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SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8GB MP3 Player (Black)

Manufacturer: SanDisk

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (41 reviews)"

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  sandisk 8 + 8 gb , ..great little mp3....

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firstly must add that this is the 1st and only sandisk player i own...As i use mostly sony mp3 players to be honest, As i like to add the art work and info , etc.......This does a fair bit , but no art work.....Its still very good , i use it only for podcasts and its working fine.....quick to locate everything....as there is even a podcast file, where they all go..etc.......The sound is ok..After setting it for the rest of the world, etc......Before that not that good.......now its fine....For the price at the time i brought it, which as just gone up ?....it was a good deal........My Question for anyone reading this , is can i buy anothwer 8 gb micro sd card, and use two ?.......taking one out when its full, and adding another one, etc.....Or is this player only set up just to play the 16gb max ??......many thanks...


| | See all kawasakikid's reviews (2)

Fantastic mp3 player so good I bought another for the wife.

Who thought that joining the EEC would affect your listening habbits

A word of warning the nanny state EEC have introduced a volume limit and this has now affected this player ( and all others I imagine). This may be OK for earphones but I usually play mine back through external speakers.
My solution is that there is an overider ( found on set up or in settings -reset) and that is when you go on holiday you can alter set up to North America or Rest of the world and you will regain full volume. But don't forget to reset it to Europe on return, as we don't want to upset the EEC do we. The version that has the EEC nanny state is V01.02.15. My previous one has V01.01.05

Brilliant MP3 player so simple to use.

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  Great little thing

| | See all Taminbham's reviews (4)

The thing is tiny, it might not look as swish as the ipod shuffle but it does a much better job of playing and storing my music, and it can be clipped to the tiny pocket on my jeans which means I don't even notice its there half the time.
The headphones that come with it produce nice clear sound and clip in to the device really securely (you can feel the clunk as they hit home) which means if you ever pick the thing up via the head phones it won't hit the floor.
Personally it has become my main mp3 player, the storage is vast when you team it with the 8gb card (make sure you click to purchase the card it will come up as 2 items in your basket) even with 16gb of music the menu isnt hard to navigate!
The only real downside to it is that if you have purchased music as protected windows media files they won't play on the sansa and you will need to find a drm remover or re-buy the music as unprotected mp3 files. Yes this is a pain in the neck but in my view the thing is worth it and with cheap mp3 sites through mp3obsession it wont hurt you too much if you only have 5 or 6 albums that aren't showing up on the sansa.

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  Mini goodness

| | See all Darkknight08's reviews (2)

Apple take that. Used to buy I pods. Needed a change. Read a lot of reviews, they led me to this little gem of a player. It's tiny but boy does it pack a punch.

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  great little player and good value

| | See all ryansog's reviews (4)

great features, shuffle, go lists, playlists, easy to use, easy yo transfer using windows media player, clip is strong and will hold whilst out running, headphones could be better, but thats about it, definitely recommend

  Very gooooood

| | See all Olaftheblack's reviews (2)

Good points:
V Small
Easy to use
Links very easily to the PC to down load tunes

Very good points:

  A must buy!!

| | See all robhenson16's reviews (34)

I love this little mp3 player...

Positive points:
- It's small, light and smart
- The clip works well
- The screen is bright and easy to read
- The buttons are sensibly laid out and navigation is easy
- The organisation of the music is excellent, you can view by album, song, artist, genre, etc or by folder which is very useful
- Great to have the podcast and audiobook folders too
- Great to have additional functions such as radio and voice recorder
- Really easy to load music. I just dragged and dropped the music files from my desktop to the Clip+. No software neede. Job done!
- Very loud when set to 'rest of the world' setting. Even louder if you buy some decent headpones. I recommend the "AKG K 315 In-Ear Headphones (Pebble Black)" The additional volume control on these headphones actually doubles the volume!
- Easy & quick to charge via the USB cable
- Great that you can increase the capacity by adding a microSD card

Overall I can't fault this little gem!! It's definitely the best mp3 player on the market for this price range, so much better value than an Ipod Shuffle!

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  5*'s for Sound Quality.

| | See all HofunNoodles's reviews (2)

This humble little player sounds as good as any other portable device I've heard. I've had one for over a year which I bought as a stop gap when my main iriver HDD player was accidentally dropped and the funny thing is I've not felt the need to replace it! Only minor gripe is battery life, but I'm sure this is down to its diminutive size.

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  Incredible price, with the extra 8Gb card thrown in.

| | See all UncleMikeSwitz's reviews (7)

I have one of these, aswell as my 5th generation iPod Touch, and I still think this is a fab little player, and use it all the time.

Easy to use, nippy menu items, and a breeze to sync using Windows Media Player.

Just make sure when you start using it, you set it to "Rest of the world", rather than the "EU" setting, otherwise it sets the maximum volume level really low.

A stunning price, with the 8Gb card thrown in.

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  Brilliant little music player

| | See all DJSigma's reviews (9)

The Clip+ is very small and light and has a clip on the back (hence the name!) so you can easily clip it to an article of clothing. It has support for various codecs including Ogg Vorbis and FLAC, which is nice. It also has support for audiobooks. It has an FM radio, which you can record and an SDHC card slot for expanding the memory.

The device is very easy to use. You attach it to your PC with the included USB cable and drag and drop music to it. When you disconnect it from the computer, it'll do a quick scan and update your music library. As long as your music is tagged properly (I recommend using MP3Tag to tag your files, as it's free and easy to use), you'll have no problems and all of your tunes will be correctly sorted by artist, album, song and so on. You can also browse by folder if you prefer. The controls are similar to that of an iPod and you'll have no problem using the device and browsing your collection of music. To charge it, just attach it to your PC with the USB cable. It charges quickly and lasts up to 15 hours from one charge.

The screen is nice and bright and easy to read, although it is quite small. It doesn't display album art, but taking the size of the device and the screen into account, this isn't really a major negative.

The sound quality is excellent. The included headphones are not the best, although they sound better than the headphones bundled with most MP3 players, but if you upgrade to some better headphones, you can appreciate just how good the Clip+ sounds.

Tip 1 - A new EU directive means that the maximum volume setting for the Clip+ is reduced if you set the location of the player to Europe. You can easily get around this by setting the location to USA or Rest of the World. It doesn't change any other functionality and everything is displayed in English - It just means that the maximum volume is a lot louder.

Tip 2 - 6 demo tracks are included on the Clip+. These don't show up in the music folder when you attach the device to your computer, but an easy way to delete them is to use the Format option under System Settings before you start putting your own music on there.

Tip 3 - You can download updated firmware for the player from Sandisk's site, although my Clip+ shipped with the latest firmware on it.

If you have a huge collection of music and you want to carry it around with you all the time, this player probably isn't for you, although you can still fit dozens of albums onto it. Similarly, if you like the auto-syncing feature offered by certain other players, then this might not be for you either. What it does do, it does extremely well, it's simple to use, small and light, and it sounds great with the right headphones, so at this price (less than 40 quid at the moment) I'm giving it a full 5 stars.

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