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Sennheiser HD 205 Headphones

Manufacturer: Sennheiser

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  amazing quality

| | See all springboks's reviews (5)

this headphones are amazing for the price they are clear and crisp, as for the size for me they are a bit tight but i just left to stretch over somthing one night and theyre fine now!!

  great product

| | See all eugeegale's reviews (1)

my second pair of theese as i broke the first pair,just a quility pair of headphones.i use them for mixing and gameing the do the job very well.


| | See all KenAdams's reviews (1)

Sound quality is excellent with strong but controlled base, they feel sturdy. Complaints about being tight are understandable but isn't really a problem for me; if you want headphones that aren't going anywhere these are for you! Someone has suggested that they can be stretched... sounds good.

The padding does not go around your ears bit sits on the outside of them. I would have preferred the former but they are still comfortable. It you want headphones that go around the outside of your ear you want HD 201s which are also fantastic but have feel less powerful and crisp.

  Not just for DJs!

| | See all lukeguk's reviews (1)

Bought these as 202s where out of stock everywhere. Was slightly aprehensive due to them being labelled as DJ headphones. Don't be put off though, as these headphones are excellent. Personally I use them at home so that I can listen to music loud whilst not annoying housemates. The bass is good but not overpowering, I have noticed much more subtle detail in my music which I didn't know existed. Build quality seems good. The headphones are a little tight but seem to ease up quickly.

  Brilliant... Give it time

| | See all MITULGOHIL's reviews (1)

I purchased these headphones about a week ago and absolutely love them now. They intially started off abit weak. but im sure as yuve previously heard in other peoples reviews u need to settle them inabit.. so just wait and give it some time.

  Excellent, given time.

| | See all JaymzC's reviews (7)

These headphones were purchased to replace a long-standing, faithful and utterly great set of unknown-brand earphones I seemed to have for my entire life, at first I was a little disappointed until I learned the joys of patience with this earphones.

Yes they are tight to start of with; no biggie. I set them over a handful of books and left them to stretch out overnight for a few days and they fit perfectly now. Anything'll do the same job, books, a cushion, a pumpkin, whatever. Go mad.

When it comes to the sound, many people will tell you to 'burn-in' your earphones in a similar vein to 'bedding-in' a car; that they won't perform at their peak until you let them 'settle' for a bit. Some others will say burning-in in nonsense and that time makes no difference in sound. I'd have to say it does, the sound of these at first was a bit tinny, with little bass, but now they sound awesome. They bring out new details in songs for me and don't break up until you crank it to stupid levels. They may be a tad bass-light for some, but it's certainly not excluded from the music and allows the mids and highs more 'room' in the song. I tended to leave them on overnight in order to aid burn-in, and it seems to work wonders.

Granted they aren't top-spec earphones, they won't be at this price. But for this price they are great cans, comfy in time and a good investment for anyone.

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  Amazing - but tight clamp!

| | See all EvilMonkey54's reviews (13)

For the price, the quality excels. The mid's and high's are really good considering this "DJ" headphones, and can be arguably used for general usage since it produces great quality.

For the bass-heavy fans, this pair of headphones is amazing. The bass isn't too muddy, seeping into the music, but refined. Very comfortable to wear as well (after having to stretch out the headpiece, place it on a ball or small box to do this).

The major problem for me is that its too tight! I don't think I have a large head, I can only wear it for 30mins or so. Great shame, since it has really good audio quality.

  Best Headphones I've Ever Had

| | See all moslehchowdhury's reviews (8)

Sound quality:
The sound quality on this top notch. The treble is crisp and the bass is pounding (with a nice punch). I've tried out different types of songs from different genres, seems to get better each time! I've even tried it on acapellas, with great results. The clarity of the voice is clear, and not in the way that it is too sharp that it becomes irritating or hurts. The bass when it thumps, have a strong punch to it that doesn't crack.

I've read reviews where people have complained about the headphones clamping their heads and being too tight. To be honest, they are fine on my head, perhaps its because i have a small head (lol). I can see slightly where they are coming from, i guess the sensible choice for some people would be 'try before you buy'. Also, i was worried that the ear cups would not cover my whole ear and sit over it. I was pleasantly wrong, it covers it perfectly with a nice snug fit. Perhaps after a few hours of use, it may hurt, but the easy solution is, to take a 10 min break, every 40 mins. The 3 metre cable depends on the person. Some like short, some like long. If you like short, you can just use the clip provided to shorten it. There is also a strong, sophisticated looking leather carry case also provided, with sennheiser embedded on it. Before i forget, they come with gold plated connectors, which is amazing.

For £29.99, you honestly can't get any better. You can't find quality like this, at this price, from any other company. The sound it produces is far superior than any other £29.99 headphones out in the market. The headphones are also extremely well built, and looks expensive with the shining sennheiser logo on the side. Well done sennheiser, 5 stars out of 5.

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  Nice sound shame about the size.

| | See all GeneralAwesome's reviews (1)

Bought these for use with the pc. The sound is great for music and gaming. I found though that they sit on your ear rather than over them and they are very tight. Too uncomfortable for long use if like me you have a big head (no jokes please).

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| | See all lizzibuzz's reviews (1)

I ordered these headphone off play because the price/free delivery etc, however i originally read the review off another shopping website. I was under the opinion when i ordered that the were perfect size for djing and portable use, particually the right size for a woman. however i found them to be huge when i put them on. felt like a bit of an insect. the frame is very large yet they are tight fitting.
On the plus side, you cant fault the sound quality. impeccable.
moral of the story - if possible, always try before you buy :-)

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