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Sony Walkman A Series NWZ-A845 / 16GB / 2.8 inch OLED / MP3 Player

Manufacturer: Sony

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Customer Reviews

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  Overall brilliant MP3 player

| | See all Peteee3's reviews (1)

If you want something to play music and have excellent sound quality but don't care about games and gimicky stuff then then this is for you. The player is small and light and easily fits in your pocket.

Overall the sound quality is amazing, the bass enhancement makes so much difference, I have to say I haven't noticed any decrease in the treble quality when the bass kicks in, even on songs like No Problem by Chase & Status and Invaders must dies by Prodigy, but also is amazing with bands like Linkin Park and Evanescence and just about every other band I have listened to, though I usually turn the bass down to 2 for non Drum'n'Bassey songs. the ear phones really help to enhance the sound as well. I have found the sound enhacement is useful as a lot of the music I have on it is 128kbps and even if it didn't make much difference, I don't see how an extra can be a drawback.

The volume isn't the loudest when comparing it to other players but I when I listen to it through the earphones I have it on 22/30 which is plenty loud enough for most things.

The video quality is also amazing, the screen resolution is perfect and I find the screen size is plenty big enough for seeing the detail.

One other thing is that it has a speed control on it meaning you can turn a song to half speed whilst keeping the song at the right pitch which is perfect if you are learning a song on the guitar and need to pick up the fast fiddly bits in the songs. It gets a little bit fuzzy but if you're using it to learn something it won't matter really.

A few minor DRAWBACKS

No speakers on it unlike Ipod touch, whilst I wasn't really expecting it to have but it would improve it though I don't know how they would add it without making it bigger, so not a major drawback.

The screen scratches quite easily and I have a few scratches on it which doesn't help with watching videos but if you get a case when you order one it will be fine.

Although the sound is really good when you get above about 26 on the volume when you have full bass it will start to fade in an out with the music but then you just have to turn the bass down to 1 or 2 and it will be fine up to max volume. Other sony walkmans including walkman phones that have bass boost or mega bass do the same thing.

The screen is also not true widescreen meaning you have to work out how to crop photos as windows live photo gallery doesn't appear to have a 240x400 setting but again this is only a minor thing.

  A few things people might want to know about this thingy.

| | See all Damienate's reviews (1)

As much as i hate a certain other company dominating the portable music/video player market, it makes me question whether Sony are doing everything they can to make their products stand out. As a previous owner of a 2nd gen Nano, I thought this sweet looking device shouldn't fail to top the popular market standard. I've had it for more than 3 months now and have been meaning to write a review, so here it is.

In general, this little thing does most of what you expect it to, so it's kind of pointless talking about how good it is, but the things that stood out the most were:

Video playback - the screen really is amazing. When you max out the brightness, the colours are deep and rich, no flickering or out-of-sync frames, simply brilliant. The resolution could be slightly higher for how large the screen is, but with what you get, I say it's barely worth mentioning.

The device itself seems quite picky on the kind of video it supports, but the Walkman app gives you the option to convert it on the spot, which is great.

Pressing the up/down arrow on playback screen takes you to the album coverflow, which if you organise well looks quite spectacular.

Battery is very efficient. Having lower screen brightness with just music should last you at least 2 whole days. Even playing video on max brightness doesn't drain it anywhere near as quickly as I expected.


However minor, ranging from passive pointlessness to slight annoyance, there certainly are a few of them. Two main reasons I couldn't give this product five stars and love it forever are as follows:

It's not a very loud player. With most music, the maximum volume rarely seems to be the norm, and the Walkman refuses to push it that extra bit. So if you absolutely can't do without that extreme blast wave in your brain, you might want to look the other way.
No gapless playback. Personally I cannot call my music listening experience perfect with tiny pauses between each track. If Apple can do it, why can't Sony? This may be of no issue to someone else for different reasons, so this point is fairly subjective.

Then, less important to me but worth mentioning, there's the pointless "sound enhancement" options and the useless EQ. Both Clear Stereo and DSEE don't seem to do a thing at all. I believe they're meant to improve the sound of the lower bitrate tracks, so unless your tracks are 192kbps or less, I doubt turning these options on will be of any use. The VPT environment effects, Language Learning mode and Speed Control - does anyone even use these?

The equaliser, which i currently have at +1 on everything, does a really good job at ruining your music, if, say, you wanted a higher bass boost. What it actually will do is normalise all other eq bands while the track is playing in a very terrible way - as soon as the lower freqs in a song kick in, all the higher ones will be muffled. Clear Bass my ar*e.

Noise Cancelling - don't find it very useful as my music is generally loud so I don't worry about background noise much. I noticed though that it's good for cancelling out 'car driving past' noise, not so much for 'people talking' noise. Use on public/personal transport may be tricky too; if the ride is bumpy, surely enough, you'll get some dramatic audio stutter, which if you ask me, almost beats the whole point of Noise Cancelling.

The interface can take a bit of time to get used to, sometimes feels like you need to press too many keys to get from a menu to the playback screen.

