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Sony MDR V300 DJ Headphones

Manufacturer: Sony

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  I love these!

| | See all RusstheDutch's reviews (1)

I use these when out and about filming and they are so good for monitoring sound I've used them so much I've worn the sponge out. I'm so happy I can still buy them cos I brought mine years ago and I don't even want to consider an alternative.

The cable is a bit long for ipod use, but they are not really for that, they are monitoring headphones. For my use they are fantastic, and highly recommended.

I give them only 4 stars because of the cable length.

  Expensive replacement pads

| | See all Awhitfield's reviews (1)

The sound quality of these phones is not that bad, but perhaps not up to the normal Sony standard. The covering on the earpads has completely disintegrated. What has surprised me is the cost of the replacement earpads-10 pounds each plus 10 pounds postage. That's 30 pounds. You can buy a new set on this site for 18 pounds delivered.

  Did I get ripped off?

| | See all decoyUK's reviews (1)

Many other reviews are going on about how great these things sound - I think they're awful. These things provide no high end. The bass is so over powered it washes everything out and makes all types of music sound extremely dull and muddy.

Did I get ripped off here? Were they broken? I can't imagine the pair I had getting past Sony's quality control team.

Also DO NOT buy if you're looking to take these out and about - the cable is thick and around 2.5 meters long, plus there is so much spill that someone across the other side of town could hear what you're listening to.

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  Great Headphones

| | See all Razzzax's reviews (8)

The treble and bass levels are sufficient, though less than my creative headphones...
Overall, the headphones are loud n clear.. good enough for 4 stars.. wouldve have given 5 if it had more bass..

  Good Value, great upgrade for phone or mp3 player

| | See all reviwermg's reviews (3)

These headphones are an excellent upgrade for the hopeless buds shipped with phones and mp3 players. Bought a set of sennheisser cx200 buds but couldn't get on with the bud style despite good sound. These are much better although probably not designed for portable players as the cord is very long. Sound quality is fine for the money, although would be shown up by a decent source (proper hi-fi). As mp3 upgrades, however, they are excellent. Build quality a bit flimsy but what do you expect for the money. 5 stars with slightly stronger hinges.

  An Ipod Must Have!!

| | See all Drummer1's reviews (21)

After searching around for weeks trying to find the perfect set of headphones for my ipod, i had my heart set on a set of Skullcandy's but after reading so many bad reviews about very bad quality i decided that it just wasnt worth a 30+ risk. After seeing these Sony Dj's online for this price i brought them hoping that they lived up to everything i wanted and i must say that they do!

Pros - Great sound quality
Long cable for dancing around the room with!
Very comfortable for long use
Bargain price
Great bass
Realiable build quality

Cons - Sadly do not fold up that small, but would fit in most handbags or cases.

Yet again Sony pull it out of the bag with these ipod perfect headphones!!

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| | See all DeanoB's reviews (1)

For £29.99 you would expect to be geting a reasonable pair of ear buds but now you can get the Sony MDR-V300 headphones, these are the best headphones I have listened to they sound awsome but one thing I would say is the 3metre cable is very long but I jus roled it up and put a zip tie round it and now I can honestey say that are they best £30ish I have ever spent they are a must buy !

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  Well Happy.

| | See all Ricketboy's reviews (16)

After becoming more and more frustrated with earphones, I thought I'd go for some portable cans to get the best from my iPod.

The sound quality is very good indeed so hats off to Play.com for a decent tenner off.

The only thing is that they don't fold that well so if you are on the move, you will need room in your handbag or manbag to put them away. The long cable could be annoying too.

I am very happy with them though.

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  Excellent headphones!!!

| | See all kzeeshan's reviews (21)

Good: Excellent Sound Quality, Comfort, Full of base, Long Cable (For some it is a bad point as they probably consider these phones made for mp3 players where 1.2m cable works)

Bad: Build Quality

I bought these headphones few months ago as one of my friends suggested me to buy it instead of V150. I bought these headphones for my Samsung YpT9 /Creative Zen V /Ipod Shuffle mp3 players and also for watching DVDs.

These headphone just need proper equaliser setup from your device. Samsung mp3 playes are famous for high and powerful sound. So, these headphones give me full clear treble, mid and base.

Although these headphones are particularly designed for music but these are brilliant for watching movies as well.

I tried these with my Yamaha amplifier and found these performing well for in-limit volume.

But, I will recommend one thing to all of the readers that not to blame these headphones, if you are connecting these with poor quality audio source because headphones allow you to listen music by producing same quality as they receive but they cannot manipulate your music tones to make it better.

Play is offering this product at very good price, so dont wait and try these headphones.

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  Very good in theri price bracket

| | See all funkydoodycool's reviews (41)

I've had these for about seven years now, using them for many applications, including use with an MP3 player, computer gaming, and home recording (with a Boss digital 8/64 track). The sound quality is certainly a step up from ear buds, and good in this price range.

The bass is quite overpowering at times, as is the treble, leaving the mids muddied and confused when listening to music at high volumes. A little play with your EQ controls should go some way to resolve this, but its one of those things - you get what you pay for.

The construction is solid enough (again for the price range) but don't expect the plastic brackets holding the cups in place to last forever. Mine snapped on the left side, and is now taped together, but doesn't stop them working as they always have. The headband is also plastic, but a lot more sturdy. Mine get thrown in my bag when I go to work, and have survived almost intact.

The cable is very long (3 metres), which can be a pain - they're certainly not any use for portable use. For that try some of the lower range MDR-V150 (which I also have and are almost as good as these, with a shorter cable). The end is a 1/8inch standard plug, with a 1/4 inch adapter that screws in place - meaning it effectively becomes a part of the cable, and won't easily be lost.

All in all these are a good set of cans for the price - at their best with a portable player that doesn't stress them too much. A computer or home amplifier will push them a bit too hard and expose the flaws in their sound reproduction.

I'd like to recommend these, but I'm not sure who to. For use when travelling the cord is too long to be practical. For home use you'd be better off buying something a little more expensive but a lot more suited to a higher powered situation.