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JVC HA-FX1X / Xtreme Xplosives In Ear Canal Headphones iPod/iPhone/iPad Compatible

Manufacturer: JVC

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (43 reviews)"

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  Really good!

| | See all Shafsters's reviews (2)

These headphones are awesome. Very deep bass but can hurt your ears if they are used at max volume.

  These Headphones are Loud!

| | See all Adsie999's reviews (1)

I've had the headphones for a couple of days now and initial impression are very positive. They appear to be well made and are comfortable to wear despite looking quite large compared with standard in-ear buds. The bass is really quite impressive as other reviewers have said. If you like a deep punchy bass you will really like these headphones. Even at full volume (see below) there is virtually no distortion. At 15 pounds they are seriously good value and far better than OEM headphones such as those that come with the iphone. One word of warning - they are seriously loud at full volume so just be careful not to turn them up too loud!


| | See all raybbz's reviews (1)

These headphones are LOUD! these arrived this morning and ive been playing with them for 15 mins and im dizzy from them! the bass quality is excellent on them and as said in a few other reviews the trebel is a little tinny but nothing that 'treble lower' EQ cant fix because although its noticble these do not sound cheap. theu are quicte big in the ears, i only have little ears and the only just go in, but othere that these faults there well worth the price! i would buy them for a younger person as they are VERY loud and the only people listening with them on max vol. is probably because your ears are ruined! they could cause some damage.

  Woah, bass will blow you away!

| | See all TC117711's reviews (2)

The bass on these headphones is truly epic, especially given the price. Amazing considering how tinny some budget earphones are. Let down slightly by a lack of volume controls and some higher sounds can be drowned out by the bass. Well worth the money though!

  Fantastic for the value.

| | See all Aousey's reviews (1)

Great bass, great design. The quality you get for the value is plain fantastic.


| | See all steinberger101's reviews (3)

these are great headphones highly recommend these, my son originally ranting on about a dre beats, these are far better and a lot less money, great bass, worth the money

  Absolutely superb!

| | See all jonnym12's reviews (2)

These headphones from JVC cannot be bettered by any other make at this price point! They are truly excellent with a rich, deep and warm bass that does not disappoint. Easy to get ideal fit with variety of supplied buds. Several of my friends have bought these on my recommendation and all rave about them!

  A class above your standard ipod headphones

| | See all NarryBorman's reviews (30)

Having had 2 sets of the standard ipod (classic) headphones fail on me I thought I'd try a 3rd party set. The previous decent reviews led me to these. Glad I did, these things are excellent.

They feel solid and well built. The wires are roughly twice the thickness of my bog standard ipod phones. I rekon they are a good 25% louder. I listen to mosty rock music and they work perfectly, throw on some bass heavy Rage against the machine or something to really get the bass working.

Comes with 3 different sized rubber type attachments for the earpieces. I must have slightly mutant ears as I had to use a small on one ear and a medium on the other, but they fit perfect and do not fall out. They do stick out of the ears more than the phones they were replacing but I don't see that as a problem (some might).

I have been really impressed by these little beasts, I never imagined such an improvement in sound could be attained by spending so little money.


| | See all Hailsham89's reviews (2)

honestly wow..
10/10 for comfort
10/10 for style
sounds quality is just phenomenal i can't even mark it out of ten
and the bass... oh. my. gosh. the bass! i love metal and a lot of dubstep and either way whatever genre it will knock your boots off, i didnt even have my blackberry volume cranked, you don't need to
PLEASE if you want decent headphones do not even think twice and buy, buy buy!!

  Fantastic headphones for a great price!

| | See all Jonnygamer2007's reviews (3)

After having broken 2 pairs of rather naff headphones in the past two weeks, I have had to make do with my sennheiser running headphones which are good, don't get me wrong. After searching around on the internet, and on Play I came across these. Reading my fellow reviewer's posts, I decided to pay the 16.99 and buy a pair. Unfortunately I timed it wrong and had to wait an extra day due to a lack of sunday post (Booo!) but it was well worth the wait.

I have had them now for about 24 hours.. and in this time I can already tell how great they are. The thicker wire for the headphones is obviously going to make the difference between breaking them and not, and also the colour just adds to the cosmetic appearance!

As for the quality of the output, I'm very much a bassface, I love my bassy music and these headphones do the job! There is no distortion on the low bass nor when the music is played at high volume.

The design of the ear pieces is such that, being on an angle you don't have to force them into your ear (subsequently preserving the connection of the wires) and they are indeed very comfy to wear.

The protective case that they come with is ideal for carrying in your pocket when you're not wearing the headphones and is about the size of two TicTac cases strapped together.

I would highly advise anyone who is/was in the same position as me to purchase a pair of these as, for the price anyway, they are fantastic headphones and I personally think that the quality of the headphones is certainly not reflected by the price. You are getting a lot more for a lot less than you probably should!