With all that's been said, it's a really nice player, but I think Sony has to step it up to really be the best. If not Sony, someone else definitely will. I guess we'll just have to wait for to see what happens

  The best Walkman ever, move over Ipods

| | See all chimera64's reviews (5)

I am not a real fan of ipods, wanted something different so I decided to try the Walkman instead. Arrived 2 days later sleek and sexy, slightly larger than an ipod nano. The tracks were added in a flash and the player very easy to use with easy functions. It is quite an amazing player, the sound is crisp, vibrant and the headphones are quite good too. The video playback is amazing and razor sharp, fluid with no judder on fast action scenes!! Besides that you don't just get 5 stars and glowing reviews from "Which HIFI Sound and Vision" on a whim!! I am really impressed with my new player, it's hooked up to my two X-Mi X Mini II speakers and ready to rock!! I highly recommend it to anyone!! The only drawback (I'm not complaining mind you!) after using it for 8 months (don't know whether it's the cold weather) is that the battery life is, at the moment, 10 hours and not the 29 hours that Sony state, which is why I give it 4 stars! (Anyone else noticed this?)

  Better than equivalent mp3 players

| | See all cabinet's reviews (1)

A very good looking and well built walkman. It has ample memory, it's easy to upload music with drag and drop or syncing with windows media player. The sound quality with the headphones is sublime and the battery life is about average.

  A phenominal mp3 player, at a steal of a price!

| | See all etePwood's reviews (2)

I've owned a 4th gen Ipod and an ipod nano.
I lost my nano and needed to replace it.

I've always respected the reviews of sony mp3 players but was put off by sonicstage, their supposedly lousy software.
Knowing my PSP had good soundquality I went for this model with good included headphones.

Looks/build: It looks nice enough and is built well enough too. Not epic but not shabby. I was worried it would feel too light at 64grams but it is fine.

Display: The OLED screen is bright, vibrant and fast, fine to even watch video on. Resolution is fine for most needs.

Sound: This, genuinely, blew me away and made me smile like a lunatic:) You will need to sort your source material out, this thing deserves more than 128kbs, I am whacking on 320kbs to be safe. Coming from an ipod you WILL, as in GUARANTEED, hear things in your songs you have NEVER heard before. Vocals are hauntingly present, like you are being sung to, directly into your brain!
Bass is fairly tight and well balanced. If you are an out and out bass freak then perhaps look elsewhere, for those that appreciate balance it is great.

Noise cancelling: Tested this next to the kitchen extrator fan:) it really does work. tried it on the tube and it quietened things by 70% i'd say, it's really nice.

Software: Plug it in, drag files or videos into respective folder and disconnect again. It just works. Fast transfer rates too, brilliant.

Battery life: Not sure yet as had it not very long, but i'm sure it'll put out a respectible 20hrs, maybe more.

Conclusion: even at the new price of 130quid you get 70quid headphones and 16gb capacity which is more than enough I think.

Have no doubts, I have owned two ipods and this OBLITERATES them. Ipods are NOT improving their sound quality 'as they go along' that's a load of BS.

Be sensible, stray from the flock and get this great piece of kit. Life is too short for dodgy music!

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  top stuff

| | See all deebuds's reviews (1)

i took a risk and went for this item as my ipod nano 16gb went faulty. i thought of replacing it as it was within the 1yr guarantee. i opted for a refund and ended up buying this item.

i have to say there is no comparison with regards to the quality of the sound as compared to the ipod. the sound is mint, its superb. the earphones are unique. the walkman has very sound good features/options.

it is not as small as the ipod but that does not bother me. the battery life is also good. would recommend

  iPod Nano multiplied by 100 = Sony NWZ-A845

| | See all Dashtiany's reviews (2)

Absolutely amazing. The sound quality is a massive difference, cannot believe how far behind Apple. They've brought out around 6 generations, and not one of their iPods live up to this thing here. The earphones are very very good, if i must say, even better than my Beats By Dre's Tours, which are disappointing anyway..
The screen is magnificent, the blacks are the deepest blacks possible thanks to the OLED.
I'm guessing the reason the price is so low is to compete with the iPods. You must be hollow headed to choose an iPod over this. Seriously. This Sony originally had a very high retail price, and to think that its this low now, it must be bought! By all of you! :)

  It'll do me

| | See all BramleyBob's reviews (2)

I had the last series of this product and found that it didn't quite do it for me, so I was reluctant to buy the "A Series".
This one however delivers the goods, the audio is near perfect, the picture superb. I downloaded DVD Videosoft free software from the internet and recoded my DVD's to MP4 for Sony Memory Sticks and got perfect results with that.
The supplied buds are better than my "Sony Monitor" buds which cost 80 quid.
One small problem, I've struggled copying my back iTunes library, I understand this will be resolved soon.
I love it!.

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  An excellent walkman!!

| | See all Hammeh's reviews (1)

Bought this to replace an aging Sony S Series Walkman. This player is almost without fault. The sound quality is premium, the best I have ever heard from a portable player. Build quality is fantastic like my old walkman. The screen is beautiful, the contrast, refresh rate and despth of the colours is top notch. The noise cancelling works like a dream, eliminating almost all ambient background noise, however, it does not remove nearby voices (could be considered a pro!). Iplayer usage is very easy, just drag and drop, unlike my old walkman which required windows media player to transfer videos onto it.
I would recommend this product to absolutely anyone. At 112 pounds currently, it is much cheaper than the equivilent ipod nano making it a bargin, with its much improved looks and sound quality.

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| | See all jon1971's reviews (1)

Only bought this yesterday, its so simple to use, the content transfer tool makes it so easy to transfer music. The sound quality is fantastic, buy one and you won't be disapointed. I have found that it won't charge with my universal charger - not really a big deal.

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