as well. The unit looks and feels solid and premium, even though the price tag isn't!
An amazing unit, check the measurements before you purchase as the unit is surprisingly large!
Would unreservedly recommend this to anyone who needs a dock that delivers all round decent sound quality across all volumes and can also bass boom at parties as well.
5 stars, great product, you will not be disappointed...