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SanDisk Extreme SDHC 4GB Memory Card Class 10

Manufacturer: SanDisk

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Customer Reviews

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  Full speed un-obtainable in the real world?

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BEFORE I START, you should note that this website seems to have the habit of changing the product, but keeping the same thread of comments. Older posts refer to additional items included with the memory card, such as a card reader & software, or of the card being of a slower speed (20MB/s). Quite why this is done I don't know. Changing the price is one thing, but when the actual product(s) change, it makes all the past comments in the thread invalid. As a result, we can already see where people here have been mislead into buying based on others comments, & then found they didn't receive what they were expecting. Quite un-acceptable in my book...... Anyway, on to my review ;

This review is for the SanDisk Extreme 4GB 30MB/s Class 10 SDHC memory card. Nothing else is included, except a tiny plastic case which protects the card when it isn't being used.

I bought it at the sale price of just GBP15.99 - an excellent deal at the time, compared to prices found elsewhere. I also bought a similar SanDisk Extreme "Video" SDHC card for the same sale price, rated at a slower 20MB/s Class 6, but with twice the capacity at 8GB.

These cards regularly receive good reviews for being rugged, reliable, & faster performing (though more expensive) than other brands - so I won't go into that other than to say that I agree. However, I wanted to know how the 2 cards I had just bought compared, & whether this Class 10 was worth the extra money (or smaller capacity, depending on how you look at it!)

I used some free speed-test software called CrystalDiskMark, & my newly purchased card reader - the fastest I could find. It is the SanDisk ImageMate All-in-One external USB, also from this website, & claims a max read/write ability of (up to) 34MB/s.

My tests on the 20MB/s card produced results in line with what I was expecting, with the main, "sequential test" giving a read speed of 19.0MB/s & a write speed of 17.9MB/s. However, when I tested the 30MB/s card I got very similar results - if anything, very slightly slower! (I also tested some other cards, & fortunately found them all to be slower than these 2.)

So from this test, I can conclude that either there is no speed difference between the 20MB/s & the 30MB/s cards, or my card reader had max'ed out at 19.0MB/s.

I then speed-tested each card in turn in my camera. I set it up in manual mode, so that all variables remained constant, & then held the shutter-release down so that it took photos at 10fps for 1 minute. For the first few seconds, my camera was able to maintain the full 10fps, as it filled up its internal memory buffer. After that & for the remainder of the minute, the camera had to write directly to the SanDisk memory cards as fast as it could. It managed this in small spurts, as it fired off a few shots, wrote them to the card, & then fired off more shots again, over & over. I repeated this for each of the 2 cards, & compared how many photos each card had managed to capture in the 1 minute period.

My test results showed that there was little difference again between the 20MB/s & the (so-called) 30MB/s card. The 30MB/s card managed to capture maybe 4% more, but if the speed rating is to be believed, I would have hoped for 50% more photos captured. Again, it could instead be down to the limitations of my camera's recording speed & not the card's, but combined with my earlier card reader test results, I doubt it.

Incidentally, both cards are more than capable of HD video.

SO IN CONCLUSION, I have found no real-world speed difference worth speaking of, between this 30MB/s Class 10 card, & the cheaper (half the price or twice the capacity) 20MB/s Class 6 card.

You do the maths & make up your own mind!

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  Sandisk Extreme III

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Great memory card extremly fast, using in my sony alpha 330, and it has speed up how fast i can shoot a second my other memory card was slowing the camera down ! Great price would recomend to everybody with an slr.

  A Great Card

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I shot with a Canon 450d and I was looking for a reliable and cost effective card. (currently 17.99, at the time of this review)

San Disk are the only card company that I personally trust. I have had bad experiences before with other manufacturers.

I started off with buying 1 card just to make sure that it was as good as their other cards, I have been so impressed than I came back again and purchased another 2.

If I shot in raw mode, which I 99.9% do, I can get about 202 pictures on to the card. If I shot in raw+jpeg I was getting about 170. One night I was out at an event and was shooting in jpeg only and I still had room on the card after 600 pictures. (the jepgs were all in fine large quality)

I am convinced that the cards ability to transfer data at a high speed also helps on the continuous shots, I was getting up to about 8 RAW shots before the buffer on the camera was struggling. When I tried jpeg fine quality I got up to about 72 before the buffer started to struggle.

I can not recommend this card enough.

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Great card's I have 4 now and never had single problem nice quick and durable and ROBERTTO you may want to get your facts before you comment this card was originally shown with a card reader in the photo, my first two cards even come with one, that's why there disapointed not getting one there not complaining because they expected something for free and didn't get it. It was advertised with it at the time.

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  great card, but...

| | See all robberto's reviews (1)

this is a much more reliable card than the cheaper sd card i bought before. i am dissapointed though as id hoped it might come with a 24" tft monitor to view all my pictures on, ho hum

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| | See all chanders's reviews (1)

No card reader - boo. This was a bit of a disappointment. Though to be fair it was not advertised in the description.

However you do get a useless case?!?!

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  No Card Reader

| | See all cripcrop's reviews (1)

Card is brilliant, disappointed there is no card reader as per most of the reviews on here. Only comes with card and case.

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  No card reader!

| | See all curryjam's reviews (1)

Memory card fine but no longer comes with anything but a carry case. Many reviews (as recent as 24/12/08) are out of date. Possibly my own fault for relying on the reviews rather than the product spec but there are cheaper cards equally suitable if I hadn't been hoping to get a card reader.

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  A must have for any SDHC compliant device.

| | See all jbplmp's reviews (4)

Well done Play - great service as usual! Speedy dispatch meant speedy delivery! Great price too!

Recieved my card today and in my opinion it's the best card you can get. Extreme III will give your device a performance boost - it has seriously and very noticeably speeded up the cameras performance ie. recycle time to next shot and burst mode...? WOW!

Just logged on to order another one. It comes with a reader easily worth £9.99 on it's own, a little pouch and recovery software.

This thing's a steal at £12.49. Buy It!

  Use with the PSP?

| | See all Lovewine's reviews (1)

Sorry this is not a review...can anyone tell me if this can be used with the PSP?

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