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Sony BDP-S380 / Blu-ray Player

Manufacturer: Sony

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all benbro9's reviews (7)

Performs really well, quick disc load, upscales as good as you can get. Quiet, slim and good looking design. All in all it is a bargain, online features are good even if this player doesn't feature as much as the higher priced models, the menu promises 3D soon but tbh I'm not a fan of 3D at home, only certain movies have pulled it off in the cinema, just a fan of crisp clear picture and sound, which I didn't get from my PS3.

  keeps locking up

| | See all stromtrooper's reviews (1)

wish i had not wasted my money,to start with it would not eject a disc unless disconnected from mains,then display would say "see you" as if it had been turned off,even when a film was playing! only 3 months old, so was told by play to take to local repairers.they informed me that it needed a new circuit board,so replaced it. two weeks later the same faults are occurring again.contacted repairers they just said i must be unlucky!! so have to take it back again,so another 3 weeks without my player. would not reccomend to anyone.

  Bargain price and a decent player

| | See all MoleyB's reviews (2)

No noises from mine either so happy here. One thing to share is that my model came WITHOUT any connecting leads other than the power lead so you'll need to add an HDMI lead to your basket to avoid a trip to the shops or scavenging another players leads. Delivery also excellent. An e mail telling me date then another on the day telling me between which hour to expect it. Nice.


| | See all chebsoot's reviews (8)

For under 100 pound you can't do better. Picture and sound are amazing. This is the second sony blu ray player i have bought from play for and the delivery is second to none. Ordered sunday and it came by tuesday. Not sure why other reviewers are complaining of a noise while the player is on, mine is quiet as a mouse. All in all top blu ray player for the money. 5 stars.

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  Great player.........but

| | See all xboxgamersheep's reviews (1)

I see this used to come with a "free" blu ray - but now it doesn't. Still, at the time of writing, it's 99 pounds, and for a top rated blu ray player, that can't be sniffed at.
So the good - top class picture and sound. It's not just a player, it's a media centre with iplayer and lovefilm.

DVD's - this upscales very well - but always check if your tv upscales better - my LG upscales better than even this player, so I have it set to output as original source.

An extremely good feature is that this can be made multi-region for dvd's with a simple code programmed into one of those "all for one" remotes you can buy.

So why only four stars? Well, like other Sony's, they've presumably put in a cheap drive, and it gives off a high pitched whine when playing blu rays. Even worse, some players when playing dvd's are really noisy with what sounds like a box of frogs in there. Mine had to go back because of this - in this day and age, it's simply unacceptable to have such a noisy faulty player.

I believe it's luck of the draw if you get a noisy player or not - so don't hesitate to demand a replacement if this bothers you.

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| | See all RedMinotaur's reviews (1)

(First time Reviewer)

I bought this on April Fool's Day 2011 during the sales. It was reduced to 100 Pounds (cannot use currency symbols in these reviews) and came with a Tron Legacy BR for free, which was a fantastic deal (I see now of writing it is 117 Pounds with Karate Kid). I've since bought myself a very nice Blu-Ray collection and they all look great on this player.

My only concern was that there was a lot of grain on certain bits of Battlestar Galactica, but after watching the Making Of, that was an artistic preference for the series, not a technical fault of the player.

What else is there to say? It's great, it's cheap, it comes with a free BR as well. Get it bought if you're in want of a BR Player.

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| | See all bluerobbo22's reviews (2)

for the money this is the best you can get the blu-ray picture is superb 5* put on a dvd and the upscaling is nigh on blu-ray quality just watch ice age2 fantastic, this has all the gizmos if you like that sort of thing.but for me its a great blu-ray player dont buy anything else!!!!

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  Amazing bargain, Amazing product....

| | See all Twistedflax's reviews (4)

I ordered this the other day coz of the features i don't have on my current Blu-ray player.

1st reason to buy. Cost less than 120 pound(my old Panasonic does not have half the stuff this does and it still costs 30 more even though it's over a year old).
2nd, Comes with a free Blu-ray worth about 13 quid(Never seen the film so can't comment on how good or bad it is).
3rd, sent out by courier and arrived within 2 days free of charge(this would have cost 15 pound+)......

The main reason i got this one was because of Lovefilm. I have their top package so get over 3000 different films to stream to my laptop for nowt but wanted to watch them on my TV. Added bonus is BBCiplayer which streams a lot of shows in HD, Demand 5, Youtube, Skynews + many more.

Another great feature i like is Media Remote. If you have an iPhone you can download an app for free that lets your phone become the remote. Pointless you may think. But when it comes to searching for things via Youtube or BBCiplayer all you need to do is send it a message and it shall appear. Its better than trying to use the numbers on the remote.

If you don't own one yet you need look no further. The previous version of this Blu-ray player is still around but mainly as a reconditioned unit so it's up too you but i'm well chuffed........ Great buy!!!!