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Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones (HD201)

Manufacturer: Sennheiser

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (49 reviews)"

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  Excellent reproduction but for MP3s, no amplification

| | See all NethLyn's reviews (18)

This is the third pair of 201s I've bought since they were released. They're still very comfortable though might need wiping in summer depending how sweaty you are, the cable's still just about 3m when stretched out and measured and I keep them at home. When using them on any device with a powered headphone stage like hi fi separate players and PC speakers, they will do a great job of reproducing the source sound. Hook them up to an amp and turn off "Source Direct" or any other bypass button and that's when you could force them to distort if too loud, but by the time you did so, you'd damage your hearing!

The catch is that for MP3 playback, faithful reproduction without the extra bass of the HD202s, can make this particular format sound thin and reedy, though WMA, M4A/iTunes and other formats seem better able to preserve bass when encoding from CD and WAV, aren't as badly affected - but it's something to take note of. The upside is, this will send you back to playing your source CDs for home use, and you can pick up some other set like the HD218s or the PX range for your walkman/iPod.

For the GBP 14 price, this is the only issue to note and lots of people have snapped it up for their iPods as you don't need to kill your ears with bass all the time on the move - but they are more plasticky and bulkier than specialist ranges. If you're a rip-once kind of person then keep the MP3s at 320k and if making a WAV first, use software to push its volume to as high as possible before ripping, and the thin sound on ripped files won't be so bad - but if you must have relatively loud sound all the time on every single format, seek out the HD202s or PX200s/HD218 or their equivalents.


| | See all Hipzii's reviews (1)

My HD 205 headphones finally busted after an amazing time with them, with money being tight i wanted a 'quick' pair so bought these... Absoultly fantastic, sound quality of perfection and unique bass vibes.
I would expect to pay over 30 pounds for these...
They will not let you down!

  do not buy

| | See all jamesfranco's reviews (1)

i bought this headphones hoping it would live up to its hype, absolutely rubbish it sounded like a 1.99 headphone, maybe it doesnt work very well with nokia phones but i would recommend NOT BUYING IT!!!!

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  Fantastic buy

| | See all familybeck's reviews (5)

A great pair of headphones for the money!. Plenty of strong bass plus great mid and top. Vocals are crisp and clear too! also plentey of cord(2metres). Don't get me wrong they're not perfect, for example high frequnceys sometimes sound distorted plus build quality is great (bit plasticy) and they can get uncomfy if worn for a long time, but WHAT DO YOU EXPECT for under 20 quid?!. A great buy and a great Brand to choose, SENNHEISER welldone!

  Great buy

| | See all sunnyshah's reviews (1)

These headphones for such a cheap price is well worth the buy! The sound is of very high quality and works with any device which has a 3.5mm jack. They fit comfortably on my ears as they have padded ear phones. The bass is decent but would have expected better from Sennheiser. Nevertheless they are a great buy and make a great Christmas present!

  Superb Sound Quality, Rich, Full, and not at all tinny

| | See all Richardw1992's reviews (1)

Bought these as a christmas present for my dad, got them reduced at only 14 GBP. He complains earbuds fall out of his ears and wanted some proper headphones.

To be honest at this price I wasn't sure how much to expect, I always knew bigger speakers would be superior to the tiny 11mm drivers you get in in ear earphones. But these 14 quid headphones really really blow away my Skullcandy Full Metal Jackets which cost in the region of 40-70 GBP!

They sound natural and rich and organic. No sterile sounds, they made my skullcandy earbuds sound like all the mid-range had been drained away from it.

Oh and if the frequency response doesn't mean anything to you, 20Hz is the lower limit of human hearing, so at 21Hz these headphones pump out PLENTY of BASS!

At this price just buy them, for you, as a present, for the cat...

  Great Quality for GREAT price!

| | See all lbaglioni's reviews (1)

I bought them as a gift, to my techno-phobian father. He was well chuffed with the quality, and when I tried them on I was so amazed I bought MYSELF a pair straight away! what made me even happier, was the fact that I was in Currys last week, and found these precise headphones for GBP29.99!
BARGAIN, buy them!

  Great, especially for the price.

| | See all mikeyd82's reviews (1)

I bought these after reading the reviews and they are fantastic for the price. The sound quality is great and the base is really good without being too overpowering. Really comfortable as well. Lead is a bit too long for my use but all the same, great headphones. Would recommend.

  Amazing headphone

| | See all PaddyB89's reviews (1)

I bought these as my first set of headphones, as opposed to earphones, and they are fantastic for the price. Although they do not have noise cancelling, they still work well in a busy atmosphere ie, a plane/train/bus.

Overall a really good buy and would recommend them everytime as a basic set of headphones.

  absolutely brilliant

| | See all MrFishcake's reviews (6)

I actually cannot believe I got these headphones for 12.99, there absolutely top sound quality, easily the best ive heard, everything is at perfect hearing levels and is amazing quality, the bass is unbelievably crisp, deep and great quality, they make songs sound so much better.
i cant believe I payed about 70 pounds for a pair of skull-candy headphones which compared to these have appalling sound quality skull candy is all about the look and not about the sound so don't buy them, sennheiser is the best value and quality for money. the sound quality is literary as good as some headphones you pay over 100 pounds for,
they headphones are also surprisingly very comfortable, which i didn't expect as they have budget build quality, so obviously if your wanting a durable pair of headphones it would be better to go for one of the more expensive models, but if your only using them for home use and look after them they should be fine, I really advise getting these headphones

p.s. if your into music such as Dubstep, Dnb, dance or any of that sort of music that has heavy bass, these are perfect, I tried many bass tests and every single one run clear and crisp quality. I am so happy with this purchase

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