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Thomson WHP3001BK-UK / Wireless Headphones

Manufacturer: Hama

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Customer Reviews

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  No sound

| | See all vivic1987's reviews (1)

Hey i bought a pair of theese and they work just fine with 2 televisions and laptop but they don't work at all with the television i have in the kitchen. i played a dvd on the kitchen tv and they worked fine, but when i switched off the dvd to television to watch something no sound came out.

  good for the price

| | See all peniscake's reviews (6)

These headphones are reccomended to older people who watch TV loud and need to hear it more but for the younger generation they might not be as suitable. I am 16 and bought these last week, they were easy to set up but when it was all set up there was this hissing sound in the background and when the source would go quiet it would be very noticable. 3 stars for the price but not brilliant.


| | See all owenfrench's reviews (2)

Simple, Quality, Utterly brilliant, i got these beause my laptop speakers were too quiet and they are wOnderful, i reccomend to anyone

  Good for the price but there is much better.

| | See all GamingPlayer's reviews (3)

I bought these as I was rather sick of having wires everywhere, for 25 I felt like it was worth trying out and did not expect these to be perfect. The quality of the headphones are rather light and the plastic is rather thin in places, the dock they charge on is good but it can sometimes be a guess as to what angle you place the headphones on to get them to charge from the metal pins, but it's something you get used too.

Sound quality is alright, I use these with my pc after using button earphones and external speakers for a long time, I had to adjust some sound card bass and treble settings but found a sweet spot where I think the sound is as good as it will get, there is speaker static when left too loud and nothing is playing but part of that is from my motherboard build in sound card.

My earphones have also had problems with tapping the right ear piece, I will get a huge static feed then the speakers will cut out for a few seconds before returning, this is the side the batteries sit in and I am worried that something is loose in there, when the volume is loud this static sound is ear piercing and annoying.

If you are after some wireless headphones for general use these are worth the asking price but you will want better after a while, as I want to.


| | See all Gedster's reviews (12)

Fine for the money. If you get hiss turn up the source and turn the volume of the headphones down - works a treat!

  Hell On Earth .............

| | See all ZepSaint's reviews (1)

Easy enough to put together .................indeed thats what got it the 1 star ...........other than that ? Instantly forgettable.

They were awkward to get back onto the charger unit correctly, one of the main points I purchased them in the first place.

They were tight to the side of my head, even after 5 mins or so I knew that they would only get worse ...........even painful.

However, even that I could have put up with, but my God, worse was to come.

Was comparing them to a cheap 5 year old set of wired headphones that they were going to replace. Louder music, such as say Rock or louder Blues would be ok ..............however go quieter and guess what the only thing you could hear was ..............a hissing sound like a leaking gas canister through both ears ...........

Now, I like a very wide range of music, but try listening to Albatross by Fleetwood Mac and it was totally ruined.

I know what I'm doing, I'm a PC engineer by trade and had left the unit to charge in excess of that stated in the manual, but seriously, how can a set of uptodate headphones get COMPLETELY owned by a knackered, falling to bits 5 year old set ?

Don't buy unless you like Hissing Sid movies.

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  Great value for money

| | See all Biggs2609's reviews (1)

Bought these for my grandfather who spends all day sitting in his comfy chair watching TV. Because he is slightly deaf the volume on the TV is always extremely loud, much to the annoyance of everyone else in the house. Tried normal, wired headphones and although the volume problem was resolved, he kept on getting tangled up in the cable (bit like a fly caught in a spiders web!!). Found these wireless headphones on play.com and bingo, problems solved. Sound good and look good, all I have to do now is find a way of gagging the sound that comes out of my grandfathers mouth when he starts singing to the adverts!!!

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  Fantastic value for money

| | See all farleyhill's reviews (2)

Bought these as a gift for my daughter so that i wouldn't have to listen to her terrible music around the house. They have worked so well that I have now bought a pair for myself.
Quality is excellent, especially at the price.

  Real Bargain

| | See all allwoody's reviews (9)

I have been looking for a second pair of wireless headphones for some time and when i read the spec and saw the price i thought why not. Bingo was not disappointed you think for the price there would be some drop in performance level but none at all as like all traditional wireless headphones you have the freedom (within reason) to wander from the receiver and still pick up the sound. Great stuff!

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