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SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4GB MP3 Player (Black)

Manufacturer: SanDisk

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Customer Reviews

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  Fantastic device

| | See all EssexRaj's reviews (1)

Wanted a small MP3 player to use while out jogging. Didn't want a ipod due to all its bloatware. Came across this little player and it way ahead of the ipod. No bloat software, plug into PC and as long as you have media player 10 or above installed it gets picked up. Even better and easier if you have Windows 7 as recognises and installs extra function.

Once connected, drag and drop songs/folders into the music folder on the device and away you go. The display is tiny but surprisingly readable even in bright sunshine.

Took around 4 or 5 hours to charge from empty and that gives around 20 hours playback.

To the person who says its too quite, you need to set it up as a US or rest of the world. If you select Europe as your location then due to rubbish EU laws, max volume is limited.

The only downpoint is the FM radio is not great. If you are in a strong signal area and outside then it works OK else not so good.

  poor sound quality great mp3 player

| | See all kawasakikid's reviews (2)

hi everyone see my full review of this player on the 8gb+ 8gb model
don't be down hearted theres light at the end of the tunnel

brilliant player

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  if you want an mp3 player!!!!! then get this:)

| | See all mustafamikaeel's reviews (1)

One of the best MP3 player any audiophile can own. Sound reproduction is amazing, set the mp3 player to EuroZone and crank that volume up. Appreciate its not a video player but this player has more up its sleeve, with custom firmware like the rockbox. I personally own the 8gb version (rockboxed) of this player with an additional 32gb micro sd card installed. The battery life on this player is amazing.....
final verdict buy this for any audiophile and see the appreciation you recieve.

  replaced ipod shuffle with this wonder

| | See all raymondo3's reviews (12)

great music machine, decent battery life ( 15 hrs ) easy to use interface ,expandable memory..micro sd, the low vol noted is a eu nanny state precaution, the workaround is to set the player to 'rest of the world', when first setting it up ( or after a system reset ) this gives you a lot more oomph..i replaced a ipod shuffle 3rd gen with this and it's much better sounding, has more features and causes me less stress ( no itunes to navigate ) and as a consequence i use it a lot more

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  Very Quiet Player - Pointless

| | See all IBM9000's reviews (9)

I was very disappointed with the sound quality. Even on maximum the volume is too low. It is fine if you are in a quiet place such as in bed at midnight but the sound is so low you cannot use it on a train, bus or aeroplane. I would avoid this player like the plague as it is pointless having it.

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  Excellent Micro MP3 Player with Expansions Capability

| | See all seraphim2017's reviews (18)

Returned a Sony NWZB-143B which was more expensive as the issues with the USB cover slipping off and it not being rated as Mac compatible (it did work, not well), Made me return this.

This was bought by me (Ipod Touch Owner) for my girlfriend to use to learn Spanish and listen to music whilst on holiday, and I chose it for the following features:

The expansion, this means that a 9.99 MicroSD of 8gb size will give you 12gb music.

Data transfer rates seem fine.

it really is small, the size of the shuffle but with: Screen, Expansion, Equalizer, controls, excellent build quality. Box also states a two year warranty, which is very good.

For the price, it's untouchable, the sound is as good as the previously acclaimed Sony sound, although I'd as always bin the headset for something like Sennheisers. That said, the menu means that YOU can organise the folders the way YOU want via drag and drop, and then use the p[layer to play your folders, rather than HAVING to use playlists etc.

Works fine with Win7 AND Snow Leopard, ALTHOUGH!!!


The devcie supports MSC and MTP, this means that Win7 will default 1 and Mac will default another. Change between them to remove the tracks that come on it, and then change back as it's easier unless you're using WMP11 to make playlists, to the format MSC for both Mac and PC. This is because in different formats, the pc and mac show almost seperate devices, very confusing at first!

EQ is great, customisable and very effective at rounding sound, at least as good as the touch through decent headphones.


battery life is ok, especially for a device this size! BUT there are, in the setting menu, 2! sound levels, It was defaulted on mine to normal, which meant that it seemed quiet through the X-mini 2 I also bought her!. It was ok, but not the 'earth shaking' that I'd been lead to believe the X-mini 2 was capable of. If you change this to loud, it WILL hurt your ears at top whack through headphones, and also, the X-mini 2 will jump around at top whack from the bass and power! Will fill a room above talking volume around 4m x 4m easily, great for bedroom/holiday listening!.

I would say it has all the MUSIC functionality of my Ipod Touch, but in a simple, smooth (Slightly faster than Clip mark 1) user friendly interface. Able to listen to tracks within 30 seconds of turning it on as a new user, and able to do my own thing on it after USB charging. The USB cable is short, so good for charging and data withou metres of cable. The clip seems strong, and it's solidly built, no cover for USB or MicroSD slot but at less than an ounce weight clip it to your lapel and go!

Yes, I'd buy it again, Actually, I might buy a second one anyway as a backup for the gym when I don't want the weight of a touch in my pocket, and haven't remembered my normal Sony 2gb headphone MP3 player (NWZ-can't remember!)

+ FM Radio
+build quality and ease of use
+reasonable volume, good sound
+Expansion Slot
+Standard Connector (microUSB)
+2 year warranty
+ screen
+Voice recorder function AND will record from radio too! great if you hear a song you like on radio and want it until you can get home to buy it!

- 'only' does music!

Verdict = buy 1, hope that helps!

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  Tiny but lots going for it!

| | See all 57uart7's reviews (1)

Great little player, bought if for the gym and being out and about as it was not too expensive if it got lost or broken. A bit plastic feeling but nice screen for seeing what your playing, customizable sound, very light, good radio (great feature and sold it for me) excellent web site support (great for solving the issue I had getting the computer to recognise it). The microSD slot works great as I can take the card from my phone and put is straight in the player when I do not want to carry the phone but want the music. All in all a great bit of kit, sound is good but get yourself a good pair of headphones and all is well. Also be aware the USB to mini USB wire is very short at about 9 inches.

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