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Sony MDR-XD100 Hi-Fi Headphones

Manufacturer: Sony

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Customer Reviews

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  Look good, built well but fall down on the bass

| | See all Tastycrisp's reviews (2)

As the title suggest I found the XD100's to look and feel really good. The build quality is excellent for budget headphones and they seem pretty robust whilst staying relatively light.

For the money you can't really go wrong, but as a minority of people on the reviews have pointed out the bass simply isn't up to scartch. Probably just me being fussy but I was planning to switch from my old work headphones (which are only holding together because of being encased in brown tape) to these permanently but immediately the difference was noticeable. So I will probbaly make do with my crummy headphones and splash out for something a little more suitable.

Still, don't get me wrong. These are great for the price and the sound qulaity, if you're not too worried about the bass, is still pretty darn good!

  Sony MDR XD100 Hi-Fi Headphones

| | See all quietriot1983's reviews (3)

I really like these headphones, for less than 12 quid, they are excellent. Comfy, light, great sound, perfect for what I needed them for (PS3). OK the lead is long (3.5m) but to me that's no bother, although I can see that it would be miles too long if you wanted to use these for an iPod that was just in your pocket!

Overall, for indoor use (!) I reckon these are a bloody bargain!

  Far better than expected

| | See all Tokthree's reviews (1)

I bought these headphones because recently my pair of 50 pound headphones had a catastrophic failure and the left ear didn't play sound at all, so I got these as a cheap replacement.
They just got here today and already I am extremely impressed, even with it's rather rigid construction these headphones are extremely comfortable and the sound quality is on-par with or better than the pair of headphones these were bought to replace, these headphones also seem to respond to all forms of bass much much better.

Overall an extremely nice pair of headphones for the price, even if these weren't on sale I would still say that they're more than worth the RRP in all fathomable aspects


| | See all Stack101's reviews (2)

Good quality bass, look good, comfortable....WHAT A BARGAIN!!! go out and buy!!!!!

  Excellent for the price!

| | See all zeddypanda's reviews (1)

really pleased with these headphones - they are three times the price in HMV so very good price on Play. Sounds fine when listening to Ipod, tv, radio, computer, etc.
So please with them am buying another 2 pairs for my parents!

  Very Impressed

| | See all Calum122's reviews (6)

Now they aren't the best headphones on the market, and admittably i have seen prettier more stylish headphones. I use these mainly at home and wow i was impressed. For the money i was expecting something little bigger than the normal headphones you would expect to get free with the old sony walkman tape player back in the day.
The sound quality on these are surprisingly good. Overall sound is very crisp. I just use these headphones to listen to my ipod on at home. I listen to a range of music from Drum and Bass to some classical music. No complaints. Paying a measly ten pounds for these i can't complain. I can't see why people are complaining. Possibly because they have previously paid similar price for headphones which were actually better? However i haven't got anything bad to say other than they don't look good to wear.

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| | See all Voidhawk's reviews (3)

I bought these to replace a pair of Sony MDR-V150 headphones that my sister 'borrowed'. I wasn't expecting audiophile quality for the price, but something comparable to my old MDR-V150's which were just under a tenner seemed reasonable.

Unfortunately these fail to deliver, very poor bass response, and a nasty tinny midrange makes them a poor choice for listening to music. They seem alright for gaming, but not ideal and it takes some wild equaliser settings to get a tolerable sound quality.

Overall in summary I'd say they are on the plus side comfortable to wear and quite robust with a nice long lead. On the down side the sound quality is cheap and lacking in depth, avoid if you are buying these to listen to music.

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| | See all chelseafc162008's reviews (3)

These earphones probs the best earphones ive ever bought they are wicked

I recommend u buy them NOW!!!!!!

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  Excellent Quality, Great Sound

| | See all XXGEOXX's reviews (1)

I just purchased these at £13.
At this price I couldn't believe they'd be particularly good, but I needed some closed cans for the office.

I didn't need to keep external sounds out - rather I wished to avoid annoying my colleagues with leaked noise, which both of my current cans suffer from terribly...

I regularly use two other sets of headphones - the Sennheiser PX100 (£20-30), and the Sony MDR-SA1000 (About £100). The former being excellent portable headphones, the latter being Sony's entry-level audiophile cans.

In my opinion, whilst (understandably) not as clear and defined as the SA1000 cans, the XD100 certainly manages to match the PX100 in clarity - even offering a slightly more defined mid-range and bass. I'm very impressed with the quality offered in such a cheap set of headphones.

As hoped, the XD100 are pretty good at preventing sound leakage - however they will not prevent external noise from being heard.

They are also surprisingly well made, considering the price. Very chunky yet light-weight, with thick cord and a strong headband. I have no doubt that these will last a long time.

My only minor disappointment is that they are larger than the picture led me to believe. They're actually not much smaller than the SA1000, making them only moderately portable. As such, I'd suggest the PX100 over these if you plan to use them with an MP3 player - these are simply too chunky to carry around, despite their lightness.

Otherwise, for use in situations where you'll have a backpack they can be stored in (or are simply at home), I'd strongly recommend these to anyone on a tight budget. They come with an adaptor for hifi and home cinema systems, which they'd also handle well.

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| | See all Mattew87's reviews (2)

I'm not audiophile but I spent £80 on a pair seinheiser headphones that broke in a year then decided to only use cheap headphones after that. These have lasted me 3 years and they're only £10! (they only broke through my own fault). The sound is fantastic and they're comfortable, what more could you ask? £10 is a bargain and play.com seem to have them cheaper than anywhere else.

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