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SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8GB MP3 Player (Black)

Manufacturer: SanDisk

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (41 reviews)"

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  amazing little machine

| | See all Hobbit78's reviews (1)

hi just wanted to say that this little machine is amazing. for what you are paying for this is quite possible one of the best mp3 players out there. i have had an i pod and other makes but nothing i have used has come close to this machine. The ability to put in a memory card means you have an infinite amount of music to put on here just by having a few cards. even if you get one the max they go to is 32 gb. So with the 8gb internal you got 40GB with of space

  excellent for the price!

| | See all barbarianuk's reviews (1)

I am very impressed with this sansa clip + player. Bought a 32gb micro sd card which provides an overall 40gb capacity, in this tiny thing that weighs nothing! highly recommended


| | See all IrishMusicOnline's reviews (1)

This little mp3 player does exactly what I wanted and so much more! It is so easy to use and is very small. It gives great sound and is superb value for money. I got mine on special offer with a free 16gb sd card too!

It has some cool features that I believe are quite unusual like being able to handle sub-folders and also play mp3 files non-stop without a gap so you can rip non-stop, crossfaded or mixed CD tracks and play them without the little break in between as it loads each track!

  Wonderful little gadget

| | See all headabove's reviews (1)

I wanted an ogg player, specifically to work with linux. This little wonder does it extremely well. Plugs into ubuntu machine, works seamlessly with sound juicer. The only down side is that the volume isn't that loud - something to do with the EU protecting my ears. That's nice!

  Great little player

| | See all johnnycrystal's reviews (2)

Smaller than it seems, very light but sturdy. Very good sound quality for it's size. The only gripe I have is that it is advertised as being 24gb, and that the card is included free, however they are separate products and you do need to go onto the card to add it into your basket as part of the offer. Normally I'd be a bit more ticked off at this, as like I said it's advertised as being 24gb, but play.com being play.com the card was only a tenner to buy separately - I've just bought it and next time I'll remember to read the small print! This is well worth the money just remember to add the card to your basket as well :)

  Good, but the Standard clip is better

| | See all KernowBysVyken's reviews (10)

I had a Sansa Clip 8gb and it started to struggle with battery life, annoyingly I found it was the USB socket on my pc after I sold the player. I bought one of these off Play as a replacement, expecting it to be like my old one, but better. It isn't. Firstly the battery life is about half of the old one and the other thing is that it seems to lock up for several seconds when trying to play some mp3s. The old one did that too, so I guess there is something up with a few of my mp3s, but this one does it more often and the pause is longer.

Unless you need the larger memory (8gb is a lot of music anyway), I'd get the old one.

The old one is the best player I've used, including Sonys, iPods, cheapies etc etc, and this is almost as good, but the battery life isn't ideal and the lock ups are a bit annoying.

  decent mp3 but could have better interface

| | See all Waqywaq's reviews (1)

The sansa is small and durable with great sound quality. The only issue I have that it only allows you to make one playlist via the mp3's interface (you can make playlists via pc), would be better if you can make them as easily as you make your Go List

  fantastic little player!

| | See all Izzykins's reviews (1)

Although it's really small, it's a brilliant little thing. When you turn it on first it asks for a country, as mentioned before, set to 'rest of the world' and it becomes much louder. Also, it doesn't come with a memory card, I bought an 8gb for 6 quid on here and that works absolutely fine. Very easy to put music on, just plug in, drag and drop into the music folder.
The writing on the screen is tiny, the play is much smaller than i expected, but I can read it fine due to the bright blue colour. I wear reading glasses usually but it's not too much of a problem. It's very easy to navigate around the player too. I was always an iPod person before I thought it'd be wise not to spend so much and just get a little mp3. Fab decision, everyone should make it!

  At this price how can you knock it ?!

| | See all somuchbetterwhen's reviews (5)

I already owned a 4GB Sansa Clip and was attracvted to this by the special price and the ability to add an 8GB card to gicve a good 16GB capacity.
I found the radio isn't as good receptionbut I hardly use that anyway.
With good ear/headphones the quallity is fantastic and if you want to go deaf at an early age you can also change the default settings to high enough to damage your hearing as that seems popular for some.....

Settings _System settings _Volume._High (its not rocket science....)

The'normal' setting is OK but for say London Underground use you do need to reset.

I especially love the sleep timer setting as it saves battery drain.
File transfer is easy,as is setting up folders.
The voice recorder is good as I've recently found at a gig (sadly some bloke - me - was also singing along and spoilt it...lol)

The biggest pro/con of all though is that being so small you can easily do like me and forget its in a shirt/jeans pocket and shove it in the washing machine.......

However after a couple of hours mine was miraculously working again,with a few minor issues that later resolved themself.The micro SD card was undamaged as well.I still can't beleive how lucky I was but don't advise washing them !

To the knockers who said their''s failed after a few days I'd say check out forums and review sites that tell you how to reboot a Sansa when its apparently 'dead'.Both my Dad and I have had this happen but you can reboot them (sadly I forget where I read it but a quick Google will get you there).

This little gem is a bargain so grab it now - with a micro SD card to hold even more files - and you won't regret it.

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  Very good

| | See all LauriePotter's reviews (2)

I had this MP3 player, not expecting much due to its size, for about 2 years. it worked amazingly and stored so many songs. the clip is useful for many things, and the sound was also very good. i enjoyed the battery life, as it literally meant 12hours of music playing on 90% volume. very good and i would recommend to anyone looking for any type of mp3 player!

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