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Apple iPod Touch / 64GB / Black

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Customer Reviews

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  Best iPod touch by far

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Having progressed from owning 20gb iPod, 80 gb iPod video, 160gb classic , gen 1 iPod touch 16gb this is by far the best iPod to date. In essence it has all the features of the iPhone 4 apart from being able to make mobile calls and doesn't have a flash for the camera.

The retina display is awesome for converted movies with a resolution of 960 x 640 it exceeds DVD quality on playback through a hi def tv. For best conversion you can use blu ray discs with the suitable software which is a much highes pixel resolution than from DVD.

You can also do FaceTime calls to other touch 4 gen or iPhones if you are both in a wifi area.

The hi def camcorder is superb. Amazing picture quality with incredibly vivid colours.

One superb feature we used extensively on vacation was a particular type of Internet phone which I cant name ad it would be an advert but easily found on app store. A free app from the app store. Add small credit then you can make calls to landline or mobile phoned anywhere in the world with wifi for under 1.7p per minute. I know you cam do the same with iPhones but this is without the risk of the dreaded data roaming charges if the wifi cuts out and it switches to the 3G network. The touch can't do this as it is not 3G. Perfect for calling home.

Super fast download speeds and plenty of memory to store loads of songs and films. Thinner than the iphone4 and excellent battery life. 6hrs video or more if you adjust the brightness. Perfect for flights etc.

  It's good, but...

| | See all Visall's reviews (10)

Alright, first off, I'd like to mention I had bought the iPod Touch 3rd Generation 64GB version a year ago, and that was the first iPod Touch I ever bought, and its speed and precision, as well as gaming and music options really wowed me. Seeing this year's new release, with new additions, like the 2 cameras, retina display, thinner structure, I decided to buy it this year too (64GB).

These are some things I am liking about the iPod Touch 4G:

-Retina Display.
It is a site to see; the colours are very fibrant, and when reading text compared to the 3rd Generation's display, there is really a big difference in the pixels.

They are better than the 3rd Generation's, which I'd like to say, were of quite bad quality, and not the best choice over earphones. The 4th Generation's speakers are still not up to par though, as when you turn the volume up louder, the quality seems to disperse, and you just think, "I guess I have to stick to earphones". If you don't happen to have earphones, then I suppose you could use the speaker, but at a low volume.

I happen to use Skype quite a lot, and during the past year, I used my iPod Touch with the Remote + Microphone Apple Earphones to talk to friends of mine using the Skype App. The earphones were rather annoying though, because I had to hold my voice close to the microphone to get my friend to hear me. After a while, they broke, and I decided not to buy a replacement pair (21 pounds). I used Skype with the 4G, and my friend said I was coming through very crisp, and yeah, I'm happy I can just go around the house, no annoying earphones, talking to friends on Skype.

- Rear Camera.
The 720p HD Recording is for real, and may I say, surprising that Apple were able to do it, while making it so thin. It's not up to par with the recordings we can make with cameras dedicated to recording footage, but hey, for a portable that's mainly aiming for gaming, it's still good. Stills are not worth capturing though, just recording weird enough.

Some things I didn't like though, and I thought could have done with improving:

The material.
The back is still steel based, and makes the iPod Touch look the real deal, but after a few minutes of holding it, the back was all covered in my fingerprints. It's also a major scratch magnet, which was the same with the previous generations. I'd have thought Apple would have realised the problem, and changed to something like aluminium; the same back as the iPad, which I can confirm, looks just as good, and doesn't get scratched... AT ALL.

Front camera.
I don't really mind about the front camera, since I don't think I would use FaceTime that much, and I'm not so desperate to use it for taking photos of my face. Still, it would have been nice if Apple had taken some effort into placing a better megapixel camera for the front, but you can't have it all.

On/Off Button
On the past generations, the button was always situated on the left side, and while I have only had 1 previous iPod Touch, I had gotten rather used to the placing, and it was pretty convenient for me, as I'm partly left-handed. To think Apple said they wanted to keep the iPod Touch as far apart to the iPhone 4, I guess in the end, that was a lie.

In the end, when compared to the iPod Touch 3rd Gen, there isn't really that much difference, besides the better display, the slimmer design, the addition of cameras, and the A4 Chip. The RAM is still the same, as the 3rd Generations, the remote + mic earphones were not included with it, as well as no IPS technology was included. In the end, I give it a 3/5 for neglecting on improving important features (speakers, back material).

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  i wish there was a 4 and 3/4 star, maybe/sort of...

| | See all Samskiii's reviews (1)

....because thats what i would have to give it. I had the privilege of getting one on the day and am intent on getting one for my dad. Its truly a gadget killer but missing just one tiny thing compared to the iphone 4 which is the flash but as yet its the only difference in terms of technology that ive found in the last few hours.

For those of whom couldnt watch the live broadcast a basic roundup on dimensions its basically THINNER than the 3rd gen, just when you think it cant get any thinner!

but i feel that due to the compromises and achievements elsewhere i feel this deserves 5 STARS!

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