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Apple iPod Touch / 8GB / Black / 4th Gen

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Customer Reviews

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  Will I ever read a book again?

| | See all masgeo's reviews (1)

It's like holding the universe in my pocket. I love being notified about emails. Pointless checking is history.

Apps like Shazam and Midomi - you sing into the phone and it tells you what you're singing (No more wondering `What is that tune in my head?') are extraodinary.

As for download games - I was playing Blade Dash on it for about two hours last night. I felt like I was back in the arcade it's so good!

Music - it's an Ipod, we know it's good for that ;)

And as for reading - well, I downloaded Bram Stoker's Dracula. I'm now reading on the Ipod :)

Amazing. I drop a star only due to battery life.

But I'm a happy happy customer!!

  The Best

| | See all computerinternet's reviews (1)

The iPod Touch is just brilliant because you like the old gen you can do more example you have a new feature is the camera.
Only there is some bad things about the iPod Touch. First you have to have cases for it but it takes 10.00 pounds of but with out the back will be scratched.
There is one more thing there is not a good thing to buy it just for internet because most of it you can not play on-line games because of it and there is the battery, the battery is good but for games there is bad.
But on the all buy the iPod Touch its the best.

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| | See all 89654123's reviews (56)

First of all... it's an iPod. It's designed PRIMARILY to play music. It's not the iPhone. So.. with that in mind, let me just say that this iPod Touch is absolutely amazing. My iPod nano broke (had it for years so no biggie) and I upgraded to this one, instead of getting the new nano model.

This iPod Touch is awesome.. the apps are insane.. loads of freebies to download via the app store (a lot of browsing is needed to uncover loads of hidden gems). Even "paid for" apps cost only 59p mostly (but can cost more.. depends on the license.. still great value though).

The graphics on some of the games are amazing.. I play Real Racing 2 and the game looks better than Gran Turismo on the playstation. I have loads of other games as well such as Tetris and whatnot and they are really good. My best game is called Flick Football and is amazing value at 59p.. I can play it for hours.

You can also load video onto it and in high res as well. For recording with the HD camera, I have downloaded the 8mm app, which has different lenses and ye olde style black and white.. looks great.

Oh yes, the music :) The music plays fine and the menu's are very user-friendly.

The battery life is excellent whilst playing music.. it lasts all day. But it suffers when playing the graphically demanding games... maybe lasting 3 hours tops.

All in all, really recommended, but go for a higher storage model as mine is full already. I had to convert my high bit-rate music to a lower bit rate - most of my music was in 320kbps bit-rate, and I've now downgraded it all to 160kbps, which allows me to store more music on it.

Great stuff!

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  Stunning but....

| | See all Lions2009's reviews (3)

...lack of 3G lets it down a little,hence only 4 stars. Overwise beautiful design, great features and silly apps for the child in all of us makes for a fun piece of kit. Nice one apple.

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  Ghastly product!

| | See all Games4Deals's reviews (3)

I bought this last week and jaysus it is terrible. Dropped out of my pocket onto carpet and it broke. Bought it for big Alistair Maxwellhouse

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  Ded impressd!!!

| | See all xxbeccixx's reviews (2)

Im really made up i got this,very quick next day delivery,excellent condition and easy to set up i love my new ipod!!!

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  My Lifeline .....

| | See all reebecca123's reviews (14)

This is best buy... since i was probably born.. ! such a great product, a real must have! great battery life! great product overall! what else can I say?? AMAZING :D

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  Solid all round media fun

| | See all masterchop's reviews (5)

I had a 3rd gen which was pretty cool but the addition of the gyroscope and the retina screen are very very good additions. I bought the ipod mainly for gaming and messing around online. The gyroscope makes a good improvement on some games and to be able to aim with the accuracy it provides is a real god send in comparison to what else is out there in the portable gaming world.
I think the Ipod 4th gen should be considered as a 'proper' competitor to the PSP and DS. Touch controls will never be quite as precise as an a dpad/anolog stick and buttons but the touch control mixed with the gyroscope make for some pretty cool gaming. Then we have price. What would you rather do? Pay (at time of writing) 24.99 for fifa 11 on the PSP or buy the same game (minus a lot of options yeah) for 3.99 and then spend the rest on free games and games for 0.59p that are easily as good as a.3.99 PSP mini if not better. Gaming aside the music player speaks for itself, safari is very good and slick for basic web browsing. Oh yeah there is also a very good choice of films and series on the store. The camera is a bit of a let down for pics and video's but to be honest it's not a show stopper for me. All in all this is a very good in one portable media centre that you shouldn't miss.

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  A magnificent improvement

| | See all Dannehkins's reviews (18)

I absolutely love this device so I can comprehend why some may be questioning why I only gave it 4 stars, but I will elaborate on why I gave it for 4 stars later in the review.

First off, I would just like to state I upgraded from a second generation iPod Touch to a fourth generation and the difference was massive. The first thing that should strike you about this device is just its responsiveness. The upgrade in RAM and processor clearly show through, because the movements and load up times of applications and the iPod Touch itself are just so fluent and sleek . It's just so refreshing, because evidentially I had a 2nd gen iPod Touch which was lagging in speed so this upgrade has really impressed me.

Moving on from this, this iPod touch comes packed with a camera and what Apple claim to be 'HD recording'. The camera is very much welcomed and so is the HD recording. It just makes it more of a complete package and with the addition of a microphone, it finally enables me to be able to skype with people.

However, my first gripe with this device is in fact the quality of pictures. The device is just short of a 1MP camera. However, as long as you are not planning on printing off the pictures, that should suffice for your everyday needs. It's not a massive set back, but don't be expecting the best camera and recording experience ever, because it isn't.

Moving on from that though, the retina screen really boasts some fantastic clarity. I can zoom straight in and the letters still look fantastic. I can't fault the retina screen, it makes everything so crisp.

The browser is also noticeably faster. I can do most of my searching very quick and efficiently, which is also a delightful addition.

And finally, my final gripe with this device is its back. I hate the back mainly because of its susceptibility to scratching.It looks very sleek and sexy (if you can understand where I am coming from here), but it just scratches so much. I even have a backing on it and put it all safely away, but still has some scratches; albeit, they are minor scratches.

It also feels much lighter than before and slightly thinner.

In conclusion, this device still offers the greatness that the iPod Touch range has to offer. It packs much more than its predecessor and I would certainly recommend this to anyone. I would of loved to have given it a five star, but a true review would certainly not ignore its faults as well.

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