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Apple iPod Nano 8GB Black

Manufacturer: Apple

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  What a great bit of kit!

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I dont know what I would do on the train to work without my iPod. It is the best thing I have purchased ever!!!

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  ....but it does have its downsides.

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I do love my iPod nano, its a great piece of technology but it does have its downsides.

It includes tons of features on it that I'll never use, perhaps Apple should take this into account for next time, maybe they should sell iPods without all the pointless features and maybe they'd be alot cheaper.

My main concern is how much this thing freezes up.
My old iPod mini only ever froze once.
The nano will freeze up alot, especially if you go to play a song you've just uploaded to it, so you'll find yourself having to reboot it. It can be really annoying a times.

On a posative note; the battery life is pretty good. If you charge it on a regular basis (keeping the Li-on active) and letting it drain out once a month to keep the battery gauge acurate (remember to charge it up immediatly after its empty as prolonged emptiness of the battery will damage it)

I also strongly suggest to buy a skin for it, as it will protect it from the daily knocks and bumps. Especially the screen.

  the best music player around!!!

| | See all darkangel452's reviews (3)

ive had mine for about two yrs now and ive never had any problems with it. i reguarly go on long car journeys 7 to 15 hours and my nano saves me having to carry around lots of cds, and batteries, not to mention me wanting to change the cd every 10 mins.

songs are easily put on the and taken off from the ipod ( just add and delete from itunes). No fault with this ipod what so ever, and battery lasts longer if you turn the back light off.

how i ever lived without this i'll never know!!

  Cracking music player

| | See all KingsLF's reviews (1)

The iPod is a superb piece of kit, but people seem to be under the misapprehension that the iPod is an MP3 player - it isn't. It's a music player. You put MP3s into iTunes, and iTunes converts it into the format that iPod understands, which is M4A. You won't notice the difference in sound quality, but it doesn't do MP3s! :)

  Good iPod, but is it worth it?

| | See all Drummerkid1993's reviews (1)

This is a great iPod but too pricy. For £10 more you can get an iPod video with 30GB as opposed to this iPod's 8 GB memory. so im gonna say this, Just pay that 10 pounds more and get the iPod video for £150, thats a great price!

  Good MP3, Bit Pricey...

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Dont get me worng this is a great price of kit, but i think for £10 more you can get 22GB more space and video, but i really do like think product so if you dont have many song you need to put on and you wouldnt use it for videos, then buy this product its great! just watch the price. GOOD BUY!

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  Nano 8GB beats washing machine

| | See all bladerunner1212003's reviews (1)

Got this in February and havn't had any problems with it. Best mp3 I have had.

It has recently been through the washing machine and am glad to say that after several days drying out it is working again as new. So if your worried your mum is as stupid as mine and puts mp3 players in the wash, it won't be all that bad!

  iPod Nano 8GB

| | See all scotty6's reviews (5)

Overall im really happy with it. The nano and whole iTunes thing is so much better than my old Creative lump! The shape and style are really funky and the whole menu system easy to use. 8GB is more than enough for 90% of people!
Only negatives are:
Does freeze on me sometimes! After a lot of looking about and readying reviews on various sites about this problem I looked on the Apple site and found out how to 'unfreeze' it. Hold the menu button down for about 5 seconds then (while still holding the menu button) press down and hold the central button briefly...this turns the iPod off and you can turn it on again unfrozen. With the iTunes softwear updates why cannt Apple cure this fault rather than tell you how to unfreeze??!
The earphones are 'fair' at best, update and you will hear what your iPod is really trying to let you hear!
If my cat ate my iPod tomorrow i'd buy another one!!!


| | See all LNoble1189's reviews (2)

i have an ipod nano and it is brilliant. it is small and lightweight, so it is perfect for taking to the gym or going on a run, the 8gb memory is more than enough. it is easy to use and looks good.
the only problem is that because it is so small i think it may get easily scratched so i recommend that you also buy a protective case, there only a few quid and its better to be safe than sorry.
overall i think it is a good buy

  Best mp3 player

| | See all Nanny1's reviews (25)

I have an ipod nano and it is exelent. It is lightweight, small and rather cheap. You can store alot of songs and haveing 30gb is just silly because that is just loads of songs but ok you get dvd. The nano is just brilliant the ipod nano is the best ipod yet.