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SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8GB MP3 Player (Black)

Manufacturer: SanDisk

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Customer Reviews

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  sorry to rain on the parade!

| | See all csteel's reviews (1)

the other reviews are right. WHEN this works it's a great player at a great price.sadly my player went lifeless 3 days into the holiday for which it was purchased.sure these things happen but only having looked at other review sites do i now realise how incredibly often this happens.it's sad really, like i said it is ideal when working, but the sheer unreliability leads me to a 1 star review and honestly it doesn't deserve that.

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  Info please from robhenson16

| | See all mcfc4tony's reviews (5)

Hi you say there is a rest of the world setting, where is it? I found this to be very quite and would like to set it louder. Any help please!

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| | See all MBRider's reviews (2)

Just recieved this little and I do mean little player today, plugged it in downloaded my music onto it job done. Sounds incredible for such a little device, I did alot of research before I bought this read alot of reviews and I'm happy to report it's a winner, if your after something that weighs nothing with great sound intuitive controls and a great price it's a no brainer buy it you won't be disappointed.

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  Fantastic Player with no equal at this price level

| | See all Whistlejacket's reviews (6)

This tiny player really packs a punch across all levels of use.

I dumped the Sansa firmware in favour of Rockbox, which has more features and support for things such as WMA Pro 10, that for me, gives great quality at a more compressed rate, so more songs can be fit on the 8Gb space available, as well as not having to put up with the ludicrous EEC volume limits.

If I had to be picky then the only real downside is the rate of transfer, which is rather slow for a USB 2 device.

Other than that it rocks in every way and makes the Ipod range look stupidly expensive for the functionality that you get.

  Good but has some issues

| | See all markofCain's reviews (1)

Micro SD slot for expandable memory
8gb space already

abides to new eu legislation limitting volume, set this up to america or you will experience v low volume.
power button is in a silly place, turns itself on sometimes by a knock
Battery life not as advertised
Often stays on after charging and runs out of battery, you have to make sure its off.

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| | See all nimze1's reviews (1)

You was meant to add the 8GB memory card seperately and price would be adjusted at checkout. Thats how I done it . . .

Pretty good sound and loud for the size although screen size and battery life is limited. Havn't tested the radio so cant comment


| | See all Sorehead's reviews (2)

I bought this because i wanted to upgrade my superb 2gb model to 16gb. It was advertised as coming with a free 8gb card to boost it to 16gb. i never received the card so why it was advertised as 16gb i don't know ? It can take up to a 16gb card so they might as well advertise it as a 24gb player if they don't supply the 8gb card !!
Anyway.. the MP3 side is great but the radio is awful. it will not hold station and has no tone control so it sounds really tinny. I find that although the digital readout stays constant the station drifts so you need to re tune approx every 5 min just up one digit and back again seems to relocate the frequency.
The item is now confined to the back of the kitchen draw and i am using my 2gb model which is superb. Total waste of money and Play.com are not interested..

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  Surprising little package

| | See all Llangernyw's reviews (1)

The size of the player had me worried at first. However, I am still loading files and have about 3/4 of the space left after loading 90% of my favourite CDs. The earphones supplied are comfortable and produce good sound quality. Organising files is easy and the 'drag and drop' facility makes it very easy. An impressive piece of kit.
On the down side - the battery life is quite short and the need for a USB connection makes it difficult to charge if away from a computer. A wall plug USB connector is a must.
The screen size is very small. OK for someone with good eyesight, but otherwise don't leave your reading glasses at home.
The menu options are a tad fiddly until you get used to them, but even then they can be a bit of a pain.
The radio can be subject to distortion, but I suspect this is due to it probably using the earphone lead as the aerial. Providing it is kept free of obstructions, particularly indoors, it seems to present no serious problems. After all, the unit was not designed as a top notch radio I'm sure.
Overall an impressive piece. other than a couple of quibbles, particularly the battery life, I am very pleased with it.

  its a lot better than you would think

| | See all whyshouldyou's reviews (13)

I bought this before Christmas and i thought for a 16GB mp3 player there had to be a catch like poor sound quality or something. but i really cant fault it one bit. if anything it takes a bit of getting used to navigating the menu screens but that's only because this little box of tricks has so many options for you to mess around with.

as well as a 16GB mp3 player it has a radio which you can also record what you listening to on the radio and it stores it on your mp3 memory for you. you can also record your own voice if you feel the need with a built in mic on the mp3 player.

as for the mp3 player itself the sound quality is top notch. I'm very fussy when it come to sound quality and this little player packs a massive punch (if you pick the rest of the world setting when you power it up for the first time) and also the quality of sound is very good. i have a pair of top of the range pair head phones that when i plugged into the player sounded amazing. as i said sound quality is a big thing with me. if you dont like the preprogrammed graphic equalizer then there is also a 5 band custom one for you to mess about with.

other features like music folders can be created on your PC if you want to put your music into say dance,rock,rap categories yourself and its very easy to do. the mp3 player will automatically sort every artists alphabetically for you displaying on the LED on the front of the player the artist and track name. you can fast-forward or rewind tracks and shuffle and repeat are there if you want.

along with the mp3 player you get a usb cable to charge the player and transfer music onto the player via your p.c. you'll need your own usb 3 pin adaptor if you want to charge it on a wall socket. but you can pick those up for about a pound theses days so its not a problem. the charge life on the player is also very good. a full charge will last you all day.

you also get a decent pair of earphones. i have found before that you can sometimes get a good quality player but you get supplied with really cheap earphones. well these ones are a very good quality i was actually surprised at how good the sound was from them.

so its 2 thumbs up from me i really cant knock it for its price considering its size, all its features, memory size and sound quality. I'd buy it!

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| | See all lilbizzle's reviews (11)

Just want to say, the reviewer kawasakikid below is a life saver. I was going to rebuy the the old version of the sandisk mp3 because of the bad sound quality even after cusotmising. Changing the option to rest of world has worked. The sound quality is mind blowing, dont even have it near top. I can't thank this person enough, saved me some pennies :) Can't go wrong with Sandisk

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