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KitSound Boom Dock iPhone / iPod / Touch Docking Station Speaker System

Manufacturer: KitSound

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Customer Reviews

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  Could fill a nightclub with the sound from this speaker!

| | See all LTsixty's reviews (6)

I can't actually believe the sound this speaker gives out. It's amazing! I managed to get it quite cheap when Play had one of their Christmas deals on and asked my parents to put it away for me as my xmas present. But I couldn't resist having a cheeky trial run, blasting some music through the iPod dock and from my laptop, and a quick watch of Inception with the speaker attached to my TV, and couldn't believe the sound I was hearing! It brought a whole new dimension to the film and made it even more exciting to watch, and talk about surround sound without speakers all over the place, it's perfect!

I'd of happily paid full price for it. It really is good value and I can't wait till xmas day to watch all my other DVDs with it. And as for music, you could literally fill a nightclub with the sound this speaker puts out, the bass is unreal! Very highly recommended.


| | See all JFuller92's reviews (3)

Amazing, you dont need a massive set of speakers to get good quality sound and bass when you own one of these, and for the price, i wouldn't say no! A+++


| | See all noiseyneighbour1's reviews (2)

I've been on a dock tour and it's over thanks to this little beauty. It's better than the lower and mid range Bose docks and a fraction of the price. I have not heard anything that would make me spend more money. If it was 200 pounds I would still have bought it without batting an eyelid. My best value for money purchase of the year.

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| | See all Mancjock's reviews (1)

had this for just under a year, was a christmas present, if i hadn't been given it for a present i was going to buy it anyway. I cannot praise it enough, worth every penny, well made, excellent sound and looks cool! have it hooked up to a cd player and a dab tuner and the sound is just as good as from my ipod. buy, you'll not be disappointed!

ps; mate has a 300 quid Bose dock and he is pig sick as he says this knocks spots off the Bose!

  Makes me happier than a 3 yr old at easter!!!

| | See all 1johndoe's reviews (3)

Well, I feel quite passionate about the excellence of this product so 2 reviews for you, one quick and one long protracted affair for the tech geeks and audiophiles - I fall somewhere in the middle of the two.

Quick review. Simply put, their are better sound systems out there. They start at approximately 350-499. And they aren't leagues better either just technically better - Ill explain that in the detailed review.

For your money at the moment around 80 their is no better sound system on this planet. Stupendous value. After owning this for a year I've bought a second for my front room as my 2.1 system (I have babies who would eat and destroy a 5.1 - yes I know I'm upset about the lack of surround too) Its that good it makes my plasma TV's speakers sound like they are made of tin foil.

For those on a budget I would happily pay 200 for this I think its that good so around 80 is an absolute steal - get it.


Ok so how does this differ from:

BOSE 199-299, arcam rcube 350-, B&W zeppelin 499. - the main competition.

Bose - not the force they once were their tech has lost its way, my in ear buds were quite frankly rubbish as is their speaker system for ipod. So Boom-dock trounces all over it for bass, treble, volume and value. Sounds are clearer on the boom-dock too.

Arcam and B&W - These guys take audio processing to the next level by extracting the raw data from the iPod and not using the built in amplifier, instead using their own custom built audio processing chips which make up the bulk of the cost. These re-sample the mp3's filling in the parts that the mp3 compression has taken away producing a cleaner more natural sound, resulting in less distortion. If Price isn't an issue or you cannot tell the difference then I would plump for one of these two, but they are between 3-5 times more costly and they don't produce the same level of deep bass.

Personally Im not an audiophile and I actually prefer the raw sound the boom-dock pushes out.

As an iPhone 4 owner I admit I haven't experienced any interference but if you do switch it on to air plane mode. you're at home with a non portable device so people can reach you on the land line.

Lastly. FM/AM and not DAB. Thank god for that as FM sounds better. If you do want to listen to some random radio station on dab download TUNEIN app on iPhone/ipod touch or a similar streaming radio app, most are free anyway and sound fantastic on the boom-dock.

Quick point, the audio in allows you to connect any other device using 3.5mm to RCA. Buy a quality gold plated oxygen free copper cable for this to prevent distortion.

Hope this was helpful!!!

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  Great bit of kit!

| | See all burtie's reviews (2)

I first bought one of these for my daughter for Xmas 2010, I was really impressed and a tad jealous!
Luckily I was bought one for my birthday, it really is a good bit of kit, so much so that the old trusted sony hifi has now been put out to grass.
Treat yourself, you won't get better for the money.

  Suddenly does not support iphone!

| | See all shinukcdo1's reviews (1)

Bought it last year and has been outstanding until yesterday as it just decided to stop playing and say it does not support iphone! Really hope i get a replacement as this by far the best docking station on the market.

  Works With Iphone 4

| | See all grenville37's reviews (1)

This is a cracking bit of kit. Was a bit worried it would work with my iphone 4. Was lead to believe it would however work in flight mode.
Gave it ago without putting the phone into flight mode and to my suprise it works fine and you can still use the remote to skip songs.
The sound this thing produces is quite frightning. Even at its highest volume (which believe me is defining) the clarity of song can still be heard.
All i can say is for the money you wont be disappointed.

  Where does that sound come from????????

| | See all Jonsablue's reviews (1)

My old docking station has been on the way out for a bit now so after reading the reviews on here I decided to give this a go. It was slightly over my budget, but thinking I can always send it back if it isn't as good as they are saying in these reviews I decided to give it ago. Got it today and I cannot believe the noise this baby makes! Its OUTSTANDING! Based purely on sound and build it is as good as any BOSE I've heard. The clarity of sound and bass is outstanding on this. No it hasn't got the fancy displays of a BOSE, but if like me you just want a blooming loud Ipod Dock with an alarm function built in and have a 100 quid to spend buy this. Its top drawer. Only downside is the piano black surround, like all gloss finsihed items it loves the dust, (any ps3 owner will know where I'mcoming from!) so from a cleaning point of view it's a pain. Part from that, perfect for what it is!

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